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ShopSquad is a website that allows anyone to become an affiliate marketer, and earn commissions on recommending products to friends, family, and even strangers who are looking for advice.

Shopper can go to the ShopSquad website to speak with advisors or to simply post questions they have about certain products. Advisors can respond to shoppers, letting them know what they think the best products are.

If ShopSquad is affiliated with the store which sells the product you’ve recommended, you can earn a commission for your recommendation. You can also get credit for products you recommend outside of the ShopSquad site.

You just take the ShopTag link for the product you’d like to recommend and that is provided by ShopSquad and post it on your Facebook, Twitter, email, or blog. If that link results in a sale, you will earn your commission.

Finally you can also earn money when you recommend people to be ShopSquad Advisors. For every $50 of products they successfully recommend, you will earn $5.

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