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About Shopkick

Shopkick is a mobile app which claims to make your shopping experience even better by giving their customers the ability to earn points that they can then place toward rewards offered by their partner retailers.

Similar to mobile applications like Foursquare and CheckPoints, Shopkick is a shopping rewards program that wants to simplify and amplify the rewards program experience, with no cards, no confusing rules, and no extra steps. says their app is one of the five most widely used shopping applications in the country, partnered with over 7000 stores in America like Target and Best Buy, with over 3 million people who have used it so far and “thousands more” joining each month.

This application works by letting you rack up points called “kicks” each time you simply walk into one of their partner stores – no purchase necessary. You can also receive kicks for scans of items the store wants to share with you, as well as link your Visa or MasterCard to application and receive even more kicks when complete a purchase.

The newest version of the app – Shopkick 3.0 – also has new features to help you earn kicks faster than ever. The stores that you shop at will provide mobile lookbooks through their application, which will show you the newest items at each store for which you can earn points.

The other new feature they offer is a location based maps feature; this will chart your current location and let you know all the stores around you which are currently offering kicks, and you can just walk right in to earn them.

Finally, you can choose your reward from their rewards mall and then use the app to track how many kicks you have earned toward your reward, and how many you still need. And you can change your chosen reward at any time – your decision isn’t locked in until you decide to officially redeem your kicks.

If you have any experience with Shopkick, please leave your reviews below.

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Glitches in app
November 28, 2019
Many walking in stores didn’t get noticed by app. Also gift cards didn’t scan. Do couldn’t use thrm at Walmart or Target

Gift cards never work
November 28, 2019
Many times I’d go to a was the worst fir not credtited your walk in many stores never recognized the app brjngvon when in store. Also my gifts cards I did get didn’r scan at Walmart or target. So there sum glitches in this app. Not worth the hassle

December 25, 2015
Thought it would be fun, as I often shop in the participating stores. It has never worked when I enter a store, but tells be that I am near one of them, and sends me many notifications, I uninstalled it.

Inconsistent app and incompetent customer service
October 7, 2015

Walk-in kicks don't work lots of times, shorting you of kicks. I always "report an issue" immediately, so they know right away. When I don't receive them, I email and then they use these tactics: blame me; stall & hope or give up; ask for info they already have; or tell me I have to prove PURCHASES to get the WALKINS! 2 different, distinct ways to earn, btw.

Scans are often unreliable. Then I use photos. I end up spending more time on this app for no pay!

Now they are holding kicks hostage for 2 months from Macy's. 2 MONTHS! And I got a whiny, pithy response from a millennial indicating that they all not respond if I "lash out" . I don't want Tiffany's emails. I want my EARNED kicks. So, in other millennial jargon, I "reached out" and filed a complaint. I have just begun, hashtag, hashtag. How's that hack, shopkick?

They'll Ban you for nothing, then ignore you!
March 17, 2014
Shopkick bans people for no reason. I have my theories why (scams). I'll keep those theories to myself. My friend was banned last week for absolutely no reason. He sent multiple emails to shopkick for a resolution and answers. All of his emails were ignored. Two days ago I sent them an email on his behalf expressing my disappointment in how they ignore this honest and faithful users and concens. This morning shopkick responded by banning me also. Shopkick is fun until the powers that be decide they want you out! And they WILL ban you eventually. I'm extremely disappointed with them. My friend and I were 100% honest in our walk-ins and our scans. Their faulty systems caused some sort of an issue which got my friend banned; however, their own lack of user appreciation by completely ignoring us when problems and concerns happen is what I'm most saddened by. Their business practice of ignoring the problem and penalizing honest users is both poor business practice and bad ethics. No doubt this message will be deleted by shopkick people soon. All of you reading, remembers what I wrote when you too get banned for honest shopkicking.

Sheti November 28, 2019

Ceo needs to get his act together

Ban for following Rules on SHOPKICK
December 5, 2013
I was BANNED for following the rules can not access my account and still have $30.00 left in my Shopkick account and just banned my account for following the rules. I started February of 2013 and by October 2013 just have this banned saying I was not following the rules. Try customer service and get no response.

Sheti November 28, 2019

Very unprofessional

Kelley H November 01, 2014

I was banned from using the shopkick app, for "not following the rules", despite the fact that I had been following them. I emailed them, their response was to send me a link to the rules and tell me I broke them. I emailed them back explaining that despite reading the rules, I still didn't understand what I had done to violate any of them. The response I received from Eileen Swanson, "Due to activity outside our terms, which you can find in our previous message and within the app, we will not be able to re-open your shopkick account. It is our policy not to share more specific information on this issue."

Um, excuse me! It is "not their policy" to share more specific information!?

I followed their rules, i walked into each store for walkin kicks, and i walked all over those stores trying to find all the items i could scan to earn kicks! I constantly promoted the app to my friends, coworkers, strangers, I've even educated employees at Best Buy about the app, as well as helped customers at my own job figure out how to use the rewards. I have never redeemed any of the kicks I earned because I had been saving them to use towards something I wouldn't be able to afford on my own, I have been using this app and saving the kicks I earned for over 2 years, and they can't be bothered to provide a warning before banning someone, and it's "not their policy" to provide specifics!

Oh, and the last line of the email I received from Eileen, "This will be the final communication on this issue."