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Reaching out to different markets of consumers is the key to success for both large and small businesses. The mainstream use of the internet has made it easy for businesses to capture an endless number of prospective customers.

Shopify, an e-commerce program, was developed specifically for companies who need an easy, cost-effective solution to sell their products and services on the web. The platform they have created for their customers makes it less intimidating for those who have never built an online store, let alone a basic webpage.

The e-commerce components necessary for all online stores are available using Shopify’s shop builder. To begin, you must have a domain name, this can be set up through Shopify or you can use an existing domain. Next you must design the store webpage, not only can you use their database of designs, you can also upload your own images and graphics. After this is complete, a payment system must be created and you can decide which forms of payment to accept.

When your store is open and orders are placed for your product, Shopify’s services will be very handy. They will notify you when an order is placed. From that moment, you may login to your account to get the customers shipping address, contact information and view the payment status for the order. If you do not want to be responsible for shipping items to customers you can use Amazon, Shipwire, or Webgistix. Your orders will be directed to your designated shipping company and they will handle it all.

A 30 day free trial is a great way to try out the system and determine if it is suitable for your needs. After the trial period you have four different package options to choose from. A Basic package is $29.00/month; it comes with free setup, 100 product SKU’s, 1GB of storage, and a 2% transaction fee.

The Professional package costs $59.00/month; it comes with free setup, 2500 product SKU’s, 5GB of storage, and a 1% transaction fee. Business packages cost $99.00/month; it comes with free setup, 10,000 SKU’s, 10GB of storage, and a 1% transaction fee. The Unlimited package offers free setup, unlimited product SKU’s, unlimited storage and a 0% transaction fee. This is the most expensive package and costs $179.00/month.

The benefit of using Shopify is that you don’t need programming experience nor do you need to hire an expensive web developer. The use of free tutorials and guides can be found in their online resource center and for technical help, Shopify Help Wiki is available.

Online forums through Shopify allows everyone in the community to share tips and advice. Not only do members participate in these forums but Shopify’s development team also contributes information to these discussions.

Shopify apps have given them an edge over their competitors because they bring an even larger audience to their members. Sellers can view statistics related to their online store and their products. With these apps you can track orders, view website traffic, see which products are selling, and gain insight to make your business even better. This is a great opportunity to get a handle of extra information that they may not have been able to see otherwise.

There seems to be only one downside to using Shopify. Large businesses with many sales or those with expensive products who are using a package with a 2% or 1% transaction fee could be at a disadvantage. These fees can add up over time so it is important to find the best package for your e-commerce solutions with Shopify’s package options or another company package options.

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Shopify scam

May3, 2016

Shopify is a complete scam. They advertise that you can open a shop on Facebook. In reality, it is Facebook that has control over what can be presented on Facebook. They would not refund my money when Facebook scoffed at my attempt to sell using Shopify. They probably make their money off of people who sign up and forget about it, not really noticing the money being deducted from their account monthly.

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