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ShoesPie is an online retailer based out of China that promises their customers the highest quality in today’s trendiest and most classic shoes at an affordable price that will fit your budget.  

How Does ShoesPie Work?

According to their website, is a leading supplier of a wide variety of shoes for both men and women, as well as shoes designed for special occasions, dressing up, and casual day-to-day wear.

They state that they have an elite team that has both professional skills and unlimited creativity when it comes to designing and making shoes in categories like Heels, Sandals, Boots, Casuals, Flats, Men, Bags, and Beauty.

They also offer both Daily Deals and Promotional categories, which are the categories they provide for their shoes that are being featured as their best sales at that time. 


The Daily Deals section has specific pairs of shoes that are being significantly discounted at a given time, while the Promotional category is dedicated to special deals that will be given throughout the year on a wider selection of shoes.  

Cost/Price Plans

Obviously the costs of their products will vary depending on the type of product you are purchasing and whether it is being featured as one of their Daily Deals or Promotional Items.

That being said, their products appear to range between $20.00 and $100.00, with all orders over $72.00 being offered Free Shipping. 

Their Daily Deals section claims that the shoes being highlights are often valued at well more than $100.00, but are being sold at significant discounts. 

Refund Policy does appear to have a fairly clear Refund Policy, stating that all customers are welcome to return their purchase within the first 15 days of the date of delivery. They do request that items which are returned are done so in unused, undamaged condition and in the original packaging. 

Return shipping costs must be paid by the customer, and the customer must email them to inform their team of their intent to return and to receive the appropriate return address. If you do not email them in advance, your return may not be accepted. 

Once your package is accepted, your money will be refunded within one week. It is important to ship all packages with a tracking option, so you can confirm whether or not it has successfully arrived.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at +86-29-68968082, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.


Overall there appears to be mixed reviews for this company, with some people reporting that they loved their purchases and the quality they got for the affordability. 

Unfortunately there are many negative reviews of this company found online as well, most of which have to do with the difficulty involved with successfully getting a refund from this company when requested. 

In general it appears that if you receive your order and are unhappy with it, you are likely to have a problematic experience with this company – difficulty reaching customer service and getting the assistance you need, and even when they promise a refund it may take months to actually secure it, as opposed to the one week mentioned on their website.

If you have any experience with ShoesPie or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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ShoesPie Customer Reviews

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August 28, 2021
Beautiful,. Fit perfect, bought for Holiday dress up. Very. Pretty

Chinese company selling fake/low quality shoes, impossible returns
February 15, 2020


As mentioned before, they are based in China, they steal photos of attractive quality shoes, probably use a sweatshop to make a cheap knockoff, (hopefully) send you the shoes... about a month later... only for you to find out the quality is unsettlingly sub-par (think worse than PayLess). When you try to return, they won't answer your emails/calls, they will not give you the return address, and when you go to mail them back, it will cost you a fortune (far more than the cost of the shoes themselves) to return them. This is because of the United Postal Union (a division of UN) that sets the international terminal fees for shipping - "poor" countries like China get to pay low shipping fees while "rich" countries like US have to pay higher fees. I agree with someone else who said this place is making brick and mortar stores look good again! STAY AWAY!

Unable to return damaged shoes
November 18, 2018
Shoes arrived damaged. Sent pictures of damage at request of customer service and have not heard anything since. They have a return policy but does not mean anything. AVOID SHOESPIE

Buyer Beware
September 2, 2018
I would give 0 stars if possible. Requested a refund for item not received over a month. They do not respond to phone calls or emails. They do not respond to PayPal who told me they will lose selling privledges . Worst customer service ever!!! Go elsewhere to shop.

DaneBoyack February 15, 2020

THIS SITE IS A SCAM - Would give no stars if I could.

1. Photos are NOT of the shoes they actually sell - they are very cheap-looking knockoffs.

2. IF YOU GET YOUR SHOES AT ALL, it will be 3-4 weeks for delivery.

3. Return process is an absolute pain. I had to say via email: "YES, I would like to return the shoes! What is the address???" 4 times before they would give me the return address. They are based in CHINA.

4. Return postage for 4 pairs of shoes to China cost me $120!!! And they didn't even offer protection or guarantee that China's mail system wouldn't cause the package to "get lost in delivery." It cost less than $10 for them to ship from China to US - why does it cost that much for me to ship back? Check out the UNITED POSTAL UNION (a division of the UN), who sets international mail terminal fees. Essentially "poor" countries do not have to pay high fees while "rich" countries do. What a bunch of BS! Gotta say, I actually agree with Trump on that one...

In summary, they are stealing high end designs, making fake/cheap shoes, using China's location and trade laws to send you the shoes so it is not financially viable to return them, and their customer service is horrible - DO NOT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY.

Worst Shoe Seller Ever
July 13, 2018

This company is stealing from customers and making real brick and mortar stores look good again.

They sell the worst quality I have ever seen and are probably laughing at us for even trying to fight back.

Please advertise to all about what a shameful, dishonest, and super bad quality business shoespie is.

I loved it
April 28, 2018
I just bought a pair of shoes from this site. I got them and I am amazed with the quality and I am very happy to buy quality item in reasonable price. I will love to shop again from this site.

Typical rip off
January 26, 2018

by looking at the beautiful photos of the products and the cheap prices, most people would be tempted to have a try on this site, this is the entry to a rip off scam.

here is how shoepies(and other similar sites like operate:

1) they first surf the web and steal nice photos of attractive shoes on the internet

2) then create shopping website advertising those stolen photos + very competitive prices

3) upon receiving order, use local workshop to make cheap replica or lookalikes, mostly missing fine details or parts or even minimum resemblance

4) ship the crappy thing you're waiting so impatiently over weeks

5) in case you ever try to return/claim refund, then use all means to deter you from doing so, including ignoring request, delaying communication, forcing unreasonable deductions, refusing to give address for return etc.

6) for them, it's a matter or earning big or small, as their processing cost is guaranteed, while leaving you totally frustrated and pissed off, and losing money in the end.

7) of course, organized fake rating is also there to complete the picture.

so stay away from this scam

Everything is good
January 23, 2018

I really like these sandals! They are suprisingly very comfortable and do not slip on wet surfaces And have great traction. I was worried that the piece that goes between my toes would start to hurt, but wore them all day and everything is good! Love them.

Horrible in so many ways
December 22, 2017
Ordered shoes that looked cute in the picture. It took over a week from the time they charged my credit card to the time that I got a confirmation email that my order was received. Then it took over a month to get the shoe. All the while I was emailing asking where my shipment was and no response at all. It finally arrives and It was WAY too narrow. It said US size 6.5-7 and my daughter could not even fit her toes in the front of the sandal. When I emailed to return the shoes...No response for several weeks. I had to follow up 3 times before getting a response. Then they tell me that not only do I have to pay the return shipping (which is clearly stated in the return policy so that's fine) but they are also subtracting $15 from my refund for the initial shipping of the shoes to me!! WTF??!! It was FREE shipping!!!!!! Why do I have to pay another $15 For the free shipping to initially get the shoes that came late AND didn't even fit??!!!!!!. DO NOT BUY SHOES HERE. THEY ARE HORRIBLE AND YOU WILL BE UN HAPPY.

Excellent Shopping Website! Love It.....
November 30, 2017

I couldn't find a specific dress shoe and had no luck until I found it here for a great price! I ordered the shoes and then looked at reviews the next day and was horrified with what I found. I figured I would wait the 3 days and make my own decision and they showed up today as promised. On time, right size, right color everything was as agreed. Thanks I will be buying again soon.

I personally wear primarily Merell shoes. Most people who wear them know that the convenience of their availability in a variety of styles is very limited due to the fact that many stores don't carry the brand. I assume the lack of carrying the shoes has to do with the cost of them. Regardless has been wonderful to deal with. Both prompt to receive the shoes and easily accept returned items The website is really easy to navigate and I can always find something to fall in love with.

I buy frequently from them and would recommend that everyone give them a try. 100% SATISFIED. :) offers a lot of discounts. There is a great selection. I received my shoes quickly. I like the return policy. I've been happy with my purchases.

Its the best so far
November 1, 2017 is an awesome site if you are looking for stylish clothing that fits into your budget! There is a large selection shoe to choose from and all of their shoes are gorgeous and up to date with the latest styles and fashion! Ordering and paying were super easy, I have no complaints! I got my items and I couldn't be any more thrilled! The website is really easy to navigate and I can always find something to fall in love with. I highly recommend and I am going to continue to use this site.

Excellent service! Love it
October 31, 2017
I'm a big fan of, with this company I always find perfect leather shoes for myself and my family right here. I am a shoe lover and the main reason I purchase from this store is because they always have what am looking for. I have bought so many shoes and still don't have any regret with the quality of the shoes. the shoes are very fashionable and stylish, always providing the new trends and very much affordable. their sales representatives are usually well informed and friendly as well. I will surely keep buying from them

Do not
October 24, 2017

Do not buy from this site. The pictures of the shoes make them look amazing but the quality that arrives is NOTHING like the pictures. The boots i received looked like a child had glued them together out of tje cheapest plastic shower curtain.

Returning the product is difficult and costs so much to ship back that most people probably don't bother.

If you do go through the expanse of shipping the crappy product back they will offer to refund you a fraction of what you paid.

Company is a typical Chinese rip off.

Eliza October 26, 2017


So sorry to hear that you had some problems on your order, could you please let me know ur order number at [email protected] so that I could be able to help you? Looking forward to your kind reply and hope you have a nice day.

Eliza October 26, 2017


So sorry to hear you had some problems. I've finally found your order with your name and have sent you an email to your register email address, could you please kindly check it and give a reply. Have

Safe Online Shopping
October 20, 2017
High fashion footwear, very good quality. Easy for everyone by something. I like that very much. The right place for high heels lovers and a good style. Customer care and courtesy are on a special level. Visit this page, find something for yourself, my recommendations. Greetings

SusanShannon October 24, 2017

The above comment must be a paid person from Shoespie. There is 0 quality here.

Scam! Scam! Scam!
July 23, 2017
1103157Purchase number . Shoespie and Dresswe are the same company. They mislead people in their website. They post pictures of shoes or dresses from other websites making people believe they will get that. Their prices are also high, most shoes are $75 and up, plus delivery. Once you buy from them, they send you a poor made replica of the product. If you want to return the product, they offer to give you back 10% of what you paid. If you complain through PayPal, they ask you to return the product back to China but you have to pay for the shipping. It will cost you $60 and up, it depends the weight. At the end you lose anyway. Be aware! Stay away from Shoespie or Dresswe these companies should be banned from selling anything. Also, if you make a negative review in their website, they erase it. They also have a lot of fake positive review. You notice because all of them say they same. These companies have managed to scam people for many years without consequences. Be aware!

Elena July 23, 2017

Why my review is not published? There should be 18 reviews

Eliza October 26, 2017


So sorry for the problems happened on you. I could see that your order has been full refunded and if you still have other questions, please feel free to let me know at [email protected] Have a nice day.

don't waste your time and money with this people
May 23, 2017

don't waste your time and money with this people I place an order within 5 months ago and until this moment I haven't got anything

for the last 3 months I've been trying to get my money back but let me give you an example of what you guys going to get, ..

Thank you for your concern about our products .

we couldn't free to reship,you need to pay $45 to our account: [email protected]

Once we get your payment,we will reship this order.

Any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Waiting for shoes for over a month now
May 20, 2017
We have emailed the company and had one return email back stating it's been shipped.I ordered the shoes over a month ago and I HOPE after now reading this review site I'm terrified.Now I'm emailing them again and since the it's been shipped email I haven't gotten anything yet that was 3 weeks ago TERRIBLE CUSTOMERS SERVICE. We spend entirely too much money on these sites that NEVER can be contacted directly I won't order again and I have $700.00 worth of shoes that hasn't made it yet!!!!

Shady company
April 18, 2017

U.S. customers can return the items to the overseas warehouse in California of America. well this is a lie.Received 2 pair of shoes in a size 8 one pair was way to big more like a 9 and the other pair more like a 7.I asked for the address in California so I can return the shoes and this is the email I received.We feel so sorry for that,considering there will be high return shipping cost and may exist customs duties you need to pay, so be economical for you,we could give you $25 and hope you can accept and keep the item,what do you think?If you still insist to return,please reply us and we will give you our company address,Hope your final reply.Please kindly close the dispute,Thanks for your cooperation!

What is 25$ going to help me when I paid 130$ for shoes I can't wear and I never received the address in California instead I got this Please mail to:Juhechuangyi Garden Jiahe Stree, 2nd Floor, 3 rd Building,, Baiyun District, Guangdong Province, Baiyun District, Guangdong Province 510400 China.Very shady company and their shoes are definitly not worth the price.

Always Taking Advantage of Flash Sales and Everything is Fine
August 25, 2016
Shoespie is the best place to buy the latest high heels. There is a huge discount over a wide variety of shoes. Especially taking advantage of the flash sales, every time I buy from this site the shoes are cheaper with no compromise on quality and services. If you want quality for your money, try finding good stuff here.

Elena July 23, 2017

the quality is horrible and the prices are expensive. if you want quality for your money, find another website. this one is a scam!

Very good
March 29, 2016
the only place I buy shoes online! quick shipment and great return/exchange service! can't get enough!!

Elena July 23, 2017

it takes almost two months to get your shoes. Don't mislead people. the return/exchange doesn't exist. You cannot return anything, unless that you want to pay the shipping to China which will cost you more than the shoes. This website is a scam!