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If you own a business, likely one of your greatest hassles is figuring out how to get products to your customers. ShipStation is the highest rated shipping software around, having received top reviews from Shopify, Magento, and other companies. Used by sellers from Amazon, eBay, and countless other platforms, this service is a great way to reach your customers quickly and effectively.

How Does it Work? offers an alternative service to traditional product shipping. You can import orders from over 100 different carts, stores, and marketplaces, which is more than can be said about any ShipStation competitor. You can rate shop and print labels for all carriers and see the best rate based on when you want your products to be delivered.

ShipStation also offers tracking that exceeds normal expectations. You receive real-time, geo-tracking featuring social media links, messaging, and brand options. Returns are easy for you and your customers, offered via a self-service portal, while you can also manage your inventory to avoid sales losses. The company even offers detailed analytics to provide you with crucial insights on your business’s performance.

ShipStation eliminates the need to copy and paste shipping info into carrier websites You can bring in orders from all of your channels, freeing up your precious time to do more of what matters most for your business.

To print with ShipStation, you will need to use one of many compatible printers. You must connect your printer and install the driver, then configure the printer preferences and install ShipStation Connect. That’s all you need to do! A number of thermal printers are compatible with ShipStation, including those manufactured by Rollo, DYMO, and Zebra.

In addition, ShipStation has a number of compatible scales. You can use almost any HID-compliant USB scale that is directly connected to a workstation. The company recommends using the 5 lb, 35 lb, or 70 lb capacity scales manufactured by or the DYMO Postal Scale M10.

If you aren’t sure about whether a specific brand or model of scale or printer is compatible with ShipStation, you can always contact customer support for more information.

Cost and Price Plans

ShipStation offers several plans to meet your unique needs, and pricing varies depending on the product you select. The starter plan is the most basic option. It includes 50 shipments per month and all selling channels, and is designed for one user. You receive branded labels and packing slips, as well as access to email and community forum support. This plan costs $9 per month.

The gold plan, an intermediate option, is $69 per month and allows for 3,000 shipments per month. Again, you receive access for all selling channels, but this plan can be used by three users. You receive customized packing slips and branded labels, along with access to live chat, email, and community forum support.

The most advanced and expensive plan, Enterprise, si $159 per month. You receive access to unlimited shipments across all selling channels, and it can be accessed by ten users. You receive customized packing slips and branded labels, as well as all support services with the addition of phone support.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you receive access to a account with USPS discounts. You can also link your UPS, FedEx, DHL and other carrier accounts.

Online Reviews/Complaints

ShipStation is great in that it guarantees the lowest rates no matter how much you ship. The company ensures this by allowing you to compare real-time rates and delivery times for all carriers, automatically selecting the best carrier for your needs. The company has tremendous volume, and therefore can get you rates that are normally reserved for large companies.

The company even has a handy app, which is easy to use and offers full features. You can get smart alerts from your phone or tablet, allowing you to address urgent customer questions and send orders right away. You can scan barcodes, generate scannable end-of-day manifests, reports, return labels, and more.

Customer Service

When you purchase a ShipStation plan, you receive excellent customer service, from live chat to phone support to community forums. The company offers a free trial program, allowing you to try out the plan for thirty days. You don’t have to choose a plan until the trial has been completed.

If you choose to continue your subscription after the trial plan has ended, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee. After this time, your service will continue uninterrupted. If you decide to cancel, all you  need to do is visit the ShipStation website or contact customer service at [email protected]

The company offers a ninety-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to get your money back in ninety days if you are not happy. They offer extensive support and allow you to easily change your plan or cancel your account if necessary.

Competitors and Alternatives

In the wide world of web shipping and ecommerce, ShipStation certainly isn't the only company with a large customer base. While this company definitely has superior features and a number of excellent subscription options, there are multiple other companies you can consider, including ShippingEasy, ShipWorks, and Ordoro.

ShippingEasy offers slightly faster service, allowing you to navigate the interface more quickly and easily. However it isn’t compatible with every store and can charge extra shipping fees in some cases. ShipWorks, on the other hand, is designed to be more stable ands calabee, but is really more designed for Windows computers versus Macs. You can only install it on a single computer, which makes your company more secure but also limits usability.

Ordoro is a start-up out of Austin that offers a minimalist dashboard and a lower-maintenance approach to shipping. However, it is difficult to scale up, making it less than ideal for larger companies or those that hope to grow in the future. It is ideal for companies that do fewer than 500 orders per month.

Where to Buy?

ShipStation can only be purchased from the company’s website. There, they offer multiple options for purchasing. You can also find the ShipStation app via multiple sources, such as the Shopify App Store.

Is it Worth It?

If you have a medium to large sized company and are looking to scale up your orders while at the same time making your job easier to manage, ShipStation is the way to go. This company is one of the best at increasing customer satisfaction and improving your overall profits. If you want to grow your business, definitely give ShipStation a try.


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