Shine Bathroom Assistant Reviews

Shine Bathroom Assistant advertises the ability to clean toilets without you having to lift a finger or touch a toilet brush. This automatic cleaner is powered by Alexa and an app, with the company claiming you will have a cleaner toilet than if you used bleach or chemicals.

Coming from a team of inventors that have experienced success in many independent ventures, the battery operated robot device uses electrolysis and cleaning pods to remove odors and stains without manual effort.

You can trigger the bidet style attachment to start with an app or voice direction. Similar to a product featured on Shark Tank, the attachment also includes a night light to help navigate your way when using the bathroom in the dark.

How To Use Shine Bathroom

As previously mentioned, Shine Bathroom Assistant operates much like a bidet, but for a different purpose and is voice-activated. After you secure the fittings to the waterline, the sprayer sits on the edge of the toilet bowl. When you trigger the cleaning to start, water will spray directly into the bowl and wash away residue, stains, and odors. 


The company believes this a more sanitary way to clean your toilet, avoiding the water spray that comes with using a traditional scrubbing brush.

If you find your assistant not spraying or with a blinking light, there may be an issue with the battery not charging. Your purchase will come with troubleshooting instructions to help you remedy any problems that arise during use.

Cost and Price Plans

You can purchase the Shine Bathroom Assistant as one device or in bulk. Ordering multiple at one time affords a higher discount and cheaper rate.

  • One Shine Bathroom Assistant - $125
  • Two Shine Bathroom Assistants - $112 each
  • Three Shine Bathroom Assistants - $108 each
  • Four Shine Bathroom Assistants - $100 each

For an additional cost of $50, you can have an unlimited lifetime supply of cleaning pods and repair assistance. Your purchase also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Service

Shine Bathroom offers several contact methods to get in touch with customer service with any questions or issues.

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number:  805-272-7600

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Online User Reviews/Complaints

Shine Bathroom is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a B rating and a 1-star average customer review score. Many of the complaints revolve around delays in shipping and issues obtaining a refund on the product.

Additionally, some users have experienced issues with timely responses from customer service. It has also been challenging for some who have taken advantage of the lifetime cleaning pods to change shipping information after moving residences.

Other common complaints included issues with the batteries going out much quicker than advertised.  Some unhappy users also stated that the clean was not as deep as traditional methods.

Despite some negative feedback, many customers are happy with their purchase and the simplicity it has brought to their lives.

Further if you search around for online reviews you’ll see that most have a reply from a Shine customer service representative. This is always a positive sign when a company makes an effort to resolve customer complaints.

Reviewers mentioned that they’ll even set up zoom calls with you if you need assistance troubleshooting your unit.


When purchasing a new product, it is essential to get a sufficient amount of information before payment.

Here are some of the top questions asked about the product:

Does Shine Bathroom really work?

With many positive testimonials from current and past customers of the product, it would appear that Shine Bathroom does work.

Where is Shine Bathroom located?

The headquarters for Shine Bathroom is in California.

6500 Hollister Ave 
Suite 115 
Goleta, CA 93117

Are Shine Bathroom Assistants sold in stores?

No, Shine Bathroom Assistants are only sold through the company website.


In addition to Shine Bathroom, there are other similar options available, including:

Shine Bathroom vs. EC30: While Shine Bathroom operates via app and voice assistance, EC30 is a dissolvable packet that you can place in your toilet bowl. On contact, it dissolves and cleans the bowl without lifting a finger. The cleaner is also made with natural ingredients.

Shine Bathroom vs. Goodpapa Smart Brush: The Goodpapa Smart Brush doesn’t take away the task of cleaning the toilet, but it does use UV technology to thoroughly clean the bowl safely and without chemicals.

Shine Bathroom vs. Splash Foaming Cleaner: Splash Foaming Cleaner is similar to EC30. However, instead of a dissolvable packet, it is a powder. You scoop a few tablespoons of cleaner into the toilet, and it reacts much with EC30, with a foaming cleaning mechanism that dissolves hard water and residue.

Is Shine Bathroom Worth It?

Keeping toilets clean at all times can often feel impossible. For those with hard water, the process is even more burdensome and requires even more time to complete.

Having a smart alternative to toilet cleaning can be highly beneficial, especially when the solutions don’t involve chemicals that can be harmful to children and pets. With a hands-off approach, time is freed up to focus on more critical tasks.

While some customers love the Shine Bathroom Assistant, others don’t feel it provides the exact clean they promote. The significant price tag can also be a deterrent for prospective customers at over $100 per device.

However, with the overall mostly positive reviews and the company’s refund policy, this could be an interesting product to try if you’re into new gadgets and enjoy adding smart devices to your home.

If you have any experience with Shine Bathroom Assistant, please leave your reviews below.

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Shine Bathroom Assistant Customer Reviews

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Totally disappointing and frustrating
December 1, 2021

I preordered Shine and waited more than a year for my SAMs. I only received them after I emailed several timed and finally asked to cancel my order.

Finally they came. First, they only work with a secured WiFi, which we did not have. It would have been nice to know in advance. Anyway, my husband bought a router to password protect it, so I could hook the units up.

I charged them and hooked them up (after a lot of headaches) and the batteries drained within 48 hours. The help desk and text support took days to answer requests for support and NEVER actually read my detailed description of my problems.

The website is totally NOT friendly. I actually found a solution by googling and not search on the web. This involved deleted the SAMs and reinstalling. I did it multiple times for two units. One is still draining in less that 48 hours. The second won't even connect or function anymore. I have two I can't even be bothered to hook up because I am so frustrated.

I have emailed twice, requesting a help returning all the units for a refund. OF COURSE, no one is replying. I am probably now stuck with $400 work on useless plastic garbage.

Please note for the few days they would spray (before dying) there was no real impressive or noticeable cleaning.

SAVE YOUR MONEY. DO NOT BUY THESE THINGS. They are pricy and full of headaches, with no real value.