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Traveling advice for the avid traveler is available on ShermansTravel Media, founded in 2002 by James Sherman.   The site is full of information pertaining to travel deals including flights, hotels, vacation packages and cruises.  Their editors are extremely selective and screen many providers to get the best deals.

A number of resources and tools are readily available throughout their site during your search.  There are comprehensive travel reviews providing the details on the deal from the start of the trip to the moment you arrive back home.

A “Travel Search” is a tool used to compare prices simultaneously and the “Destination Travel Guides and Advice” is there for additional guidance.  To receive weekly updates and the latest travel deals, there is an e-newsletter called “Sherman’s Top 25” that you can sign up for.  According to their site, over 4 million subscribers receive this weekly publishing.

Having so many providers and so many listings, leaves them little time to update old promotions.  Some of the discounts, special offers and prices listed on their site may have expired.  None of the prices listed reflect any additional fees that may apply when you contact the travel agency directly.

With their focus on providing convenience to their audience, there may be times when ShermansTravel Media is able to directly handle your travel plans without having to direct you to another site.

ShermansTravel Media’s overall concept aims to save you time and money as you search for your next travel fix.  Having information at arm’s reach should be considered and researched further before making travel plans and investing your money in a one-sided travel review.  Sometimes what one person believes is a good deal may not be what someone else views to be a good deal.

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