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Shell Vacations Club, found online at, says that they feature the most exceptional dream vacation ownership opportunities and were designed for people who want make vacations part of their regular lifestyle.

Shell Vacations Club used to be an exclusive travel ownership club - otherwise known as a timeshare club, like Interval International - but has recently expanded its membership to include regular members who are not necessarily owners, since they realized that many people desire flexibility in their travel habits.

With more than 40 years of experience in the hospitality and service industry, this company says that they have worked hard to provide their members with opportunities for leisure, adventure, and specialty travel.

Currently they operate with a network of twenty-four different resorts with positive ratings across North America, with locations in Canada and Mexico, and in the United States from Hawaii to Wisconsin.

Their options for locations include locations right on the beach, on top of mountains, in the middle of metropolitan area or in smaller, relaxed communities. They made sure that their variety of locations and accommodations would meet the needs of any family, couple, or group of travelers.

The Shell Vacations Club says that they operate using an innovative points based program. When you become a member, your membership agreement states the number of points that each member will receive during the course of a Use Year.

These points can be spent toward accommodations, rentals, leisure activities, travel, shopping, dining, culture, and entertainment. If you determine that you will not use all of your points during a Use Year, you can either choose to share your points with other members or to bank them to use in the following year.

To avoid any complaints or expiration issues with your points, however, you must decided whether or not to bank them at least 4 months before the end of the Use Year, otherwise you must use or lose your points.

Customers who have further questions can visit their website and submit a question to their Customer Service team; their contact phone number is only for current members and owners.

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