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Terrible... rip off, steer clear...
September 11, 2019

i joined this club on a deal. was ok with the razor it is ok. However I also received some shower gel, face scrub, toothpaste and shaving foam. This was a nice intro pack. Unfortunately I thought I had simply subscribed to replacement blades each month.

But what they do not tell you is that they add all of the other things on by default and if you don't "pause" shipment they will be sent as well and you will be massively overcharged for it. All are about 5 or 6 pounds each for a simple shower gel, toothpaste etc,,,, so you try and save from the razor price rip off in store and you get ripped off with this other stuff.

I got charged 31 pounds this month. Needless to say i am cancelling and checking with trading standards if they are allowed to default all the accessories and charge your card. I won't be using them again (plenty of deals on blades now without enduring this nonsense) so be warned, stay away. in the meantime does anyone want to buy some unbranded shower gel for a fiver!

JoeHarl August 04, 2020

blades are good you delay blades if not using very often.Site is very poor and no way to get in touch with anyone going to give them a miss when my yearly contract ends.

emmanuelmujuru September 11, 2021

I want to do away with this contract. How do I unsubscribe?

The did take money from my account with out my promotion
August 16, 2019
Is not safe is scam. They took money from my account with out my promotion . And I contact them . They have very poor costumer service. They told me that you will reserve the order soon. Something I never ordered. Lucky I checked my bank statements and I noticed that. £31 out

Quality shave
April 14, 2019

Excellent razor, good weight and a close smooth shave. Have made all changes to my subscription very easily on the website. Those that complain are either too lazy or too careless to change their subscription to suit their requirements.

Very happy, easy to use
April 11, 2019

No idea what these people on this page are talking about.

It's easy to change your frequency, or just stop your account.

It's literally the first thing shown when you login, or when you sign up!

They even rang me when I joined to answer questions.

I've been a member for a few years, live chat, email, always helpful.

Anyway, not for everyone I guess. Gillette are still going, try them!

BrianWeaver October 12, 2019

brian h weaver.

I asked you to stop sending blades.

I have just recieved a pack, not only that but you took money from my account without my permision I want you to return to my account the amount you took, as soon as you can !

Is there another company called Shavekit?
March 20, 2019
I have been a customer for many deliveries. On occasion, I have contacted them and asked them to slow down deliveries, so instead of monthly, 2 monthly or 3 monthly. They haven't charged for the months they do not deliver and they are happy to change the regularity without any problem. So, the question is, what shavekit is it some of the other reviews talk about, as it definitely doesn't seem to be the good one I buy from. I am about to order a set of blades out of order and I expect exactly the same good service as before.

February 27, 2019
WARNING Do not open account with this company, they will add a kit to your regular order without your permission and if you don't opt out they will charge you £22.95

A complete con
February 9, 2019

I was conned into a monthly prescription from Shavekit. I spent £3 just to get an £500 of Sainsburies vouchers. I then got charged £25.95 on a monthly charge. I didn't receive the razors. But I got sent some shave cream which I could of got in the pound shop. I threw it away. I asked for a refund. They said they could refund the £3 because I didn't receive the razors. But not the £25.95 because I couldn't return the dreadful products.

I feel completely ripped off and the way Shavekit does business is unethical. I've just spent £26 on rubbish that I threw away. Useless.

Shave kit
December 4, 2018
Have now been subscribed for about 8 months I set this up for my husband who has no issues with the products, at the moment he is fully stocked So I have been able to put my subscription on hold for the next 6 months and have tri monthly delivery so on average it's cost 2.33 a month for my husband to get a decent shave

Shavekit ripoff
November 27, 2018
Took money by fraud and referred to Bank and Police

They are not trustworthy as you think!
November 19, 2018
I went online and order £3 lazor with four blads in coming week i have received it,i was actually surpriesd but few weeks later they have taken almost £20 from my account without any authorization. As they never mention any free trail or subscribtion that i would know not not but they already tied me up to it. This is I think is scam ,it is better to stay way from it.

Fantastic products
August 15, 2018
Surprised to see the negative reviews here. I signed up last week and it couldn't have been clearer to me what I was signing up for. Anyway, my shavekit box arrived in the post yesterday and I must admit having been sceptical about the quality these products are very nice.

StephenOtoole October 10, 2018

this comany is a scam took 25 pounds from my account did not autorise

AfgmotherlandKhalil November 19, 2018

Please stay away from them because they are totally scam,they have also taken money from my account without any authorization.

It is a scam
August 1, 2018
Don't do it. You buy from the website, and you are automatically tied into a monthly or bi-monthly subscription with no option to opt out. Next thing will be to block the direct debit from your bank.

DanSK August 15, 2018

Hi Babajide,

You're not tied to anything, as we say in our welcome email, there are no contracts, no commitments.

You can pause, cancel, via the account area or just send a one word email saying "cancel" if you like, to [email protected]

There is no direct debit, it is a card payment, I'm going to find your account and reach out to you directly.


June 23, 2018
They offer a trial of their razor for the bargain price of just 50p. Then they add about £25 worth of extras which you need to deselect or they will add them to your order. Then they tell you his was not a trial, it is a regular monthly order at their full price. That's not an offer to my mind - it's a big fat scam.

AnnMccallum Mccallum August 07, 2018

This app is no got they took more money out of my bank account in what is said it would they should have taken only THREE POUND OUT AND THEY TOOK £30 pound out not three pound THIS APP IS THE BIGGEST. SCAM I HAVE CAME A CROSS AND I WILL BE DOING SOME A **** ABOUT IT

DanSK August 15, 2018

Hi Ann, I've looked for your name in our customer DB - looks like you were refunded in full and were told you could also keep your deliveries, not a very good "scam" on our part!

Shavekit doesn't have to be monthly, you're in control. You can choose whatever frequency you like, or just stop. And if you don't like it, or just change your mind, you'll get a refund - as you discovered. But looks like that's not made any difference!


DanSK August 15, 2018

Hi Ann,

I looked for your account (assuming you are the Ann Mccallum from August ish)!

And noticed that you have been refunded in full and you kept the items, not a very good "scam" on our part, giving you free delivery and refunding you!

Seems like that wasn't enough, sorry about that, your money has already been refunded. Your order was £27, it says so at the "total to pay today" button which you clicked. Not much more we can do other than confirm that yes, you clicked it and ordered it and that yes, we are happy for you to keep it and get a full refund if you changed your mind/didn't mean to order it.

We tried!



A fair deal offering real quality at a great price.
February 16, 2018
Received my razor nicely packaged a few months ago and one lot of replacement blades since then. Happy to report its given me a quality shave and each blade has lasted well. Not sure what some people expect for the money but it surpassed my expectations and has saved me money compared to what I have spent in the past. Certainly well worth a try and takes away the bother of ever running out of blades.

SHAVE KIT Its a scam !!!
November 22, 2017
I sent for the razor for £3 received it 2weeks later I receiveD 5 new bladeS £ 8.95 which I didn't order they used my credit card as a subsciption which was never mentioneD I Contacted them they said they would get back to me NOT AS YET It"s a scam as far as I can see stay away

Simon Berry June 23, 2018

Very similar experience - SCAM!

DanSK August 15, 2018

Hi Jim,

We reply within 4 hours, usually, 7 days a week. I'm assuming you had your reply shortly after you posted this comment.

Your subscription is managed in the account area or via customer service. If you change your mind, just ask for a refund, it's very easy.


Definately worth a try
November 17, 2017
Love these razors. And the shave cream is lovely, Looking forward to their new productrs that are coming out. I have been woith them for about 6 months now and will continue using them.

AnnMccallum Mccallum August 07, 2018

The police will be getting involved with you scamming people

DanSK August 15, 2018

Sheesh Ann...

Just drop us a line for a full no questions asked refund, it'll save you calling 999.


Not as good as my current blades
November 16, 2017
Maybe they are better than some disposable blades, but it is clear that they don´t measure up to my current Gillette ones, despite being more expensive the latter. What really upsets me is the fact that the website makes it deliberately difficult for you to cancel or stop your deliveries. You can pause them but then, when you forget about it, you will get a new box at home (and pay for it, of course).

constant flow just too many keep coming
March 8, 2017

At my age 93 I just don't need so many constantly coming week after week, they are like a tap that cant't be stopped flowing.


Simon Berry June 23, 2018

Totally agree, sending goods which have not specifically and deliberately been ordered is harassment.

DanSK August 15, 2018

Shavekit is a membership, you are in control.

Login to your account area to manage your deliveries, or just drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll stop, change, or do whatever you need.