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About Shari's Berries

Shari’s Berries, found online at, is a website which provides a wide range of chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, mini cakes, and other desserts and items which you can order online and ship all over the nation.

Provide Commerce, the parent company of Shari’s Berries, has been in business since 1998, beginning with ProFlowers and branching out to a wide variety of websites which specialize in mail order gifts.

In addition to and ProFlowers, Provide Commerce is also the parent company of ProPlants, red envelope, and more. Because of this, Shari’s Berries does provide some gift combinations which include flowers and chocolate covered strawberries.

While there are many competitors within the online community for shipping gifts to loved ones, perhaps the best known is Edible Arrangements. Edible Arrangements provides a wide variety of fruit baskets and decorative edible gifts, while Shari’s Berries specializes specifically in strawberries and desserts.

While the pricing of a dozen gourmet strawberries begins at $29.98, the website often offers a variety of coupon codes and promo codes which you can use for the best possible deal.

It is important to note, however, that the prices listed on the website do not include Shipping & Handling. provides a wide range of shipping options which have different applicable fees, depending on your location and personal preferences. These fees won’t be added until after you have fully completed your order.

Their website says that they “take tremendous pride in the consumer experience,” so if you have any complaints or with your order from Shari’s Berries, as a mail order product it is essential that you alert someone immediately so that they have time to address the issue.

You can contact their customer service both through email or by phone, and each problem will be handled individually by a customer service agent to assure that your satisfaction is achieved.

If you have any experience with this website or their products, please leave your Shari’s Berries reviews below.

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2019 Valentine's Day ruined

February15, 2019

Feb 14, 2019. I paid $41.97 in shipping fees to "guarantee" - according to Shari's Berries website - delivery of my wife's gift on Valentine's Day. The gift was not delivered. I called Shari's Berries and they offered a full refund of all delivery charges. The refund may be appropriate on their part but it does little to make up for a botched gift to my wife on the most romantic day of the year. This is my first time using Shari's Berries. First impressions are everything. I will not be a returning customer of Shari's Berries. FYI, Shari's Berries is part of the FTD conglomerate.

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March 21, 2019

This place is a scam and I agree. Their shipping costs are unreal and not shown up front. My $39 became an $82 order. They claim next day shipping, not true. I had to have it shipped the following day, and they still charged me for express delivery, which I had not idea was considered express delivery, and also charged me for morning delivery, when I never requested such. Awful customer service as well since they were argumentative and never considered my frustrations.

Run from this sight!

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