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About Shapiro MD Hair Growth Experts

Hair loss happens to us all at one point or another, and it can be heartbreaking when we see that receding hairline while our peers and friends still have a full head of hair. You’re not alone of course, and the hair loss industry is well aware of this world wide insecurity. There are tons of hair loss recovery products out there, and trying to sort out which are fake and which aren’t can be tricky.

Shapiro MD claim to be the experts when it comes to hair loss. They claim to have the best product when it comes to combating baldness. Founded and developed by leading dermatologists, Shapiro MD’s hair treatment shampoo is said to work wonders.

Developed by doctor Michael T. Borenstein and Steven D. Shapiro, the product is backed up by 15 years of hair loss research, previously used private by dermatologists, is now open to the public.


Shapiro MD offers a number of different hair loss treatment products, the most prominent of which is their DHT blocker shampoo and conditioner, as well as a daily-foam, all aimed at combating hair loss and baldness.

Their formula is an FDA approved topical hair treatment that can be applied once every day. Results vary from person to person, but typically, signs of hair regrowth start to appear in 30 days or so after continual use.

How Does It Work?

The Shapiro MD shampoo works on the principle that hair loss is caused by the production of the DHT hormone. The product works by combining three different products all clinically proven to combat the production and activation of this hormone as shown by years of research. It uses saw pelmetto (a berry extract), ECGC, and a caffeine extract to inhibit the hormone on the scalp.

Saw pelmetto, also known as serenoa repens liposterolic extract, has an anti-androgenic effect meaning it reduces levels of testosterone on the scalp which is directly responsible for increased levels of the DHT hormone. It also specifically inhibits the DHT receptors on your scalp, preventing it’s activation. Basically, blocking the DHT from being able to do any damage.

The EGCG (or Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, for the chemists) is known to exhibit strong antioxidant properties and is what makes Green Tea leaves possess their restorative properties. It works by inhibiting the expression of an androgen receptor gene, and thereby preventing androgen activity of any kind.

Androgens have been known to be a major contributor to hair loss. It also works by protecting the hair follicles on your scalp from radiation, which is a major plus. Studies on the hair regrowth effects of Green Tea alone have shown great success, let alone concentrated in a formula.

We usually think coffee or monster energy drinks when we think caffeine, but caffeine has also been shown to be an effective DHT blocker. Testosterone, although a major contributor to men’s health, can have some negative consequences on our hair health.

Luckily, caffeine has been shown to counteract the deleterious effects of the hormone in a number of different studies. On top of this, it actually stimulated the growth of hair. In short, caffeine works to dampen the negative effects of testosterone while simultaneously encouraging hair growth.

All these organic ingredients put together work to inhibit the effects of the DHT hormone and encourage hair growth.

Cost and Price Plans

The shampoo and conditioner sold together costs just under $50 on amazon, but on their website you can get a monthly supply for just a tad bit over that. They also provide 2 and 4 month supplies that can save you over $100 in expenses.

If you don’t like the product, no worries as they hold a 60 day return, money back guaranteed policy.  If you don’t see results in the first month or so, feel free to send the product back.

Customer Service

All around, their customer services are dedicated. If you have any issues, Shapiro MD seem to be eager to help.

Feel free to call their number (877) 907-4047 at any time for general product support and shipping. You can also email them at [email protected] They can also be found on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Over all, user reviews for the product seem to be positive with customers generally finding it works after 30 days. Many ladies however have had complaints that the product doesn’t work out as well, claiming it just discolors their hair. Negative reviewers also don’t enjoy the smell too much.

Reviews tend to be polarized, so either people hate the product to death or love it. Try it for yourself to make the best call.

Competitors and Alternatives

Pura’dor is similar to Shapiro MD in that it both use all-natural ingredients. Both claim to be 100% organic. The product beats Shapiro MD however in the fact it’s a bit more cost effective. Customer satisfaction regarding the product also seems to be fairly high. However much more research has been poured into MD Shapiro vs Pura’dor.

Nioxin, another hair loss treatment company, also uses a triple formula that works to aid in the hair’s density, derma, and diametre. They have a strong emphasis on hair strength as well as hair regrowth. MD Shapiro vs Nioxin, is a bit on the pricey side comparatively. On top of this, Nioxin have had fairly well recieved reviews. However, the product doesn’t use all-natural ingredients.

RegenPure uses both triple action ingredients and is all natural. They mainly offer multiple bundle deals rather than standalone products, claiming you need to use all the products in order to get the desired effect. Vs RegenPure, MD Shapiro is a bit on the pricey side of things.

The other plus with Shapiro MD compared to other hair loss products is that there are absolutely no side effects to using this product.

Where to Buy?

You can find a number of Shapiro MD products on Amazon, eBay, and on their own website. We recommend going to the website itself as that’s where you’ll find the best deals.


Over all, it’s a solid product, but on their website do oversell the scientific aspect of the product, calling the actual scientific validity into question as they may just be trying to confuse readers. However, customer satisfaction seems to be pretty high and overall customers have had positive results using the product.

Try the product for a month or so, and if you don’t see results, take advantage of their 60 day return policy. Give it a whirl, chances are it could beat out your typical minoxidil.

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July21, 2020

It is obvious to me (at this point) that all review venues are skewed to only those who are PLEASED w/their experience with SHAPIROMD. Thus far, I have had nothing but hassles, no follow throughs or call backs from my many phone calls

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1 Review

Shapiro MD does not work.

November1, 2019

Shapiro MD does not work. I did try for 60 days with zero luck. Don’t believe the money back guarantee either. Trying to get my money back I received nothing but bad attitude from "Anne" in customer service. A few times I politely tried to explain the situation and got nothing but a rudeness in return. After getting denied a refund and frustrated with "Anne" not listening to any reasoning I decided to hang up.
The scam is the return policy starts from the date the order was placed. Which mine was ordered on the 15th wasn’t shipped until the 22nd and I received the order a week later. 

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1 Review


October23, 2019

Bought the crap in February, still using it since I paid for it mind as well use it up. Not 1 new follicle,

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1 Review

No results

May26, 2019

I've used these products for over a year and no results

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