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About Shanti Travel is a website for a travel agency based in Asia called Shanti Travel; their goal is to promote new travel experiences suitable for all types of travelers. North India, South India, India Himalayas, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet are some of the more popular countries foreign travelers tend to book trips to. 
The continent of Asia is a destination with different environments suitable for pleasure, relaxation, adventure or learning. Shanti Travel’s knowledgeable travel agents can assist travelers plan their trip according to a particular activity they wish to partake in, a special occasion or those who simply want to broaden their horizons. Providing agents with as much information as possible, regarding what the attraction to Asia is, the members traveling in your party and the amount of guidance you wish to have while there. 
Traveling to Asia you can immerse yourself in a new culture and learn about their heritage, customs, and history of traditions passed down through many generations. Whether you are looking for a trip tailored to your desires, guided tours throughout a country or an organized group vacation, the helpful agents at Shanti Travel will make it happen.
Booking a trip to Asia requires a lot of preparation and booking reservations is just the start. Shanti Travel requires that all payments be finalized early enough to ensure all of the necessary accommodations are available and all of your reservations are held. Online payments can be made by international bank transfer, Visa, or MC. 
In order to travel to Asia, various documents and paperwork must be obtained prior to travel with the most obvious being passports and visas. It is also recommended that travelers consult a travel doctor to ensure they have all the necessary vaccinations and all other health requirements have been met. In fact, some of the required immunizations must be administered a month prior to traveling to specific parts of Asia.
Online comments from Shanti Travel’s customers were extremely pleased with the service they received from their agents. From that point forward, it was only upon arriving to Asia that travelers witnessed the detail and thorough planning that these agents had executed. Great experiences had by travelers had been contributed to the recommendations and planning provided by agents at Shanti Travel. 
Making reservations and planning for a trip to Asia is not only time consuming but it is also expensive. Cancelling or changing a trip to Asia, through Shanti Travel, may be subject to charges up to 100% of the original cost. Because of this, purchasing a travel insurance policy to cover any type of situation that may arise and result in a large monetary loss is highly recommended.

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