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About Seven Seas Worldwide

Seven Seas Worldwide, found online at, is an international company that offers personal, commercial, and student shipping and storage services in different countries around the world.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Seven Seas Worldwide ships excess luggage, personal belongings and “pretty much anything that can fit into a box” all over the world. This company is currently providing services in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, USA, and the UK.

This company says that they help thousands of customers each year either move or store their personal belongings, excess baggage, and other household items. Since they have been in this line of business for the last twenty years, they understand how stressful moving can be, which is why they have worked hard to make sure their shipping process is uncomplicated, affordable, and supportive. 

Currently they offer a variety of services, including Baggage Worldwide, which helps people ship excess or oversized baggage like surfboards; Student Services, for students who are moving or studying abroad; MoveCube, which is a mini-shipping container that will brought directly to your house to help facilitate a move; and StoreCube, a mini-shipping container brought to your house that will then be transported to one of their secure shipping facilities until you need it. 

Cost/Price Plans

Since this company offers so many different kinds of services, with variables as important as different countries and currencies for shipping and storage, there is no way for them to offer direct pricing on their website. Instead, they ask that their customers provide the most relevant information and details to their website in order to be provided with a quote that best suits their own circumstances.      

Refund Policy

At this time, this company does not provide any publicly published information regarding refunds or guarantees. Concerned customers should speak to Customer Service about this before booking any services with this company.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link or by one of their many phone numbers available on their website depending on your country of residence.


Seven Seas Worldwide has mixed reviews, which generally isn’t very helpful for customers, but in this case it seems as though they actually may be, because the positive and negative reviews seem to be distributed in an obvious way.

Most people that said they had fairly simple shipping and storage needs seemed to be very happy and satisfied with this service, while people who had complicated or difficult shipping or storage needs often reported being frustrated with this company and their Customer Service, which they described as being difficult to work with. 

Because of this, a customer who’s shipping and storage needs easily fits in their system should likely feel comfortable contracting them for their needs, while people with more complicated requests may want to look for a different service, or at least contact Customer Service and evaluate them directly for yourself before signing up for the service online.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly there are many different international shipping and storage companies available. Customers looking for alternatives to Seven Seas should consider their country of origin, their country of travel, and their budget before looking for alternatives.   

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Seven Seas Worldwide reviews below.

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STAY WAY is the best advice one can offer. These folks are bad news -totally unprofessional outfit

May7, 2018

Yes, also had a horrendous experience with a simple move (no furniture, no appliances, just boxes, from Singapore to South China. Ended up costing us over a third more than what was promised and it took endless calling to there different countries just to get our property back to us. STAY WAY is the best advice one can offer. These folks are bad news -totally unprofessional outfit

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Dreadful company, stay away.

May22, 2017

The big thing you worry about when sending all your possessions off with some man in a van is whether you'll ever see them again, and whether they'll be damaged.

With Seven Seas you don't have to worry about this! They'll most likely never even show up to collect from you in the first place (but they'll make sure to charge you regardless).

From shocking customer service, rude and unpleasant staff, misleading websites and hidden charges, Seven Seas has everything you could want in a moving company.

Seven Seas is never wrong! It is always the customers fault when things don't work out. And they'll add extra charges for everything they have to fix for their stupid customers.

Of course, Seven Seas staff are very busy (writing excellent reviews for themselves) and can't be expected to answer questions or explain how anything works. They'll promise you everything when you call to book, but don't forget to pay attention to the small print (hidden in size 0 font on an invisible page on their website) that explains all their extra charges they'll add on when they forget to collect your boxes, or decide that everything must be repacked.

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