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Seterus Inc, found online at, claims to be one of the nation’s leading specialty loan servicing companies, especially when it comes to dealing with homeowners who are facing hardship.

They offer an entire section of their website providing opportunities, information, and resources for homeowners that have fallen on hard times. These resources include short sale packets for those in danger of foreclosure and who would benefit from having comprehensive information concerning their range of options and how to best navigate the system.

They also have a program called HOPE NOW which is a collaborative effort between them and HUD approved counselors, investors, and lenders who want to reach out to distressed homeowners who are in need of options like loan modification.

Finally, they also offer a hotline for people whose homes have been affected by natural disasters and are in need of disaster relief solutions as long as the disaster you have been impacted by is Federally declared.

For regular customers who need information on mortgages, Seterus promises that they offer a fully integrated loan servicing company which consists of experienced, skilled professionals and an innovative application of technology.

Once you have arranged your loan through Seterus Inc, their website will provide you with all the standard options you will need for maintaining your loan, like making payments online.

In addition to those attributes, the website also claims that their customer service is a top priority and that they offer services and counseling 24 hours a day. Depending on what your specific needs or complaints may be, there will be a different phone number to find a team member who can best address your needs.

And they don’t only help those with mortgages. Their Know Your Options website also offers solutions and advice to those who are currently renting and not currently maintaining a mortgage.

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