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About Sense Home Energy Monitor

If you recently opened your electricity bill and nearly passed out with shock, you aren’t alone. Electrical bills account for a large percentage of most households’ utility bills, and they can be unpredictable. Whether you’re using old appliances or need to reseal around your windows and doors, it can be tough to determine where your home is sucking away energy.

If you’re ready to gain valuable insights on the energy efficiency of your home - as well as all of its many working parts - consider purchasing and installing the Sense Home Energy  Monitor.

How Does it Work?

Sense Home Energy Monitor works by analyzing changes in the current and voltage of your home. It does this at the rate of one million times per second, giving you critical insights into how much power your home in consuming. The monitor is accurate and reliable, reporting real-time energy use (as well as historical data) via your home’s Wi-Fi network. You can monitor your efficiency from anywhere, making it easy to keep track of your waste and usage.

This product is essentially the brains of your home, collecting information so that you can track your energy use from your smartphone or computer - no matter where you are. You can hire a qualified electrician to install the Sense monitor, or if you have some know-how, you can do it yourself.

The product works by running behind the meter, measuring the power lines feeding into your panel. Even if your electric provider has already installed a smart meter, these meters only take readings on regular intervals (like every fifteen minutes). The Sense monitor, however, collects information every second.

The company also offers the unique Sense app. This app connects to a Sense home energy monitor or Wise Energy monitor that is installed in the electrical panel of your home. You can use the app to track specific areas of energy leakage and waste throughout your house, and use that data to inform your future decisions as a homeowner.

How to Install the Sense Home Energy Monitor

Installation of the Sense Home Energy Monitor is straightforward, and it’s easy to get your system up and running quickly. The company offers comprehensive support and easy-to-follow instructions to make the process seamless and simple.

While the company recommends hiring a qualified electrician to install the Sense monitor, if you have background in electrical wiring and procedures you can easily do this yourself. The monitor can be installed in your electrical panel without any rewiring in less than thirty minutes. It works by attaching two sensors around the main power leads feeding your home. You will then install an antenna that will connect to your Wi-Fi, and a power cable to connect it to a 240v breaker. The monitor also comes with an external mounting bracket.

Installation only takes a few minutes, but since you’re dealing with live electricity, the company always recommends that you hire certified electricians. They know how to switch off main power and work with unique situations like recessed panels and outdoor installations. That being said, the Sense Home Energy Monitor is safe, tested for compliance with UL, FCC, and NEC. It is also ETL certified.

Cost and Price Plans

Expenses for the Sense Monitor vary. Keep in mind that in addition to the equipment fees, you will also need to pay for an electrician to install the monitor. This could add a hundred dollars or more to your overall costs. That being said, Sense has no subscription fees and with a sixty-day money back guarantee, it’s a smart choice.

You can purchase the basic Sense Home Energy Monitor for $299 plus shipping and handling. If you want to add solar sensors to your existing monitor, you can do so for $50. The stand-alone Sense Solar program is $349, allowing you to monitor your efficiency in a solar-powered home.

Customer Service

Sense Home Energy Monitor comes with a generous 30-day refund policy, minus shipping and handling charges. It also has a one-year warranty against defects in materials. The company is easy to get ahold of. With a handy contact form via the company’s website, you can find answers to any of your most pressing questions. Support is available Mondays through Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also subscribe to the company’s email list.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Sense Home Energy Monitor has received rave reviews from consumers. It monitors every aspect of your energy usage, from flipping light switches to microwaving food. It can help give you insights, for example, whether you need to replace old incandescent bulbs or invest in more efficient appliances. This allows you to isolate the devices that consume the most power and manage them more effectively, reducing your energy bill and recouping the costs of the Sense Home Energy Monitor within a short period of time.

This product includes helpful alerts and useful information about your home, allowing you to save money. It allows you to see how each device is performing, including how long it’s been running and information via a real time power meter. The app allows you to track trends by the day, week, month, and year per device.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you’re looking for a home energy monitor, don’t think that Sense is the only product on the market. There are multiple other monitors available, such as Ecoisme and Smappee.

Ecoisme works in a different fashion than Sense, combining a utility switch and energy monitoring to reduce your utility bills. This product uses a mobile app and an energy monitor, which is also installed in your breaker panel. Like Sense, it gives you a breakdown  by appliance. Unfortunately, it is not currently available except by preorder.

Smappee comes at a similar price - and with similar guarantees and warranties - as Sense. It also allows you to get information about your home’s energy usage via your smartphone, and also allows you to monitor your gas and water for an additional fee.  Sadly, it’s not quite as effective at monitoring energy usage by appliance.

Where to Buy?

Because it is a relatively new technology, Sense is only available from a handful of retailers. The easiest place to purchase Sense is from the manufacturer’s website, where you will receive access to special discounts and warranties. However, you can also purchase Sense Home Energy from Amazon and other online retailers.

Is Sense Home Energy Monitor Worth It?

Whether you’re interested in technology or simply want to improve the overall efficiency of your home, you can get the data you’re looking for with the Sense Home Energy Monitor. The alerts and tips are interesting to watch and can help you save hundreds of dollars per year. Consider this product for a more enlightened approach to your home budgeting and energy use.

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