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About Sensa Weight Loss System

The Sensa Weight Loss System is a popular new weight loss program which claims to be clinically proven to help average men and women lose weight, without requiring them to change their diet or exercise regimen.

Created by neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch, Sensa is actually a powder that your sprinkle on your food before eating. It does not alter the taste or smell of your food, but it does interact with the receptors in your brain to make you feel full faster than normal.

According to, the Sensa Weight Loss System requires no pills, stimulants, or counting calories. In addition, Sensa has not been shown to result in more feelings of hunger or cravings than in those not using the system.

When testing the Sensa Weight Loss System, Dr. Hirsch tried the product on 1,436 men and women over a six month period and discovered that the average weight loss was over 30 pounds, without any other changes to diet and exercise.

If you are interested in trying Sensa for yourself, you have the chance to try the system for 30 days, for free. Simply pay $4.95 for Shipping & Handling, and you will receive a 60 day supply of the Sensa Tastants, a How to Guide, and a Getting Started DVD.

If you like the system, simply do nothing and keep your 2-Month Starter Kit. At the end of 30 days, you will be charged $89.95 for the kit, and automatically enrolled in the AutoShip Program, which will charge you an additional $89.95 every 60 days when your new 2-Month Kit is delivered.

If, however, during your 30 day trial you wish to cancel your order, you must either do it through your Sensa customer account or by calling customer service. Your order will be considered canceled after Sensa receives your return of all opened and unopened products that were included in the original Starter Kit.

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Susan Carpenter

Sensa helps!

December1, 2011

I heard about sensa on a radio ad. You can sign up to try a free trial. Weight loss varies among participants, but there have been many satisfied customers. It contains no stimulants and you sprinkle it on your food just like you would salt and pepper. The average reported weight loss is 30 pounds. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. You have nothing to lose. Sensa is not a diet. Sensa works to tell your brain that you are full resulting in the intake of less calories. Feel full faster and lose weight.

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