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About SeneGence International

Joni Rogers-Kante was a single mother without a job in 1995 when she came up with a company idea. In 1999, she managed to realize this idea of hers and SeneGence has kept growing ever since.

The first product this company had was a lipstick, or to be more specific, the LipSense® Long-Lasting Liquid Lip Color. There were only six lipstick colors, a moisturizing lip gloss and a lip color remover offered at the time.

Now, they offer a wide range of colorful and anti-aging cosmetics products. However, although this is a cosmetics producer, production and distribution of make-up isn’t the only focus of the company.

SeneGence International also strives to protect the nature and the health of their users by using only natural ingredients, making the packages as nature-friendly as possible and the like.

In addition, they offer self-employment possibilities for all the women who are willing to become successful, regardless of their age, education, or background.


All SeneGence products are, as already mentioned, made with high regard for the environment and the customers’ health.They claim that the production process includes no animal testing, or any animal by-products.

In fact, all the materials are natural, first-rate ingredients, which are FDA-approved. On top of that, production takes place in the USA and complies to the highest standards. This company makes a wide range of make-up, anti-aging and skin care products as well as perfumes.

This is why it would be unnecessary to talk about their skin care basics such as lip balm, hand cream, or long-lasting makeup like their foundation, concealer, or liquid eyeliner in two shades.

However, there are some products that seem to be innovative and quite interesting to mention.

Talking about skin care, there is the nangai oil, which is claimed to immensely help in the regeneration of extremely dry skin.

There’s also the SeneGence Eyeluminator, which is somewhere between simple skin care, anti-aging and color makeup. This is because it illuminates, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin around the eyes.

On the other hand, the SeneGence Climate Control is a moisturizer that does the same with the rest of your face. Among their makeup products, the UnderSense Lash Builder is also worth mentioning, because of the claims that it both moisturizes and elongates the lashes.

As a result, the mascara would look even better after application. Another thing that is important to point out is that SeneGence offers career opportunities as well. You are able to become their distributor, earning retail profits and additional commission if you start including new distributors.

However, since it is an mlm company, you might wonder:

Is SeneGence a pyramid scheme or a good company?

If we look at their website, the company stresses the sales opportunities and the bonuses for that kind of activity, while only mentioning the possibility of including new distributors. We can then conclude that it is an honest, multi-level marketing structure.

Cost and Price Plans

Lips, eyes and body products are around $20, which seems affordable. However, facial makeup, anti aging products and perfumes go for between $50 and $70, while full collections can go as high as $150.

On the other hand, if we take into consideration the fact that this is healthy moisturizing makeup and skin-friendly products, the price might look reasonable. If you are a distributor, you are able to earn some discounts or win free products, depending on your sales performance.

Customer Service

There are offices in the USA, Canada and Australia. The USA branch can be reached on the phone number (949) 860-1860 and via email at [email protected]

On the other hand, the Canadian branch telephone is (604) 239-2195 and their email is [email protected], while the Australian branch can be reached through the email address [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

There are various reports online about the company’s products and doing business with them. Those who are satisfied with the products highlight the long-lasting feature of their make-up, especially of their signature lipstick.

Also, business partners, i.e. distributors, are satisfied with the start-up material and the earnings. On the other hand, there are customers who are dissatisfied with the service and a recurring complaint is made regarding the stock issues.

Additionally, former distributors claim that the company misled them regarding the first month discount, although there is a clear description of the discount opportunity in question on the website.

Competitors and Alternatives

SeneGence vs Mary Kay

Mary Kay has been around for a significantly longer time – over 20 years longer than SeneGence. Their website is user-friendly and you are able to use it for various purposes.

You are even able to buy products without necessarily being connected through a consultant, which is quite useful if you don’t want to go through someone else. Some prices are even more affordable than SG’s, although they are mostly similar.

However, when it comes to preserving the environment and animal-friendliness, there isn’t much said about it.

SeneGence vs Rodan and Fields Skincare

This is a company that focuses solely on skin care and there is no makeup available. Although they seem quite dedicated, SeneGence seems more inclusive when it comes to their offers.

SeneGence vs Younique

Younique has a really wide range of products, but they have somehow skipped body lotions when they drafted their offer.

On the other hand, it looks like they are working hard on improving their presenters’ experience. In fact, they introduced the possibility of being instantly paid the commission for the sales as soon as you realize them.

Where to Buy?

With the SeneGence website, you will easily find your distributor. Once she has included you in the system, you will be able to buy online, or seek her help with the choice of the products.


There are a few good-quality cosmetics companies out there, which at the same time, offer career possibilities and SeneGence is certainly one of them.

Although the very business and products offered aren’t quite as wide as with Mary Kay, they have a strict policy when it comes to the materials used and testing on animals. That said, they are definitely worth a shot.

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