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Maybe you’ve always dreamt of having a playful and fun job where you are able to interact with people, or perhaps you’re a savvy business person looking to expand into different ventures.

Regardless of your motivation, a Selfie Station is an easy way to get into business without needing much experience.

Whether you’re interested in engaging with guests at events such as christenings, a Selfie Station seems like an excellent place to start your journey.


Unlike photo booths which cram guests like clowns in a tiny circus car, Selfie Stations don’t require confined spaces that are any claustrophobic’s nightmare. Instead, they offer the chance for squish-free photos.

This alternative is designed to be fun and that’s why you are able to add costumes to break the ice, connect with guests at different events, or make your business better known.

But it gets even better:

Set-up is usually as easy as snapping your fingers, as it only takes around 20 minutes to get everything up and ready.

How Does It Work?

If you’re wondering how the magic happens, you’ll first need to start with the basics. Because Selfie Stations are typically 20 inches wide by 65 inches tall, you will need ample space in either a station wagon, a big van, truck, or SUV.

Moreover, weighing around 80 pounds, you will want to ask for help in getting it from A to B, unless you’ve miraculously achieved superhero strength.

Should you be worried about the more intricate details of the business, you’ll be pleased to know that the store is selling them with access to a third-party marketing company, which can help you build successful leads – generating quality event invitations.

This is an excellent way to get your business up and running and get booking events.

Cost and Price Plans

As with any investment, there are business costs to take into consideration. If you’ve decided to have a Selfie Station for a special event in your life, or that of a family member, you may choose to swallow the rental cost as opposed to purchasing a unit, which you wouldn’t later use.

Alternatively, should you be looking to jump-start your business, there are three options for purchasing Selfie Stations.

Whether you’re targeting people at wedding events, late night parties, or high school graduations, there are three options to choose from: Basic, Printer and Professional. The Basic package comes at $10,995, the Printer one at $12,495 and Professional at $13,995.

Customer Service

If you’re excited about this business prospect and want to know more, you are able to contact the company by submitting a contact form, listing your name, email address, phone number and any questions.

Alternatively, you are able to message them on their email address, [email protected], or directly call and speak to one of their customer service representatives at 800-965-0150.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Before jumping head in and purchasing a Selfie Station, it’s essential to ensure that you’ve done your research thoroughly. Looking at online reviews of this fun kiosk, it becomes apparent that the product is the main attraction for people attending different events.

Featuring the ability to take professional and fabulous photos, it seems that people are smitten with the idea of easily and quickly immortalizing their favorite events - whether it is for Christmas work parties, sorority bridal showers, birthdays and much more.

Moreover, the professional look of the station booth is enough to have people talking for weeks.

The best thing is:

Photos are sent instantly to the phones of those taking them. In other words, you won’t need to wait for them to be developed, nor will you risk losing them.

Competitors and Alternatives

Of course, other companies are offering more or less the same service and it will depend on your budget, needs and expectations. For example, TapSnap is an industry giant in photo marketing and event entertainment and they offer over 160 photo booths around the world.

But there’s more:

All their pictures are digitally integrated and fully customizable, meaning that there are many backgrounds to choose from, with plenty of costumes to entertain you.

Alternatively, PIXTA features an interesting concept, allowing guests to take instant branded content in video, photo and even GIF form.

Last but not least, SayCheesePhotoBooth is an award-winning photo booth that offers personalized photo strips and an easy-to-use interface – even after you’ve had one too many drinks.

Where to Buy?

To buy or rent a Selfie Station, you simply need to either complete an online form available on their website at, or directly call the company on 800-965-0150.


Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect memory maker, picture taker, or icebreaker, the Selfie Station can offer instant pictures that are fully customizable and sent directly to your phone via Wi-Fi.

Whether you’ve chosen to rent one as a surprise for your birthday or party, or whether you’re ready to venture into business, you will attract numerous people and create big grins that will become the centerpiece of any event.

Add costumes or a personalized border for extra fun and a unique element and you have a recipe for success.

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