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About is a website run by America On Line (AOL), where they encourage people with talents in writing, photography, and filmmaking to “Create, Be Heard, and Get Paid.” specifically targets people with creative talents to use their abilities to fulfill certain assignments, which then can be shared with other websites in the AOL family, so that your creative work has the option to reach a wide audience. In fact, claims that some of their participating websites reach over 100 million people each month.

When you make a submission to in response to one of their assignment postings and you work is accepted, you can get paid in one of two ways.

First, you can take the specific payment amount that was listed in conjunction with the assignment that you successfully completed. In exchange, AOL acquires an Exclusive License to publish your work.

Or, you can choose to receive Calculated Earnings on the work you have submitted and agree to share profits with AOL. In this circumstance, AOL will acquire a Limited Exclusive License to publish your work.

However, AOL will not publish any submissions that do not abide by their Publishing Guidelines. These Guidelines are available to read at

Payment will be provided to you either by check, direct deposit, or PayPal. If you have chosen the Calculated Earning option, however, you must wait until your earnings exceed a certain amount before you can submit to be paid.

Currently, is reformatting themselves into Seed 2.0, so they are not presently uploading new assignments. However, you can sign up in advance for Seed 2.0 by going to the Current Assignments page of and clicking the link to sign up.

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Defunct website

July24, 2013

Just takes me to AOL mainpage.

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