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About Seashells App

The Seashells App, found online at, is a new mobile application which says that their goal is to help their members earn extra cash on each and every purchase they make.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Seashells considers themselves the first ever Instant Cash Back rewards program which gives their customers a way to both earn and save money simply by purchasing products they already wanted and needed to buy through the Seashells App.

Customers will be able to buy products from more than 150 different stores through both their mobile application and by using the Seashell App when you are physically at the store. To get Seashell credit for the products you purchase at the store itself, you will simply use the app to purchase a digital gift card code from that retailer in the amount needed to cover your purchase and then give that code to the cashier to scan. 

The Seashell App believes that their members will want to make each and every purchase through their app because of the savings and earnings opportunities. The way it works is that every time you make a purchase, the app will take the amount – say $2.80 – and round it up to the next whole dollar, to the $3.00 total. 

Then the app will provide their members with a cashback bonus taken from the commission this app earns from the retailer themselves. Finally, the app will match the transfers you make to the Seashells App with a 15% bonus, which means that customers are not only saving money, but are earning money as well. 

Mobile Options

At this time, the Seashells App is available for both iOS and Mobile devices and is completely free to download.

Cost/Price Plans

As mentioned above, the Seashells App is completely free of charge for customers to download it onto their phone or tablet and it is also completely free of charge for customers to use. Whenever you use this app to make a purchase from one of their retail partners, the retail partner will provide Seashells with a commission which pays for their operational costs. 

Refund Policy

Because Seashells App and their services are currently being offered to their customers completely free of charge, they do not offer any sort of Refund Policy at this time as it isn’t necessary. If customers use this mobile application to purchase products and then hope to return those products, they cannot seek a refund through Seashells – they will have to work directly with the retailer from whom they purchased their item.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected]


Unfortunately this company appears to be so new that they don’t really have any reviews available from current members or customers of their services. The reviews which are available all appear to be from affiliates who will earn money from this company whenever they send them new members, making it difficult to determine how biased or unbiased these reviews may be. 

This company does provide their customers their services free of charge, so customers may feel comfortable trying this service for themselves for small purchases at first, to see whether or not this company provides all the opportunities and earnings they promise.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

Mobile applications that bring customers discount opportunities and cashback options are actually very popular, and there are many different services customers can use if they are hoping to find an alternative to this service or if they are simply hoping they can maximize their benefits from using a variety of services. If customers are more interested in the aspect of savings, there are mobile applications that will manage that for their customers as well. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Seashells App reviews below.

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They cheated me and won't respond to any correspondence.

January28, 2018

I used for a few months and built up about $22 in cashback. In November 2017 I made a purchase on Amazon. I tried to order gift cards to pay at check out and it would not go through. I refreshed the page twice and then gave up and paid with my debit card. When I checked my account, shopseashells had charged me 3 times for gift cards I never got. I can prove this because all gift cards you purchase show up in your wallet after you use them and there are none for that day. I can show the charges from them and from Amazon on my bank account,and show how I paid in my Amazon account history. I have contacted them by phone and email multiple times and they have not answered. I decided I better cash out my cashback. I did, the screen pop up said I would get my money in a few days and it never appeared in my bank account either. So they have scammed me out of over $200 and still refuse to respond to my inquiries. I filed a report with the BBB and they have not responded to that either. Any suggestions how to get them to give me my money back and get my cashback too?

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