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About Scrub Daddy

The Scrub Daddy is a product which was popularized due to its exposure on ABC's popular television show, Shark Tank, where rich backers compete to invest in new products or companies.

According to their website, the Scrub Daddy is able to clean a variety of surfaces from kitchen counters and shower doors to pool surfaces and car interiors all the way to jewelry and even human skin.

How Does It Work?

The Scrub Daddy is a sponge which claims to be able to change its texture from a hard scrubbing surface when exposed to cold waters and temperatures to a softer, more sponge like surface when exposed to warm waters, depending on a homeowner's needs. 

This ability to change textures depending on the individual surface you are cleaning is also described as having the added benefit of providing chemical free cleaning, because it's texture can effectively clean surfaces without the use of added cleansers. 

Cost/Price Plans

The price of the Scrub Daddy depends on the retailer where you purchase it, whether that is a major retailer like Bed, Bath & Beyond, which sells an individual Scrub Daddy for $3.99, or in bulk from an online retailer like QVC which sells a pack of 8 sponges for $22.73.

Mobile Options

Not applicable.

Refund Policy

Currently has no published manufacturer warranty or refund policy of their product. Instead you'll have to follow the individual refund policies of the retailer from whom you purchase your Scrub Daddy.

Customer Service Contact Info

There is currently no published phone number to contact any Customer Service department for Scrub Daddy, but consumers do have the ability to submit questions directly to their website and receive a response by email, or to mail them directly at 777 Henderson Blvd., Suites #1-4, Folcroft, PA 19032.


The Scrub Daddy generally has a very good reputation regarding its ability to clean a wide variety of surfaces safely and effectively. The only negative reviews that seem to occur with any regularity have to do with how quickly the sponge begins to break down and needs to be replaced - the website states this time frame as around two months, but some of the complaints quote it as being much closer to a single month.

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding the safety of their services.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There do not seem to be many specialty sponges out there that make similar claims to the Scrub Daddy, but your local grocery store or home store will carry a large selection of standard scrubbing sponges for various home surfaces. 
If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Scrub Daddy reviews below.

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Love scrub daddy

December31, 2019

When scrub daddy was first available, it was fantastic. The material has changed in the last year or so and is not as good as it used to be. I still use them faithfully, but they definetely don't last as long or clean as well as the originals. I assume they're being made out of the country at a cheaper price. I'd gladly pay more if I could get the originals back.

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1 Review

Don't waste your money

March3, 2015

This product is strait up garbage! It lasted about three weeks and honestly I pushed it to get my money out of it. It's suppose to get soft with warm water, well it actually just starts to fall apart little by little. It becomes more and more pores and partials of food get trapped in the sponge. Had it not had a smiley face it may have lasted longer bit by the en of its life it was a very sad waste of money. Maybe had I washed my dishes in cold water this may not have been the case,. But who does that? Even when I first bought it I didn't enjoy the shape and because of the width it didn't work well with small crevasses. Forget using it for kids dishes. I can't not say it enough...this product is terrible. The worst thing is the makers have to know and yet they continue to sell the garbage they produce to fill their pockets. Lost a little respect for one of my favorite sharks too.

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