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Say Insurance is an auto insurance company that says their goal was to make car insurance simple and transparent for their customers, so they always know exactly what they are getting. 

How Does Say Insurance Work?

According to their website, the creators of Say Insurance say that it was obvious that the auto insurance industry needed a change.

The truth is that insurance companies benefit from their customers not really understanding what is all included in the coverage that they have, but customers absolutely do not benefit from this.  Say Insurance wanted to create auto insurance that was clear, transparent, and simple. 

To begin this transparent process, they say that all drivers have something called an “insurance score,” and this score affects how much you pay for your insurance. Other companies keep this score to themselves, but Say Insurance wants their customers to know this score, understand what it means, and understand how this score is determined.  


They also say that, while policies are legally filled with very complicated, industry specific jargon, they know this is no good for their customers. Because of this, they will explain your coverage in un-complicated terms. In fact, there is a whole section of their website dedication to helping you feel confident about the coverage you choose. 

Their website says that even though there’s a lot of available “data” on the internet, data isn’t really helpful without knowledge. They want their customers to be truly informed when they choose their insurance policy; they believe that benefits both them and their customers.  

Cost/Price Plans

As with any other insurance company, there is no way to quote a single price or price range for their policies, as every policy will be different based on the type of coverage you want, the car you drive, your personal driver history, your credit history, and even more. 

Their website does say to their prospective customers that while they may not always be the cheapest option for their customers, they are not worried about necessarily being the cheapest option – they want to provide their customers with the best insurance for their personal needs.  

Refund Policy

Insurance companies don’t really provide traditional Refund Policies. Instead, you will be provided with an insurance quote, which will lay out the kind of coverage you will receive, your applicable deductibles, and your monthly premiums.

You then get to choose whether or not you want to accept their terms, but once you have accepted them, it doesn’t appear that you have a way to request a “refund” of your money, though all insurance companies should have a Cancellation Policy that their customers can follow when they change insurance carriers.     

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-225-5729 or by email at [email protected] 


Unfortunately this company is still so new, it appears that there are no reviews of this company available, either from customers or from various websites or blogs that deal with insurance providers. Obviously, this makes it very difficult for customers to know whether or not this is a company that they want to deal with. 

However, the whole basis of Say Insurance is to provide their customers with transparency about pricing and clear, easy-to-understand information regarding their actual coverage and how it truly works for their customers, with no “legal mumbo jumbo” or other questionable sales techniques. 

Since customers are able to get a free quote of what this insurance will cost them, as well as a free explanation of their “insurance score,” it may be worthwhile to at least get a quote, see the kind of coverage you are being offered, and see how that compares to the insurance you already carry and whether or not it might help you negotiate with current carrier, or it might show you that you have a clear alternative to your current insurance. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

When it comes to auto insurance, there are many, many different options for customers, all depending on your personal location, the car or cars you need insured, any other special needs, and current driver history.

If you have experience with Say Insurance or their products, please leave your reviews below.

Say Insurance Customer Reviews

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No problems
January 8, 2019
I've had them for a year now and have had no problems with them at all.I pay under half of what I was paying with other company's. Plus free road side assistance. I've had to use it before and my wrecker didn't cost me one penny.

What happened to customer service!!!!!
April 26, 2018
I bought coverage for a new car through SAY and was happy until today......last month my debit card was frauded and a new one was issued..... I had my payment automatically withdrawn from tht card. So obviously when it came time to take their money it wouldn't go through....I get tht.. I received the email stating that my policy was going to be cancelled so I called them up to fix the mistake.....I was informed that they were not going to reinstate my policy and to seek insurance somewhere else....I tried to explain the situation but the " customer service representative" didn't want to hear about it...I explained I had received their email the day I called... nothing.. the guy says we sent that on the 8th....wrong today is the 25th they are liars....I'm glad to be rid of them I'm very thankful I didn't see how they screwed their customers during an actual claim..... GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!! I give them zero rating for customer service

Fraudulent insurance company
January 1, 2018
They ask you for two months payment upfront for insurance which is fine then they take your money and you never hear from them again they don’t send you an insurance binder they don’t even send new insurance cards for all your vehicles the crooked company just takes your money,you call them ask for insurance cards weeks later and they send you one sheet of paper anybody could print up no insurance cards no insurance binder Yet they want you to keep making payments to them yet they don’t provide you With any proof that you have insurance so if you get pulled over you get a ticket. So they are a fraudulent company

How refunds go with Say Insurance.
July 29, 2017
I tried to get insurance from this company. I loved the coverage to price and I paid 6 months in full online with my debit-credit card. A problem came up that couldn't be resolved, and so I asked for a refund, and to cancel the policy. They canceled it same day, but instead of refunding to my card, they sent me a check. I was told it might take 20 days to get it. Seems no matter how you pay them, they treat it like a check. And so. They send you refunds in a check. I was very happy to get it a couple days later. I give their customer service an A. I give their Coverage to price, an A+. I give their parent company, Shelter General Insurance, an A++. Sadly though. I can only give their SYSTEM, an F. They lost money on something silly. My policy wasn't starting for a month. Anyhow. No matter how you pay them, if you want a refund. Got to wait for that check.