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Search a variety of discounts on to find great deals in your local area on tons of products and services. Not only can you search for necessities by your location but you can also search by price, clearance, daily deals, elite deals, and even by an item/service description. For those who want to cut down on their expenses and spend less time finding the best deals, this site is helpful for comparison shopping.

New basic member deals as well as Elite member deals are posted Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day. You can sign up to receive alerts for services or products you are interested in. Since many offers are only available for a short time you must get it when you see it.

Some vouchers purchased through their site must be redeemed through the providing merchant within 24 hours of purchase to lock in the deal. Other deals have restrictions, limitations and expiration dates that should be reviewed prior to purchase to make sure it is the right one for you. If you can’t use it, it’s not going to benefit you.

There are two membership options for anyone who wants to sign up for Saveology. The first option is a free membership that enables you to access deals and make purchases through their site. The second options is an Elite membership, it costs $15.00/month and comes with a slew of perks.

First, Elite members get $20.00 in Saveology dollars each month to spend on their site, this alone already surpasses the cost of the membership, so you start $5.00 ahead of where you started each month. Second, you receive additional discounts on already reduced prices.

Third, they give you a free subscription to MyTechHelp’s Gold Plus Plan; it has a monthly value of $9.99. Plus you get 6 free MP3 music tracks every month and 20% off all other music purchases.

Some of the services and products they have discounts on include cable, insurance, home security, clothing, technology gadgets, pet products, and appliances. In addition, they offer deals on movie tickets, restaurants, travel accommodations, and gift cards. You can make purchases online or through one of their smartphone applications.

Customers who bought vouchers and products through their site have posted complaints online about Saveology’s business practices. Some of these complaints could have been avoided if Saveology remedied the situation but customers who contacted Saveology to obtain refunds were ignored and their issues were completely dismissed.

It is hard to predict what deals are legit and which ones aren’t on any online site. The way offers are outlined in a description can be intentionally conveyed in one manner to make you believe you are getting a great deal. If your gut says one thing follow it and if a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

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July30, 2013

RUN. this company will tell you anything to get a sale and never send your rebate or gift card, etc. get in touch with the state of Florida attorney generals office and file a fraud complaint. there are thousands of people getting ripped off. they never send the rebates. they charge your credit card for stuff later. the BBB gives them an F. lets fight back and get an effective way to get them to comply with their promises. ir is all lies. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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