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Sara Freder is a self-described psychic who offers her website visitors personal horoscopes, tarot card readings, lucky numbers, and other services.

How Does It Work?

Sara Freder is a psychic who lives in France and claims to have had powers of clairvoyance since she was a small child.

Early in life, she decided to use her powers to help other people, which is why she offers people that come to her website access to a free personal horoscope. 

According to Sara, it is important to have an understanding about the types of events that are upcoming in your life, so that you can be best prepared to handle these events and have a better chance of successfully moving forward.

Because of this, Sara recommends that people take advantage of their free horoscope so she can provide you with information about your near future, including what types of opportunities may be coming your way, how to best take advantage of these opportunities, and how to avoid any potential problems or issues that may arise as well.

If you are someone who likes to “play games,” as the website says, they also offer visitors an opportunity to get the free Lucky Numbers so they can have their best chances of winning the next time they play. In addition, you could also choose to have a free tarot card reading as well. 

Cost/Price Plans

As mentioned above, most of the advice being offered by Sara Freder is free, whether it is your personal horoscope, lucky numbers, or personal tarot draw.

There are products available for sale on their website, including photos, pendants, jewelry, and other beneficial talismans. The prices of these objects will vary, but all prices, fees, and taxes will be clearly displayed before you finalize your purchase.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately neither the website nor the Terms and Conditions provide any information regarding refunds at this time.

When dealing with a company that offers no details on refunds, customers should simply assume that no refunds will be given or honored at any time. Customers can also contact Sara Freder and ask about potential refunds if they choose to.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] 


A basic search for the name Sara Freder will turn up a huge variety of websites, blogs, and reviews all warning people to stay away from the Sara Freder website in any capacity, including requesting her free horoscopes.

The negative reviews clearly state that after you request the free information, you will begin receiving multiple emails badgering you to enroll in paid services, like weekly horoscopes, or emails trying to convince you to purchase the talismans and magical objects she offers for sale.

The Australian government actually issued a warning alerting people to Sara Freder's fraudulent activities, echoing the complaints of many vocal and unhappy customers that can be found online.

These include the fact that once customers submitted their credit card numbers to this website many of them reported fraudulent charges being made to their cards without any authorization and were unable to get these charges reversed.

The bottom line seems to be that people should avoid this website at all costs. If you have already requested some information from her website, there is a website that provides instructions on how to stop receiving her sales emails. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other websites available that offer psychic, numerology, or tarot card advice, including,, Psychic Readings,, and many others. 

If you have any experience with Sara Freder or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Sara Freder Customer Reviews

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March 11, 2023

Hi, I was 14 when my mom received emails from this Sara Freder about free horoscopes. They became friends and they were talking in skype everyday, this was I guess 2012 or 2013.

I'm 25 now so I can't barely remember. Sara would tell my mom to gather me and my siblings so that he could read us our horoscopes and our future predictions. I don't remember if there is money involved but one day, Sara told my mom that he was gonna read me my horoscope and I need to be alone in the room..

I felt like something was not right but my mom trusted her, so they left me in the room he was asking me questions and then he turned his camera on and he was masturbating.... that day I found out he was actually a MAN. He told me he is Sara's assistant and I need to stay in the room and watch him because he noticed I am a shy girl and this is needed so that I will develop self confidence when I grow older.

I know it wasn't right but I was just 14 that time when it took me one week to tell my mom what happened when were alone in that room, my mom uninstalled skype. It was a traumatic experience for me, I deactivated all social media accounts because I got scared that maybe he has videos of me watching him DID THAT.

He knows our names my sister, mine, my mom we trusted him and we really thought he was legit. Now that I'm older, I realized how fraud and disgusting that was and I'm writing this to inform people especially young girls. I also found out that the real Sara Freder died in 2004, this man that is using her name is from France.