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About Sam Ovens is the online home and website for Sam Ovens, a digital marketing consultant from New Zealand who is offering his services to clients all over the world.   

How Does It Work?

Sam Ovens started out as the CEO and founder of SnapInspect, which was a property inspection application created for property management companies which helps managers inspect rental properties using their smartphones or tablets. Their website says that this application is now the “global market leader in the property inspection software space.”

Since selling that application, Sam Ovens has become a digital marketing consultant who helps companies “profit wildly.” He says that his clients are some of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand and Australia, and that he has been responsible for helping them gain “choke holds” in their respective markets. 

If you are a customer who is interested in their consulting services, you can either submit your email address to their website or contact them directly by email to see what they might be able to do for you and your company.   

Cost/Price Plans

The website provides no information about the prices of their consulting services or any other products they may be selling, other than to offer people access to some free consulting information if they submit their email address to their website. Customers will need to contact them by email to get any information regarding pricing or costs of their services. 

Refund Policy

Unfortunately this website does not provide any information on their website about refunds, likely because they do not sell any products or contract any services through their website. In order to take advantage of their consulting services, you will need to contact them directly, and at this time you are welcome to ask them about whether or not they have any policies in place which might protect your investment if you choose to cancel your contract or are unhappy with the service you receive.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at While their website does mention “listed phone numbers,” it doesn’t actually appear as though they publish any contact numbers for the public at this time. 


There are actually very few reviews available for Sam Ovens or his consulting business at this time, but there are some evaluations of his business that customers can make directly from his website.

For example, this website makes a lot of criticisms of other digital marketers, referring to them as “design oriented hipsters on fancy Mac computers with their only objectives being advertising awards” and saying that they are only interested in making “cutesy designs” and not on actually getting customers for your company.

But the Sam Ovens website is actually poorly designed, offers little to no information to prospective customers, and the little information they do offer is repetitive, poorly worded, and riddled with grammar mistakes, as though this man who is trying to convince you to pay him to work on your website didn’t even take five minutes to review his own before making it live to the public. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly there are many, many different people that act as self-help personalities and provide guidance through books, seminars, podcasts, and websites, as well as people who promote their life-coaching as an important opportunity for you to make money and be financially successfully.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Sam Ovens reviews below.

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1 Review

Scam Alert

Reviewed By Boru on June 28, 2017

First I want to say how embarrassed I am that I got taken by these types of people. I had just lost my IT job when I got an invite to a consulting webinar from Sam Ovens. It seemed to be a great fit for my field and I had the experience necessary to technically consult already. Seemed like a slam dunk...

I watched the ~90 minute webinar where every promise under the sun is made. "110% money back guarantee", "$2000/month client in the first 30 days or your money back...", "anyone can do this if they follow my steps", etc. It was stated over and over again how ironclad their guarantee was. I signed up for the monthly installment plan after confirming via webinar-chat with their associate that I would be able to have the first month refunded in the event that Sam's claims did not hold up for me. Again, "30-day risk free guarantee" seal on the payment page.

I went through every single piece of material in about 21 days completing the worksheets as I went. I won't go into specifics for fear of defamation litigation (google it, Sam does this), but suffice it to say that the overall premise is: find a niche, market it, sell it. The entire "Consultant Accelerator" course was a sales and marketing class with the addition of finding a niche. I can see how in certain cases this may work for people. However it doesn't fit with my field (IT) nor my wifes (pet care) considering both are niched to the max as it is. The course also relied heavily on Facebook solicitation (to friends and family as well as strangers) and other practices I disagree with on principal. I decided to call it quits.

I emailed the refunds department on day 21 or 22 saying I wanted out and that I completed the worksheets should they require them. I got an alert
a bit later while away on business that Sam Ovens had charged another $597! I immediately disputed the charge with my credit card as well as the original $597 that they apparently hadn't refunded yet.

A month and a half later I got a call from my bank saying that Sam Oven's was challenging my dispute and provided all sorts of documentation saying the charges were valid. I then searched my email for the chain with their refund department and found it in my spam folder (, not fyi). I guess that domain where blacklisted or it matched similar items I sent to spam, I don't know. But in the response to my refund request they said:
"So sorry that you don't want to participate in this life changing course anymore. The course has tons of amazing information you will benefit from and I encourage you to participate.
This program comes with a 30-day action-based guarantee.You are within the 30 day period to qualify for a refund, we urge you to give it another shot while you still have about 10 days within the refund period, we are confident you will see outstanding results.
You originally signed up for the course with big dreams and ideas in mind.
Let us help you achieve that!"

I wrote back (after getting another call from my bank saying they were unsuccessful with the charge-back) asking why I'm still being charged and why I was receiving an argument to my cancellation request. There's a long chain but to truncate: they will no longer accept my refund because it's been more than 30 days. Just like almost all the other complaints I've found on the internet. They string you along until the 30 days is up and then "sorry".

In hindsight there were various signs this was not a wise choice on my part. On one slide during the webinar Sam says the refund is good for 42 days, but in reality it's only 30. He says this to make you willingly go over the expiration date. In my case I gave plenty of notice to stop payments. They could have requested any documentation they wanted, but instead decided to make me wait until the last moment to cancel (although I'm not sure anything I did would have gotten me a refund given what I've experienced with them so far).

I have the entire initial webinar recorded with the sales associates promises of refund to boot. Reach out if you need it in your own personal litigation.

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1 Review

Dodgy At Best - Don't Bother

Reviewed By Richard Musgrove on May 1, 2017

I received relatively little of use from the webinar for the time spent listening.

Most of it was a badly-disguised plug for Sam'a business, blended with the casual misinformation - the ad told us that we would be able to ask him (Sam) questions but it was clearly recorded, so this was not possible. We were not told that it was a recording at any stage - I figured it out from the dates given. This was confirmed by the person behind the chat box who told me it was a 2016 version and they had not (bothered) to update. But we should still buy! Not likely.

There was also the matter of the grammatical errors on the slides and the clear bias to the US.

Don't waste your time

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May 02, 2017

Webinar was more about Sam than anything tangible/useful. Didn't make me confident to spend money on his course.

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1 Review

Not A Scam.

Reviewed By CK Poppins on April 4, 2017

For those claiming that Sam Ovens is a scam, you clearly didn't give the program an actual try. I did and I got a high paying client within my first 40 days of ACTUALLY doing the work and I have been paying my bills and taking care of my family simply by following Sam's advice and really taking his training to heart and applying it, not only to my consulting business, but to my every day life as well. I can't believe that so many of you are trash talking a man who came from an average life, just like you, and made something of himself.

Don't call Sam's program a scam when you flat out refuse to put in any real effort.

My family and I are doing wonderfully with just my income from what I learned from Sam Ovens and I recommend his program to everyone who expresses and interest in what I do for a living. One income, a mortgage, a car, etc. Everything is paid for by my singular income that I made by using Sam's program.

Put in the real effort and you'll see the real results.

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August 05, 2017

If you exist, and not affiliated to the one claimed as scam, could you provide any means of direct contact, so that I can ensure you are a real genuine buyer and contact? thank you

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1 Review

Day trader

Reviewed By Preston on March 2, 2017

Typical marketing spam. Don't sign up definitely not worth paying for

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1 Review

False Promises

Reviewed By Richard Schnitzler on January 28, 2017

Sorry Sam does not tell you the truth or the whole story. The program costs close to $2,000 to start, and the false promises are many. If you are a tech wiz, if you want to spend at least another $5,000 in initial costs, if you are a sales and video professional, and if you want to run afoul of the IRS, then join the fools that fall for the false promises. If you want the real truth contact me at

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