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10 ‘Salon and Spa Marketing Toolkit’ Reviews
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Be prepared for recurring charges that will not be refunded

July10, 2012

I purchased this kit in full because I did not want to be on anything with recurring billing. When I called to order I received calls back right away, when I had a question same thing, quick email response. I found the information to be slightly repetative of others, it did not make any significant impact on my business, but I was ok with that as I took the risk to purchase it. Three months later my card was charged for $97.

I called the phone number on my statement to see why and left message no response, sent email no response, next month same thing, another $97??? Called number no response emailed 3 times no response. Called again as if wanting to order got response, then was told it was in terms and conditions (which I never received since i purchased via phone) that I would not be refunded even though I did not use whatever it was for and called after the first charge.

Rachel said the number on the bill is one they just put on there because the cc company makes them so they have no intention of calling you back...she said she would look into getting my charges refunded...ever hear from them again no? After being ignored for 2 months I asked my bank to reverse charges and they couldn't because it's in their terms and conditions that they don't refund...but when you get the system they it tells you to market your salon service as satisfaction guaranteed or your money back no questions asked, but I guess that doesn't apply to them or their hidden charges.

It's a sneaky way to charge hardworking business owners :( Be sure to read the fine print that you do not get with your order. Not very honest way to do business.

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July 27, 2012

thank you for the review, I saw the sneaky little $97 fee, before I saw the inflated price of $697, and knew I would not want to pay that much, but thanks for pointing it out to those who might not have seen that.

October 26, 2012

They are a Scam.. mike and mark becareful

November 19, 2012

Mike and Mark are a very Shady individuals they promise and never deliver and charge up your credit card for no reason they charged 97 dlls. three times on my last statement never give them your credit card BEWARE!

April 11, 2013

Unbelievably SHADY....I'm not sure where to start, but do NOT buy anything from them. I found the same fee for $97. monthly, cancelled that. Then four months later another $121 recurring fee monthly.
I also attended one of their workshops and it was not a workshop for business owners but for their own marketing purposes.
Do yourself a favor and steer CLEAR!

June 17, 2013

Thanks for writing in a comment!

September 07, 2016

Wow, I havent experience any of this.

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Salon and Spa Marketing Toolkit- is the real deal

June10, 2012

Trying to run a business is not easy, when you add poor marketing on top of that, you just adding more stress and slowing down the growth of your company. good news is This toolkit will build up your clients, bring in new clients, and having them spend more money while they are there.

The on-line and off-line hair salon consulting system shows you how to get new top stylists .. I found this to make a huge difference..

The step by step instructions make the whole process a breeze
If you are like me and spend more time with your clients then you do marketing your salon this program will be a huge eye opener for you, that i am sure of.

The vast amount of knowledge this program offers is just so easy to understand, and implement.

Add the money back guarantee to this, you have no reason why you too cant boost your business ,its well worth it.

The Salon and Spa Marketing Toolkit is by far the best marketing system for any and all salon and spa owners.

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October 17, 2012

The Salon and Spa Marketing Kit is a JOKE and a SCAM!

I purchased, read the instant info on the website, and immediately cancelled because it was all useless information made to sound ideal to bring you clients. I am still awaiting my refund and have already called my bank to stop any additional charges for this scam. I have been receiving harassing emails that come from the supposed company "Head Honcho - Mike Colosi". He has sent me numerous rude and nasty emails telling me how I will never make it without his program, threatening to "Watch My Marketing" to make sure I am not using their materials (which by the way are a complete JOKE".. I am in the process of reporting the company to the BBB because they are committing FRAUD! Don't waste your money or your time!! I learned the Hard Way!

October 26, 2012

He did me the same way ......they are a scam ........Mike Colosi" want return my calls they dont let there member even get there number ......FRAUD AND JOKE........DONT DO IT... THEY WILL SCREW YOU.

Janet D.
November 27, 2013

I've been a member of Mike's community for years. His system got me out of a hole and now I'm thriving. I'm shocked to see any negative reviews. My guess is they aren't real. Their competitors do call and email us regularly so I'd have to believe they are also posting nonsense here too. The other thought that comes to mind is people who don't follow instructions properly then blame everyone else for their own incompetence. Know anyone like that?

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