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About RVShare.com

RVShare.com is a venture founded in 2013 by three men - Joel Clark, Mark Jenney and Patrick Couch. The original idea was to construct a unique RV rental marketplace, one that will help connect independent dealers and private owners alike.

This is due to the fact that many families don’t use their RV’s for most of the year, while others are eager to go on a road trip, but unfortunately don’t own one.

RVshare is a service that connects these families and allows a nice additional income to the owners and an unforgettable experience to the renters at the same time.

As it connects all of the RV rental dealers across the United States and outside of it, this service gives you the perfect supply structure overview and allows you to compare and evaluate all of your options in one place.


With RVshare, you are able to earn money by sharing your RV, or to explore RV and motorhome rental options for your road trip.

When you list your RV for renting, you make all of the important decisions regarding the person renting your RV, setting the price, terms and availability. In addition, you are covered by a rental insurance and protected by a renter verification checks.

When you book your rental with them, you will be protected by a secure payment system as well as covered by free 24/7 roadside assistance during the entire trip.

In addition to all of that, the company offers to help you customize your road trip with their free RV trip planner feature. To get you started, you are also able to subscribe to their free reports on the important aspects of renting an RV.

How Does It Work?

If you are an RV owner, you will list your vehicle by adding photos and a detailed description. When the renter applies, you are able to review its reservation request and agree on specific terms and conditions of this business transaction.

You then meet with the renter, receive a payment and wait for your RV to be returned at the end of the renter’s trip. On the other hand, if you are a renter, use the filtered search to find the right vehicle.

Talk to the owner or a dealer to work out the specifics and enjoy your trip. Once you are done, refill the gas tank and return the RV to its home.

Cost and Price Plans

The amount you will earn or pay for the rental depends on the condition determined by the owners and the demand for their vehicle.

However, RVshare offers a feature of calculating your estimated earnings based on the category, type and make of your vehicle as well as your location. It also shows popular RV rental destinations, with minimum average prices listed.

That way, you might be able to rent an RV in Cleveland from $9.5 a day, Houston and Los Angeles will cost around $50 a day, while in Phoenix and Atlanta, you will have to spend at least $60 on a daily RV rental.

The company offers reward programs for the renters, where you get a 5% cash back which you are able to use for your next trip.

Customer Service

You are able to submit a question or a suggestion via the online contact form on the company’s website or send an email directly to [email protected]

You are able to cancel your reservation any time before the beginning of the trip by hitting the “Request Cancellation” button on your “Trips” tab.

However, if you need to cancel your reservation after the start date, you will not be able to do it yourself. Instead, you have to contact the customer support team and it will handle the cancellation process for you.

The cancellation policy is set by the owner and the company guarantees that it will comply with the terms defined in it.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The company is not BBB accredited yet and there are many mixed reviews when it comes to using this service.

In general, the most positive feedback comes from the owners who were able to earn additional income through this service. Most of the users find the company’s website to be nicely constructed and the RV search platform to be very user-friendly as well.

However, most of the customers are not satisfied with the absence of a call center, as all communication with the company’s representatives goes through emails.

Also, many of the renters complain about a great number of vehicles put on display for renting from owners who are actually not interested in renting them out, giving no response to their inquiries.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking to explore other RV renting options, visit the websites of companies such as Outdoorsy, Cruise America, or Road Bear.

Where to Buy?

If you wish to earn money by sharing your RV, or you’re looking for a genuine road trip experience by booking an RV rental, go to the RVshare official website at RVshare.com/ and just fill in the application form.


If you are an RV owner who uses your vehicle only for a small percentage of the time, or you are a prospective renter with no RV of your own, RVshare will offer you worldwide insight on the RV rental market and pair you up in no time.

Through this service, you will be able to define your specific needs and preferences and gather all of your options in one place, making it easier to come to the right decision.

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Very very bad experience with them was horrible and awful

September26, 2019

my experience with them was horrible and awful , I was the RV owner listed my new RV 2018 Joyco class A,

#1 renter is from June 21-24, 2019, returned back with lots damages and the LP Gas Empty and lots tolls charges from another states... and they let the renter have my RV without to sign the agreement, I find out after they left!, and I do texted and emailed of both RVshare and the renter 100s... and after returned my RV they give me the best review of my service !! when they come back the RVshare Closed my account and said I am no show up !! And they’re refunded the total charges to them! And I have call them 100 times to explain to them what and how happened!! But the RVshare never help me to get that part back and now I have to take that person to the court !

#2 renter is from July 5-8 2019, was normal only some extra charge for the laundry but the RVshare never help me to get that part back either after I did the completely checkout after returned! Do you Really want to use the RVshare to list your more $100k RV? and after returned my RV they give me the best review of my service !

#3 renter is July 19-20 2019, this is the worse person you want to deal with! When he frost concert to me saddle because he’s son’s turn to 8 years old birthday party and he told me because that day is Friday and he only wants for one night! And he said no one want to rent to him and he asked me if is okay! I feel bad because I am the mother of two boys too so totally understand how different to be A parents! And I loss the whole weekend rental income and hold that for him for one day rental! The day he booked my RV and he already knows have a pick up and Drop off Fees ! And I do tell him I will bill him after the return because he don’t pay when he book! I saw something not right at he’s face after I said that!! At two hours later he started paying games saids something wrong with my RV and I told him no way because my RV was new and I used before Drop off to him! And I do drive back to help him see what happens and I do not see anything wrong and I stay there For hours! At the midnight He texted me again and he told me problems again and again... after I pick up at the morning and I used the RV for myself and nothing wrong and nothing happened! I Drop off the RV shop and show them the video from the renter and ask them how that happened! after they check out everything and they said nothing wrong and only will happen is they put something close to the smoke detector and let the battery die that’s what is the look to them! The RVshare refund the total charges back to the renter and don’t want to listen to the RV owner at all... now I am taking this person to the court also...

#4 renter is from August 24-25 2019, this is from another Agency company I rent my RV to them after I has enough horrible and awful Experiences with the RV share... and they listed the RV at the RV share and the outdoorsy! This renter are good and everything done at the right way but the RVshare keeping the money saids you did this and you did that... I told them 1000s times what happens but no one listen and they are just do want they wants to stealing money from you and robbing you of!

Back to the #1 renter after they returned my RV and he’s wife wants to be friends with me and asked me can I rent it to her personally for the 4 of July for the fireworks at Jones beach and I said I don’t know because if the people booked at the RVshare then I can’t give it to you and I did told them if you want and you have to book early at the RVshare so you know you have the day you wants!
After someone booked from July 5-8 at the same day they call me and ask me if the weekend still available, I told them no because someone else just booked and they ask me what day is available and I told them 3-5, and I almost give my RV to them for nothing because I just want to take them back to pay for they’re first time damages and the tools that was the RVshares job to taken the 25% from the owners for nothing!!! I asked he to put down the security deposit And he wants me to sign the agreement and he said he’s used the RVshare the agreement from last time and just do some changes and I said that’s fine..
Unfortunately they come back with more damages and they don’t want to pay for the first time and the Second time .. and they make up the false to the RVshare for my personality and another company who’s renting my RV... now he got suits from me personally and business and got shits from the company and the company owner ..

Good luck to all of RV owners and the renters..
Wish you guys are luck not going to be like what I been to...
Very very bad experience with them was horrible and awful

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1 Review


June27, 2019

If you are a RV owner do not rent your RV out on RVShare. If something happens to your RV the insurance company they require the renter to use, National General is terrible and you will be sorry. I rented my brand new RV out and it sustained $42,000 in damages. After 2 years of legal battles I received $23,000. Beware!

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