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About Ruggies

Ruggies are a new "As Seen on TV" product which claims to keep rugs and mats in place, whether they are on top of hard flooring material or on carpeting, even while vacuuming.

How Does It Work?

Unlike other mat and rug grips that use suction cups or adhesive, Ruggies use a "tacky grip polymer with suction pockets" to adhere to any surface. All you have to do is place them under the corners of the rug and press down on the rug hard to get them to attach to the surface under the rug.

Since there is no adhesive or there will be no damage to the floors, and if the Ruggies begin to lose their grip, all you have to do is wash them and they'll be fully effective once again.

Cost/Price Plans

When you purchase a set of eight Ruggies for $10.00 plus the $9.95 cost of Processing and Handling, you will get a second set of eight Ruggies for free, as well as a "Mystery Gift" for a limited time. 

Refund Policy

Customers who have complaints or are unhappy with this product can return it within 30 days to the address marked on their packing invoice for a complete refund of the purchase price, less Processing and Handling.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions, issues, or complaints can contact their Customer Service by phone at 866-587-0984. They list no email address for contact, but there is a mailing address at P.O. Box 3179, Wallingford, CT 06494.


Unfortunately Ruggies have mixed reviews at best, and at worst they have a negative reputation among users for not really doing what they are supposed to. Many of the positive reviews say the instructions included with the product are not that clear, and that other users have shared better instructions which make the product more effective.

Is It Safe?

There do not seem to be any complaints about safety with regard to this product.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Many local home retailers will have alternative rug grippers and non-stick slip pads for rugs.
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