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Great Rugs especially if you have pets!
November 21, 2022
We have two older dogs and a cat. I bought these rugs because I could wash them. After paying a carpet cleaner (several times) to come out and clean my previous rugs because one of the dogs threw up and I couldn't get it clean with just spot cleaning, I needed a better solution! I found Ruggables. I purchased an 8x10' rug. I have several now... the dogs have thrown up on them, but I just wash them and they are ready to go again! NO stains, no expensive carpet cleaners! I read some of the reviews about the corners, I haven't had a problem with that. There is actually a pocket on the bottom of the rug at the corners to tuck the pad into so that they stay flush. I also have a runner that is 2.5x7' that I put outside for Halloween, it worked perfectly! I will be buying a plaid one for Christmas to put outside too! I love that I can wash them and they still brand new! I have had my Ruggagles for over a year and I continue to buy them! Highly recommend if you have pets, or just want clean rugs without paying someone to come to your home and "clean" them!!!!

never buy from this company
April 26, 2022

If i can give it no stars i would. I brought three long runners and an area rug. My thought was what a great concept I have two dogs and a toddler that run around my house. they arrived and I was extremely excited I placed them all down and that was where it all turn to the worst decision I ever made.

After about two days the sides and ends started to curl up. The dogs would trip the toddler fell over them a few times. I then tried to wash them thinking ok maybe they are to new but nope as soon as they were back down the same thing happen. I tried believe me a few times to either wash them put them closer to the ends of the Velcro mat but nothing would work.

It gets worse I pulled them all up and rolled them and put them away. I sent numerous emails to the customer care with please take pictures I indicated on several occasions that I pulled them all up because of the tripping hazard for a toddler and did not want her to get hurt. They said well you had them to long we cant refund you any money.

If they would have even said they would refund half of the money it would have been better than nothing. I know have four rugs that i can not use and cost me a pretty penny as you are all well aware. NEVER EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY STAY AWAY!!

edges curling up
December 28, 2019
I love the look but it can't be safely used d/t the corners curling up.

Worst Rug I've Owned
December 16, 2019
Within a few weeks, this rug began curling up at the corners. Now, a few months after purchase, both ends are completely curled. (There are only 2 people living in the house, and there are no pets or children. This rug is not getting super-high traffic!) Nothing but a tripping hazard.

October 11, 2019
I purchased 2 Ruggables last May - an 8 X 10 and a 5 X 3. I was a little disappointed by the lack of pile, however, they looked nice and I kept them. In August, the larger one started to curl on the edge which had the most traffic. I washed the rug and re-positioned it on the pad, and within a few days, it started to curl again in the same place. It has become a real tripping hazard. Recently, the 3 X 5 rug in my bedroom has started to curl on both ends, and it has very little traffic. I contacted Ruggables, they asked for photos which I sent. They apologized, and offered to replace the covers for no cost, except $40 for shipping or refund 25% of my purchase price. They did admit that curling was a problem and they really had no remedy for it.I settled for the partial refund since there is no guarantee the new ones won't also curl.

Not Impressed
August 1, 2019
My home was being remodeled when my $400 ruggable rugs arrived, so I went beyond the 30-day return period before I was able to put them down. The rugs are thin--no padding whatsoever. However, my biggest complaint is how they roll up at the edges, making them a trip hazard for my 83-year old mother, grandkids, and pets. They are hard to vac, also, even at the lowest setting on my vac--leaves wrinkles all in the rug that are impossible to smooth out. Finally, after washing two of the 4 rugs I ordered, the larger one was impossible to dry. I had to place it outside on my patio to dry and it took 3 days! It looked even worse after putting it back down on the floor. There are a lot of positive reviews on this rug--it's a great concept, but based on my experience, I cannot recommend it

SueChaney August 07, 2019

Did you purchase the rug without the pad?