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Ruggable was founded by Jeneva Bell.  Like many of us, Bell had the experience of getting an expensive rug.  An accident created by her dog left an odor on her pricey, new rug.

From then on, Bell was inspired to create a stylish-looking, washable rug. Bell partnered with industry experts and created the brand, Ruggable.

The Ruggable team developed a waterproof barrier in the rug cover so that liquids are unable to get into the non-slip rug pad. This technology allows stains and odors to stay on the surface, which can be easily washed away by using the washing machine.


For the woven covers, there are three layers. The first layer is 100% woven polyester top, then there is a 100% polyurethane internal barrier in the middle for waterproof, and lastly, there is a 100% polyester knit surface at the bottom. 


Regarding shag covers, they are made of a synthetic fiber called modacrylic. This material is naturally flame resistant and the product has met flame resistant testing standards.

For rug pad, their rug pads are made of recycled fiber; while the nonslip side of the rug pad is made of thermoplastic resin. If you have not heard of Thermoplastic Resin, you probably have, at least, seen them as a synthetic material for making yoga mats.

Using thermoplastic resin is a good way to protect the environment because almost zero waste is created during the manufacturing process.

Also, it has the patented “Cling Effect Technology” that makes it difficult to separate the rug cover and the rug pad.

When printing the rugs for Ruggable, water-based, non-toxic ink was used. All the beautiful designs on the rugs are created by textile designers based in New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and Turkey.

The print rugs from Ruggable is made and packaged in Los Angeles. Their products are made of sustainable materials from certified suppliers from Korea, Germany, Mexico, and China.

When choosing a supplier, Ruggable ensures that the suppliers met the ethical, environmental, safety and social standard. They also made visits to the factories from time to time to ensure the quality of their products.

How Does Ruggable Work?

When you received the products, simply unroll both cover and pad, then line them on top of one another.

Because of the patented technology, the underside of the cover and the top of the rug pad will stick together. It should take you about 10 minutes from unboxing to putting everything together.

To ensure you have a smooth assembly process, you may want to start by keeping the edges straight. After that, slowly line the cover-up starting from the short sides. Once you are able to keep the short side straight, press along the edges and let it cling.

Cost and Price Plans

Ruggable’s products have a large variety in order to match your needs.

Four different sizes are available for you to choose, such as 3”x5”, 2.5”x7”, 5”x7” and 8”x10”. A wide range of colors, ranging from neutral, warm color, cold color and multicolor are available.

Further, you can pick your favorite pattern for your rug. You can easily make your home chic by using the modern or geometric pattern, or you can match with the Spring weather with the floral pattern.

There are also different collections including the Moroccan, Coastal, Bohemian, Children and Shag. All products are ranging from $99 to $399.

If you sign up for their newsletter online, you will receive a 10% off for your first order.

Customer Service

In terms of return policy, you can return Ruggable’s products within 30 days of receiving your purchase order.

To start the process of product return, you can contact the Ruggable’s customer service at [email protected], or call them at 1-877-784-4225. After receiving an authorization from the customer service representative, you can request a FedEx shipping label and send your undamaged item back.

The shipping fee for return is free, but the shipping fee for the purchase will not be returned. Upon receiving the return items, it takes about 6 weeks to process your return.

Similarly, you can use the contact information mentioned above for a product exchange within 30 days of receiving the order.

It is important to note that if the item that you return is damage, Ruggable will charge you an additional 25% as damage fee.

Online Reviews/Complaints

There are many positive reviews for Ruggable.

Netizens claimed that this product is great. Not only does the rug look beautiful and elegant for a home, it still looks new after washing for a couple of times.

In terms of the patented “Cling Effect Technology”, many users said it works and the rug does not easily slide around in the house.

Competitors and Alternatives

Apart from Ruggable, there are many other companies that offer good-quality and beautiful rugs to decorate your home.

Many people might compare Ruggable with Wayfair. Similar to Ruggable, you can pick your rugs by color and patterns on Wayfair.

If you prefer soft, plush rugs, Wayfair also allows you to make your selection by feel. The price is ranging from $24 to $680, depending on your choice.

Another place to look for your dream rug is Lorena Canals, they sell washable rugs ranging from $18 to $435. Apart from being able to pick by size and shape, they offer a lot of different patterns to match with different occasions. For example, they have a series of rugs for back to school.

If you prefer a big believer in environmental protection, Hook & Loom may be a good match for you. You will be able to find affordable and beautiful hand-woven rugs made of eco-cotton in their stores.

Where to Buy?

If you are interested in making a purchase at Ruggable, you can place your online at


Ruggable offers affordable, stylish, washable rugs for your home. It has many happy customers who used their rugs to brighten their home. You can learn more about their products on their website at

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edges curling up
December 28, 2019
I love the look but it can't be safely used d/t the corners curling up.

Worst Rug I've Owned
December 16, 2019
Within a few weeks, this rug began curling up at the corners. Now, a few months after purchase, both ends are completely curled. (There are only 2 people living in the house, and there are no pets or children. This rug is not getting super-high traffic!) Nothing but a tripping hazard.

October 11, 2019
I purchased 2 Ruggables last May - an 8 X 10 and a 5 X 3. I was a little disappointed by the lack of pile, however, they looked nice and I kept them. In August, the larger one started to curl on the edge which had the most traffic. I washed the rug and re-positioned it on the pad, and within a few days, it started to curl again in the same place. It has become a real tripping hazard. Recently, the 3 X 5 rug in my bedroom has started to curl on both ends, and it has very little traffic. I contacted Ruggables, they asked for photos which I sent. They apologized, and offered to replace the covers for no cost, except $40 for shipping or refund 25% of my purchase price. They did admit that curling was a problem and they really had no remedy for it.I settled for the partial refund since there is no guarantee the new ones won't also curl.

Not Impressed
August 1, 2019
My home was being remodeled when my $400 ruggable rugs arrived, so I went beyond the 30-day return period before I was able to put them down. The rugs are thin--no padding whatsoever. However, my biggest complaint is how they roll up at the edges, making them a trip hazard for my 83-year old mother, grandkids, and pets. They are hard to vac, also, even at the lowest setting on my vac--leaves wrinkles all in the rug that are impossible to smooth out. Finally, after washing two of the 4 rugs I ordered, the larger one was impossible to dry. I had to place it outside on my patio to dry and it took 3 days! It looked even worse after putting it back down on the floor. There are a lot of positive reviews on this rug--it's a great concept, but based on my experience, I cannot recommend it

SueChaney August 07, 2019

Did you purchase the rug without the pad?