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Rug Doctor FlexClean all-in-one floor cleaner
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About Rug Doctor FlexClean all-in-one floor cleaner

Rug Doctor is an American company with a 43-year-long tradition. They produce vacuum cleaners which have all the features of deep-cleaning professional cleaners, and yet are significantly more affordable and compact – perfect for the average household.

Besides vacuum cleaners, this company produces cleaning fluids which are great at removing any type of stains and dirt, in combination with the vacuums.

The quality of their products has made them into a world-renowned name in cleaning over time, and their cleaners are available for rent throughout America. Additionally, they can be purchased at big retail chains like Amazon, Tesco, and Walmart.


One of the newer designs this company has developed is Rug Doctor Flexclean All-In-One Floor Cleaner. This cleaner is, reportedly, great at cleaning any surface with just two quick adjusting steps.

Its design allows it to clean anything, be it rugs, carpets, hardwood floors, laminate, tiles, or stone. More importantly, it is extremely flexible and easy to handle, so the whole process of cleaning is made significantly easier.

This appliance’s flexibility makes it a great substitute for those heavy vacuum cleaners. Instead of carrying and pulling along one of those heavy machinery pieces, you can effortlessly “drive” this device across any surface and feel no strain while you’re doing your chores.

Another advantage this cleaner has over other ones is the fact that you can use it any time and have your floors cleaned professionally each time – so it’s basically a combination of the best features of these other two alternatives.

Additionally, you’ll receive a sample bottle of Rug Doctor’s professional All-In-One Cleaning Solution, so you’ll have complete professional cleaning at your fingertips at significantly lower prices.

Also, they will include an upholstery tool which will enable you to clean those cleaner-inaccessible places easily and in detail.

How Does It Work?

There are two nozzles – one for rugs and carpets, the other for all hard flat surfaces, so only by changing the nozzle, and turning a knob to change the vacuuming mode, you’ll have a cleaner completely adjusted for any surface.

Moreover, there is a set of revolving brushes which are there to scrape the dirt off the surfaces. More importantly, these brushes are gentle enough at the same time, so they won’t damage the surfaces they are cleaning.

Another feature which contributes to more thorough cleaning is the suction power which could safely be characterized as one of the strongest on the market. As the cleaning fluid and the brushes remove the dirt and stains, this suction feature is there to pick up anything and everything that the cleaner has found.

Thus, you are left with clean and refreshed surfaces, with half of the effort you would have had to invest had you used any other cleaner.

Cost and Price Plans

Professional cleaning services are quite expensive, but with this product, you get a constant approach to professional cleaning. You also enjoy a price lower than only one professional cleaning service. This cleaner is on special offer and costs $299.99, all together with a gift and free shipping.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The customers who reviewed this product on online platforms seem truly satisfied with how it performs. Majority of them are pet owners who are saying that no other vacuum cleaner or mop can clean the dirt, mess, and hair their pets leave behind, while removing unpleasant smells at the same time.

Additionally, they say that its easy handling and maneuverability as one of the most useful features.

Some reports of dissatisfaction focus around the heaviness of a full waste tank, which older people might find a bit too difficult to pick up.

Also, some users seem to be discontent with Flexclean’s performance on rugs, while its performance on hard floors is adequate in their words.

Lastly, there are a few reports from customers who claim they had to go back and mop up water after cleaning their floors since there was residual water on the floors.

Competitors and Alternatives

Flexclean vs The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine – Although this alternative to Flexclean seems like an honestly good choice due to its thoroughness in cleaning, and time-saving both-directions vacuuming, it is still quite heavy and bulky, and costs significantly more than Rug Doctor’s product.

Flexclean vs Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe – Opposite to Bissell’s mentioned product, Hoover’s cleaner is lighter and significantly less expensive. And while the most of the other features seem to be pretty similar to Flexclean’s, the one where Rug Doctor does a better job is the volume of the tanks, so that you don’t have to change the fluids too often.

Flexclean vs Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet – Another among Bissell’s products, this cleaner has a lot to offer. Its suction power is amazing, and it also has a water heating option which makes stain removal even easier.

One more convenient feature is a separate spray nozzle for stain removal solution, so that you can decide where you want to use some extra cleaning power. These are just some of its upsides, and the list goes on, so, all in all, this is looks like the best alternative to Flexclean that you could choose.

Where to Buy?

Rug Doctor Flexclean All-In-One Floor Cleaner is available through a number of distributors, the main one being the manufacturer itself. This cleaner can be ordered online, through the product’s presentation page, or through the manufacturer’s website at

Additionally, you can buy it on Amazon, or, according to Rug Doctor’s website, in Tesco or Walmart stores.


If you consider all the features of this product, you’ll see that its performances and usefulness certainly justify the price some people might find a bit too high. The fact is that you get a professional cleaner on hand for the amount of money which cannot pay for cleaning services. All in all, it definitely pays off, especially if you have small children or pets. If you have both, a high-quality and high-performance vacuum cleaner like this one is a must.

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