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RueLaLa is an invitation only portal to a shopping experience like no other. This site is a great way to access special sales for current style trends and the most sought after brands in the world of fashion.

While clothing may be their main attraction they also have merchants that offer specials sales on travel, food, local services and much more. All of these sales are for RueLaLa members only. Membership to the program is free, but there is a catch; you must be invited by an existing member.

There is also a waiting list for individuals who want to join but have not been invited by another member. RueLaLa’s waiting list does not guarantee membership or a time frame in which you will be granted shopping privileges through their site.

Each day there are different sales offered by merchants. Each sale is only available for a short window of time, so if you want to get in on the deals for that particular sale, you must act quickly.

The benefits of RueLaLa not only apply to shoppers but they also extend to merchants who market through their site. It opens up opportunities for businesses to expand their clientele and reach a whole new market of consumers. As new members continue to join, they are constantly afforded a wealth of prospective shoppers.

The objective behind RueLaLa’s approach is to make the shopping experience both engaging and exciting for their members. They have made this possible through the establishment of interactive tools. RueLaLa has the ability to communicate to their members and they have also created platforms for their members to communicate with each other.

Members can request email and text alerts for upcoming sales and events based on their preferences. Chat rooms, forums and bulletin boards allow everyone in the community talk about their experiences, make recommendations, and submit questions for others to reply to.

Other promotions for members include rewards that are given to those who buy items that qualify for a reward and for those who invite others to join the program. These rewards can be used for future purchases made through their site.

Even though members receive exciting deals, they lack the instant gratification of receiving the items in a timely manner. Free shipping is given on returns and you may choose to apply the credit for the return to your original method of payment or you may request a merchandise credit.

Some of the issues members experienced have been mainly in regards to the quality of the products and size misrepresentation. Other customers have noted that they received the wrong items. 

Any shopper who knows product brands and reputations of the merchants who offer sales are more apt to have better luck purchasing through their site. Experienced shoppers know that if they see an item they must act quickly so another member doesn’t get it. Know what you are buying and make sure you are truly getting a good deal, there are other websites and other online sources that may have what you want at an even better price.

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