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Rosetta Stone was introduced in 1992 by a company called Fairfield Language Technologies.  This language-learning program continues to draw in consumers and has been successful since the time it was released.  It has now become a publicly traded company.

As the program continues to progress, developers have kept its original core value built upon providing an effective program that makes learning a new language simple and fun.  Rosetta stone is now available in over 30 languages.  The term “Rosetta Stone” is the name of an Egyptian artifact.  This artifact helped linguists uncover the secret to reading hieroglyphics.

Rosetta Stone is different from the other language learning programs on the market because it utilizes a natural method focused directly on the language.  This technique is unlike others, using translations and extensive vocabulary lists.  Rosetta Stone has continued to increase the number of products they offer.  While bringing new products into the market, they are also working to improve their existing programs, integrating the latest technologies available.

Rosetta Stone is an interactive program on CD-ROM used in conjunction with an audio companion device.  The audio companion is a headset with a microphone attached to it and can be used with a CD or MP3 files.  This technology makes it easy to learn on the go, from anywhere, at anytime.  

Rosetta Stone is not only sold online but it is also available in malls, airports, bookstores and even in kiosks.  There a number of different packages to choose from, some of them contain one level and others include multiple levels.  Deciding on which package is best for you, will depend on your skill level and your needs.

If you are a beginner interested solely on a basic understanding of a language, you probably want a single-level package; these can range from $150-$250.  If you already understand the basics of a particular language, but want to learn more, you may want to buy an advanced single-level package.  These levels also cost anywhere from $150 to $250.

For anyone interested in learning a new language, with the intention to learn beyond the basics, it is cost-effective to purchase a full-value package with multiple levels.  A 3-level package can range from $200 to $300, while a 5-level package can range from $400 to $500.

With years of success, Rosetta Stone’s popularity continues to grow, that in itself speaks volumes about the program.  It has apparently been an effective language-learning program and more importantly an overall enjoyable learning experience.

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M. Edwards

Decent product - Over Priced - SEVERELY RESTRICTED

September27, 2012

Rosetta Stone uses audio with visual to teach words then sentences and phrases in the languages that are offered.

Language courses are divided into 5 levels. You can purchase the first level by itself for $179.00 or purchase different packages priced between $299.00 for levels 1 & 2 up to $749.00 for levels 1-5.

Online access to lessons will cost an additional $299.00 for 12 months.

This adds up to a whopping $1,048.00 **plus tax & shipping** for a combination of package with levels1-5 & internet access. That is the best pricing for all 5 levels!!!

If each level is purchased separately the price tag jumps to $1,194.00 plus tax & shipping.

Any sales are usually offered before the next version is released so any savings are traded for getting the older version of the product. This way the company never gives consumers a truly great buy.

The ugly/dirty secret that the company does not disclose to those who buy this language program is that you are only able to install the program on one device. So if you have a PC and laptop or tablet you can forget about installing it on 2 devices as with many other programs. The program product key must be deactivated and any additional installations must obtain new activation key or the program will not function ( it is locked/encrypted so it will not function without the product key).

Although you pay a premium price, you are severely restricted with the product you purchased. The severe limitations for installation are an insult. Such a restriction policy is not about preventing any piracy is clearly a tactic for double & triple charging for product key codes/licensing. So that shows the company position is that they didn't get enough from you to start with & their clear objective is to keep you paying as many additional charges as possible.

Wow, that shows contempt for the buyer. The Buyer keeps the Company in business but this company shows it doesn't care. Pay pay pay or go away is the clear message.

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Billy S
February 28, 2013

Single-seat software licenses aren't that uncommon. Your complaint seems groundless to many computers were you planning on installing your single copy on, anyway? How do you know it's *not* about preventing piracy? The point is how well it teaches the language...rants about the "insult" of not being able to install it on as many computes as you like are irrelevant.

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