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About Rootology Breathe Free

When it’s tough for you to breathe, it’s hard to enjoy life. Unfortunately, the air we breathe is filled with more irritants than ever before. From wildfire smoke to pet dander, there are so many things in the air that can affect the way you breathe and function.

However, if you’re trying to live a more wholesome, natural life, it can be difficult - if not impossible - to find a product with no drug interactions or harmful chemicals.

Enter Rootology. These pills are designed to provide sinus relief and help you breathe easier - without all the unwanted side effects.

What Is It?

With 13 powerful herbal extracts to provide natural, non-drowsy, and fast-acting sinus and nasal support, Rootology is a smart choice for people who are looking for treatment for allergies and other problems without taking a ton of harmful chemicals.

Packed with natural ingredients, this supplement can help improve your body’s reactions against dust, dander, pollen, million, pollution - even irritation from chemicals and wildfires. It includes natural ingredients like magnolia flower, forsythia fruit, platycodon root, angelica root, cinnamon twig, schizonepeta stem, and more.

These ingredients work in harmony to combat common nasal symptoms like itchy eyes and nose, the accumulation of phlegm, and sore throat. The supplement can even help to support your overall kidney, immune, and lung functioning.

It’s safe for children over the age of 12, too. All you need to do is take two capsules as needed to support your sinus, nasal, and ocular health. You can double the dosage for additional support, repeating every six to eight hours.

Cost and Price Plans

When you buy, you will have a choice of two different products. The first is the Rootology Breathe Free Bottle. This one comes with thirteen powerful herbal extracts, all packed into a single 40-capsule bottle. It comes with free shipping and can help relieve all kinds of nasal and sinus symptoms. This bottle costs $16.99.

You can also buy the Breathe Free 120 Capsules Bottle. This has three times the doses as the other choice, but otherwise contains the same active ingredients and can be used in the exact same way - there is simply a cost savings since you are buying in bulk. It costs $47.99. Shipping is still free.

Is Rootology Safe?

For most people, this is considered completely safe. Although the product is not yet backed by the Food and Drug Administration, as it is an herbal supplement, there are hundreds of customer reviews citing few - if any - side effects.

That being said, it is not recommended that you use Rootology if you are breastfeeding or pregnant unless you have talked to your doctor. It’s unclear how the supplement might interact with your body during one of these more sensitive times.

The company claims there aren’t any known drug interactions when using their product with other medications, but it’s recommended that you check with your physician just in case.

Competitors and Alternatives

When you’re suffering from sinus and nasal symptoms, you don’t have to rely on over-the-counter medications. There are plenty of other natural choices out there. For years, many customers have relied on alternatives to Rootology like Breathe Right Nasal Strips and Ridgecrest.

Breathe Right strips are tried-and-true classics that are drug-free and designed to open your nose. They can help you breathe better and reduce snoring while also relieving nasal congestion. A great method to help you sleep through the night, Breathe Right strips, unfortunately, aren’t really designed for daytime wear.

Ridgecrest is a similar supplement. The SinusClear formulation contains unique natural ingredients that can support nasal and sinus health, including stinging nettle, mullein, eucalyptus leaf extract, bromelain, and rooibos leaf. These ingredients can help support your body’s positive inflammatory reaction and to limit inflammation. Capsules are sold in bottles of 60, so while the overall cost is slightly higher than that of Rootology, it ends up being roughly the same price per dosage.

Does Rootology Really Work?

Customers report few side effects when using this supplement. It’s possible that your body can react in a unique or undesirable way, since there are so many herbs in this and each person’s body reacts differently.

There are thousands of positive reviews on the company’s website as well as on Amazon. Reviewers claim that they, “would give 5 stars if they could have a version that could last for 24 hours” and “within an hour of taking the first dose, I was no longer congested.”

Complaints regarding the product are rare, but as with any product, still present. Some reviewers claim that they didn’t see any change while other negative reviews say that they wished the dosing lasted longer.

Customer Service

Questions about the ingredients in Rootology, or about your order? To contact the customer service team, all you need to do is email [email protected] You can also follow the company’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. In fact, if you like them on Facebook, you can score a free sample!

The company admits on its website that phone is not the best method of contacting them. However, you can leave a message at (347) 560-4770 if you prefer this method of contact versus email.

Where to Buy?

The product is available in select stores, like Walmart and Walgreens, but can also be shipped for free to your door when you buy directly from the online shop. It can also be purchased from Amazon.

Is Rootology Right for Me?

The herbs used in this formula have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and herbology. They are potent and effective, but unfortunately, most American health markets have yet to catch up with their effects.

Rootology is safe for just about anyone to use. It’s a smart choice if you are suffering from nasal or sinus irritation but don’t want to spend a ton of money on surgery or other costly medical treatments. With a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, what do you have to lose? Give it a try.

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