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About Root Car Insurance

Root Car Insurance is a company that provides car insurance services to its customers. It believes that to reduce accidents, you need to drive well and in turn, if you drive well, then you should pay less for your car insurance. They work towards restoring fairness to the insurance industry one policy at a time.


Root Car Insurance has lots of car insurance policies, coverages, and claims that you can benefit from while saving you money via their app.


Root Car Insurance offers many different car insurance options from Comprehensive to Uninsured Motorist Property Damage among others. If you are asking, is root car insurance full coverage? Well, it is. Their full coverage consists of Liability, Collision, and Comprehensive coverages. 


Bodily Injury

The bodily injury coverage is required by the law and it covers injuries to others when you cause an accident. It caters for the medical and funeral expenses and lost wages for other people in case you cause an accident. But, it does not cover you or your passengers.

Property Damage

The property damage coverage covers the cost of damages made either to other vehicles or property when you cause an accident.

Non-liability coverage

Medical Payments

Medical payments mostly cover injuries to you or your passengers. They do not limit who causes the accident, whether it’s by riding a bike, public transportation or while riding with friends as long as you have been hurt in an accident. The cover is important since not every health insurance plan covers auto accidents.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection coverage covers medical expenses and lost wages for you and your passengers. It does not matter the cause of the accident. The coverage is a good option for anyone since not all states offer medical payments. Some offer only personal injury protection while a few offer both.

Roadside Assistance

Sometimes vehicles fail while driving and this is where roadside assistance comes to the rescue. You can easily get a tow truck, a jump start or find a way to access your keys in case you lock your keys in the car. The cover enables you to get back on the road.


Collision is a non-liability coverage that covers damage to your vehicle when you cause an accident. It caters for repairs to your car or for a replacement vehicle saving you from using your own money. It also covers any damage to your vehicle in case you are hit by someone without insurance or are involved in a hit and run.


The comprehensive coverage covers damages to your vehicle caused by other causes other than an accident. These can be natural disasters such as storms, hails or if your car is stolen. It will also cater for repairs or for a replacement vehicle.

Both collision and comprehensive coverage costs depend on your vehicle. They are good options for those financing or leasing their vehicles, although a new or expensive car might cost different from an old one.

How Does It Work?

Once you are ready to take the Root test drive, you have to download the Root Car Insurance App. There are no agents, phone calls or hassle involved and you can start in less than a minute. Take a test drive using your iPhone or Android phone to measure your driving behavior.

Having completed this, you will then receive your policy after choosing a recommended plan or creating your own. The policy depends on your preference. You will then have to pay for your policy through the App.

They operate in many States such as Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, among others. Check out their availability map to see if your state is among them.

Cost and Price Plans

They have plans where you can either pay monthly or every 6 months. You can change your payment frequency depending on your preference, but it will not go into effect until your 6-month renewal.

For the monthly plan, they will process your first payment on the date you purchase the policy, even if your insurance will start at a later date. They will then automatically process your second payment for about one month after your policy start date, using the payment method in your profile.

Afterward, there is a deductible amount each month, using the payment method in your profile.

For the full term plan which is 6 months, you will make a one-time payment when you purchase your policy, even if the policy starts at a later date. They will then automatically process your payment again at your 6-month renewal, using the payment method in your profile.

They are purely legit so try their Root Test Drive to see how they use the car insurance app to determine your good driving discounts.

Customer Service

For roadside assistance call you can call them at 1 855 982 1720 or email photos of receipts to [email protected] Get in touch with their customer service with other queries at [email protected]

Claims phone support is available 24/7 at 1 866 903 7243 for glass claims, and 1 866 903 8451 for other claims. You can also call their customer service to cancel your current policy. Refunds are also available for unused premiums.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many customers are happy about the services offered. They reported having saved up a lot of money on their car insurance policy as well as improved their insurance coverage due to the cheap rate and average price which was good even for high-risk drivers such as teens.

Competitors and Alternatives

Receive similar experiences from other insurance providers like Auto insurance, State Farm and Geico. When comparing Root Car vs. usaa and Geico vs. state farm, they all provide everything you need to manage your insurance.

Where to Buy?

Buy the Root Car insurance plans via their app through the official Root Car Insurance website. After the test drive, receive a quote and full control over your insurance coverage at fair rates.


Everyone wants a service whose availability is high, especially when it concerns their safety. If you are asking does root car insurance work? Try their test drive and see. Taking a test drive with Root ensures your safety as well as the safety of the vehicle and other road users.

After your Root test drive is over, you’ll get a car insurance quote based primarily on how you drive. But, they are very keen on road safety and safe driving and might not offer you a quote even if you received a high test drive score. This is because they take into account so many other factors before doing so.

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Trash Insurance
September 17, 2020

Got rear ended by a woman with a Root Ins card. Of course Root is denying the claim saying the woman’s insurance didn’t go into effect until later that same day even though they provided her an insurance card. Turns out the driver was driving with a suspended license. So, I am pursuing this legally out of my own pocket.

Horrible Insurance

Worse car insurance to deal with EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
May 22, 2020
Know that they low ball your car, in our case by $2900. Now I am forced to get an attorney. I'm not their client, I'm the victim of being rear ended. So how does this affect you? In all likelihood I will have to sue the kid that hit us that has Root Insurance. So imagine the stress of admitting your at fault, could have been a quick easy resolution, but now because you bought cheap insurance, your going to be sued.And this doesn't even include my injuries!

Rick S September 17, 2020

I was also rear ended by a person with a Root Ins. card. Of course Root is claiming the coverage had not gone into effect even though the insurance card was dated the same day the accident happened. As it turns out the driver was driving with a suspended drivers license so we are having to pursue this with an attorney with our money.

Root sucks

Utterly useless insurance
March 5, 2020
I was sent and charged for somebody else's insurance. After numerous emails to Root, I was informed that would need to make the corrections or ask my bank for a refund. I assume I'd receive the same pathetic response if I submitted a claim.

M. W December 15, 2020

No doubt! They did the same thing to us. They also had said if you reduced your driving due to the Covid they would be giving a discount. NOPE! They raised it, I cancelled and went to Allstate at a lesser rate and then a month later Root pulled hundreds out of my account.

JB l July 24, 2020

beware ! Root Reps made deal with me on payment due to loss of income per covid 19 furlough on job,after I told several of they're Reps I couldnt afford to renew and stopping auto draft,,they pulled large payment from my bank acct,for full amount of renewal without my consent !!!! for the full renewal amount putting my bank acct in an overdrawn state and incurring NSF fees !!!!

People need human contact
February 14, 2020

It is easy to sign up and download the app to get a lower rate by testing your driving skill. I enjoy working on my driving and getting a daily review.

However, it is difficult to get specific, detailed questions answered by a human. It is frustrating that all advice is just stock answers with generalities and human contact is difficult.

It is like self check out at the store. I don't think I'm going to like it long term but I can always switch insurance if it doesn't work out.

It has potential but has a lot of flaws to work out. I like that there is no age discrimination and they are not so interested in previous record (a little but not solely). If you are a good driver, you are a good driver...period. Great concept in theory. Lets see if it works in real life.

Willing to experiment and crossing my fingers.

M. W December 15, 2020

RUN! And then monitor your bank account for a couple months. All I can say is beware and make sure you document everything in writing! They charged my card for an additional 6 months even though I had cancelled a month earlier. If you have to call them, advise them that the call is being recorded and record it!

root car insurance
January 29, 2020
customer service sucks/needs phone service

M. W December 15, 2020

Make sure you record that call! Or that you can prove you made the call. With this group, make sure you document every little thing. At least with email you have a record of who, what, when and where. After a year with them, I do NOT trust them anymore and have moved on to better things for less money.

Mary February 14, 2020

Agree. Tough and time consumeing to get a person to talk to.

Mary February 14, 2020

Agree. Root give no hand holding or quick advice. It is for people who never call or need insurance. If you have to file a claim, it is a problem. Everything is computerized and digital. Impersonal and unsympathetic I think. Red tape for simple things.

Terrible claim service
December 20, 2019

I was rear-ended while sitting at a red light. Their insured was responsible for all damages. The adjusters do not communicate well. I've had 3 different adjusters so far. No one answers their phone and they're making excuses as to why they won't repair my vehicle. They initially, with the first adjuster, said my car was repairable. He sent an email saying the check was in the mail. The very next day, I get an email stating my car is totalled by a new adjuster. 3 days of dealing with adjuster #2, she's on vacation. She never told us anything about a new adjuster handling our case. Now we've gotten them a quote a lot less than theirs to repair our car and now, I'm hearing nothing from adjuster #3. We've been waiting 3 hours to hear from a supervisor. It's been a solid month and I'm no further along than the day of the wreck. Root is stalling my repair and I can't work. Where's the justice?

Tom p May 22, 2020

Same here, they low balled replacement for my car by $2900. Lot of others have said the same online. Worse insurance company I have ever dealt with!

too me this is a scam
November 14, 2019
it gave a quote higher than what I am paying and they say that it will be 50% less then what you pay now my score was 10/10 which should of been a low quote instead they wanted to charge $356 a month when I am only paying $221 a month

Low payments at first
August 28, 2019
My first quote was $64 so I added a second which took it up to $119 after a few months I get an email today saying my insurance goes up in October to $200 a month wow that’s nearly a 50% increase for someone who drives 2 miles a day to work and a few miles to the grocery I usually drive 20 miles a week and most of that is after 10pm cause I work nights but with the app they can see that and still Somehow They can justify a 50% increase I think this is a little unreasonable And I’ve never had any other insurance company do this to me ever either way they’re making money they lure you in with low price and then stab you in the back just to make money maybe they don’t want long-term customers P. S. I’ve never been in a wreck thank you

Tom p May 22, 2020

Same here, they low balled replacement for my car by $2900. Lot of others have said the same online. Worse insurance company I have ever dealt with!

Terrible claims service
July 4, 2019
We filed a claim against a Root covered driver who rear ended our Suburu on an icy road. Our car was totaled. It was pretty clear that the Root driver was 100% at fault. Root continuously dragged their feet, delayed each communication, and generally was a a pain to deal with. The agent would take a week to return phone call. Because they took so long to actually process the claim, we had to rent a car for3 weeks of the 6weeks it took for them to settle. Root eventually paid our claim to a reasonable amount, but the pain of dealing with a 'internet' company abosolutly paled in comparison to when we delt with Geico for the same type of claim.

Justice P May 19, 2020

Don't....I just filed a claim and the adjuster started working on it at 2:35 AM. They have been in constant communication and have been nothing but professional so far.

Mary February 14, 2020

This is what I fear. I just started Root and have a feeling I will be screwed if I ever have to file a claim.