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Roof Maxx is a company marketing a roof shingles restoration product in the form of a penetrating plant based bio-oil intended to replace the natural oils found in asphalt roof shingles that degrade over time.

How Does Roof Maxx Work?

The founders of the company have a long history working in the roofing industry and utilized their expertise to create a plant-based oil made up of all-natural and food based ingredients to spare customers the expense of roof replacement.

The process is simple – Roof Maxx will match you up with one of their dealers who will perform a roof inspection on your home and schedule an appointment for the application.

On the day of your appointment, they will arrive at your address and apply the roof rejuvenation spray treatment which will take up to a few hours to complete. Once the treatment has been applied, your roof will be good to go for five years.

They claim that their product is safe to use and a good option for both commercial and residential properties. They even claim that using their product could positively impact your home insurance coverage.

If you are interested in learning about how to join Roof Maxx as a dealer, they have a ton of information on their website about franchise opportunities.

Becoming a dealer allows you to be your own boss without paying monthly royalty fees or a monthly franchise cost- you simply need to pay an up-front investment, be passionate about the product, and have a vehicle that can transport Roof Maxx and its equipment.

Cost and Price Plans

The company's pricing structure varies depending on the size and condition of your roof. As such, to get an accurate quote about how much your specific project will cost, you will need to contact a Roof Maxx dealer or fill out a form on their website.

However, they state that the cost of a treatment usually comes in between 15%-20% of the cost of an entire roof replacement.

They note that if a 1500 square foot roof costs $8,000 to fully replace, the Roof Maxx service price for this same roof would be somewhere in the $1200-$2,000 range.

The actual cost of a roofing project will be dependent on the cost per square foot of labor and materials, so these numbers are used as a simple example.

Customer Service

If you have any questions you can call them at 1-855-RoofMaxx or reach out via e-mail at [email protected]

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

The company offers plenty of customer reviews on their Facebook page – most reviews are overwhelmingly positive.  Customers mention the great service and dedicated staff who care about the environment.

It's worth noting that while there are some negative reviews of Roof Maxx, they are few and far between.  The company earns an A+ rating from the BBB.

If you're looking for more business reviews of Roof Maxx, you can find some on the Testimonials page of their website.  Additionally, if you're looking to see what dealers have to say, you can check out franchise reviews on the dealer website. 

Roof Maxx Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for ways to rejuvenate your roof without having to perform an entire roof replacement, you might want to consider the below alternatives to Roof Maxx.

One popular alternative, for example, is Greener Shingles, a company that claims to save customers up to 85% of the cost of replacing a roof. Like Roof Maxx, Greener Shingles is an environmentally safe treatment that reduces the effects of aging on asphalt shingles and rejuvenates old roofs.

Greener Shingles has some great Before and After pictures and videos on their website so that you can see their product in action.  While customer reviews of Greener Shingles are not widely available, they do have some satisfied customers who provide testimonial videos on their Facebook page.

Another option is Gaco Roof, a product that seals and repairs roofs to help you avoid a complete roof replacement. Gaco Roof claims to permanently protect against leaks and is available in a variety of colors.  You can purchase Gaco Roof on Amazon for $275.29.

Amazon customers seem to be satisfied with the product.  They praise it for doing a good job of sealing, and being a good product overall.  Of course, there are pros and cons to everything, and Gaco Roof does have some complaints from Amazon customers who claim that the product didn’t work well and that the coating bubbled up in locations.

Finally, you might consider using Rubberseal Waterproofing and Protective Coating for your roof.  This product is intended to lengthen the lifespan of roofs and resist water damage and leaks.  You can purchase it from Amazon for $284.99. Amazon customers give it a 4.6/5-star rating.

Is Roof Maxx Worth It?

Based on the many positive Roof Maxx reviews, we are confident in our conclusion that Roof Maxx is legitimate.

If you're looking to save time and money on a roof replacement project in an environmentally conscious way, this is potentially a great solution.

If you have any experience with Roof Maxx or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Roof Maxx Customer Reviews

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I was taken by Roof Max
January 5, 2023
I dealt with Roof Max in September of 2022. The salesman Tony- VP of the company told me that the roof needs to be no more than 7-10 years old or the treatment is not effective. Because of the weather he did not do an inspection but Promised that the installer would do it and Would Not do the treatment if the roof was not new enough. I have since learned that my roof is 23 years old and has no life left. I am now faced with the cost of a new roof after paying roof max 30% of the cost of a new roof. I feel like I have been taken and will work to let others know and seek legal help.

November 22, 2022

Saw lots of You Tube vids and testimonials. As someone who knows roofs moderately well, I am pretty amazed by what I have seen. Definitely changes the shingles from brittle to pliable, like a new shingle.

Also brings back the dark rich color, which shows that it’s got moisture back. I would say the color is a big indicator as to how long it works.

Hard to doubt the l actual technical scientific studies that shows it works. I almost want a hail or wind storm to see just how well (not really, I’ll just trust the testimonials;).

Deadbeat contractor
October 19, 2022

Not sure how good the product is but contractor backing up the product is terrible. The contractor in Lincoln, Nebraska Jeremey Schafer will not return my calls. Trying to transfer warranty over to the buyer of my home and he will not return my realtors phone call either. Very bad customer service!

Professionals Inspector Proof, It Works
September 24, 2022
Inspector says roof went from, “brittle and old and needs replacement soon”, to “Wow. It’s almost like a new roof”. Difference in look and weight and durability.

Roof Maxx
May 28, 2022

I have found that these folks are legit and if and when I do have any concerns - Troy MacDonald has come out and addressed those issues. Thank you Roof Maxx for helping me have more roof life with a guarantee.

JohnB August 20, 2022

I used a company called roof repair specialist run by Andre Afsharian located in Burbank California at 1061 N. Victory Pl., Burbank 91502 Mr. Afsharian would not come out and reinspect the roof when I complained the roof Maxx did not relax all the shingles I got in a big fight with him and he told me he would knock $850 off the price which was $2000 for 1100 square-foot house and a 400 square-foot garage I don’t like the service I get from him and he would not come out and look at the job there’s parts of my roof that have not been relaxed a lot of parts of my roof I would not recommend this product I talked to Roof Maxx They told me they can’t do anything about it it’s between me and the contractor beware if you use this product applied by roof repair specialist you may not get the service you want if you’re not happy with the job

Bad odor
April 15, 2022
Chemical applied over a week ago…it’s rained several times but on days when we have sunshine we have the odor. Salesperson keeps telling me it’s orderless but has not come out to check.

JonBodnar May 28, 2022

I too had an odor but it quickly subsided - I found when I called my dealer, we came out within a week to address my concerns. All is well and I am glad I used Roof Maxx!

DanThe Real Man September 24, 2022

Had my roof treated with Roof Maxx. No odor at all.

FloydBurkett November 22, 2022

No odor from mine either. All their stuff says that it’s all-natural and not a chemical, so perhaps you had something else done?

Ghosted Again
December 13, 2021

I originally requested for RoofMaxx to come out on 21 Nov 21. After another email a person finally came out on 9 Dec 21. After telling RoofMaxx on 9 Dec 21 I wanted the work done, I have been ghosted again. Is this company for real, is this how they want to conduct business?

Cs March 15, 2022

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY…they did our roof and 4 months later several shingles fell off…contacted Tom and he claims his job was perfect after I caught him in so many lies. Don’t use

Lynn June 08, 2022

Thanks, I "suspected" it was a Gimmick from the 1st tv ad I saw. I have had leaky roofs in my 80 years

GaryZahlen August 21, 2022

I used a similar product in FL after one of the hurricanes came through and it worked fantastic. I was able to do the whole job for about $2,000. My neighbor, a roofing contractor, gave me a price of about 35,000. I used one of his guys on two weekends to fix some leaks caused by the hurricane and did the application with a sprayer myself. Sweet deal for me. I used the money to put in a new kitchen and upgrade my cabinets. Most people do not do their research and get hosed. Fortunately, that is not in my DNA.

DanThe Real Man September 24, 2022

Shingles “fell off”. Sounds like whoever installed the roof did a pro job, Nothing about an application has anything to do with securing shingles.. Its like saying, “the guy came out and stained and sealed my deck, then four months later, my railing fell off. See, the stain and sealant didn’t work!

DanThe Real Man September 24, 2022

Sorry Cs, don’t mean to be sarcastic, I just think you are not understanding fully. Shingles are nailed on by an installer and typically only “fly off” of they were installed poorly or have had damage (torn) or disintegrated with age.

Adding oils can help extend life, but sometimes shingles are so old and damaged, or poorly installed, and the wind hits it just right and is too strong. How old is your roof.