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About is an online retailer who has been in the fashion business for quite some time - since 2010 to be precise. Only a year after, their website has gone international.

Then in 2012, this Chinese company started spreading its business globally, entering the Europe market starting with France. 2013 has seen the opening of the US branch office and since then, things have only been looking up for the company.

Their primary concerns are the quality of their items and the reliability of their customer support. The aim of providing the clients with first-rate products is achieved by both designing and sourcing clothing and home products made out of the finest materials.

Shipping online-ordered fashion as well as home and living items from warehouses situated in a number of locations across the world is how they manage to provide excellent service to fashionistas wherever they are.


There are a few sections on the Romwe website, covering different types of clothing items. Additionally, there is one separate for each of the following categories: accessories, jewelry, shoes and bags and home and living.

The clothes’ fall-down menu covers anything from winter fashion, including coats, sweaters and warm hoodies, to summer wear such as floral cotton dresses and swimsuits.

When it comes to dresses, there are plenty of models and styles for any and every occasion – from elegant to everyday casual ones. Accessories include phone cases, sunglasses, hats and the like as well as make up.

Jewelry, on the other hand, has its own separate section, just like shoes and bags do. Backpacks are a part of the bags offer, so there is a choice of bags for any style you might prefer.

However, their assortment of shoes is somewhat narrowed down – there is plenty of sneakers, sandals and flats, with only a few boots and stiletto models.

On top of that, the Home and Living section is quite diverse, offering anything from stationary and home decor, to dining and kitchen tools as well as bathroom and bedroom items.

One of the great user-friendly features is the range of sizes and the item’s description. That is to say, the majority of items come in all sizes - from S through XL.

In addition, each piece has a detailed description of its dimensions in centimeters, which is visible when you hover your mouse over the desired size.

Cost and Price Plans

The prices of most of the items seem truly reasonable. In fact, many of these items are less than $50. There is some kind of sale at all times too, so if you are looking for a true bargain, you will surely find it at Romwe.

On top of that, you won’t have to look so hard, since the website’s homepage immediately offers different categories, including links to currently discounted items.

Customer Service

It is not unlikely that you might realize that the item you purchased actually doesn’t suit you, fit you, or you simply don’t find it right for you. In this case, the company will accept the item’s return if the piece has not been worn and washed yet.

Also, the return policy covers all cases of damaged goods. Once you’ve checked the possibility of return with the customer service, you can send the item back.

However, beware – the return address is not the same as the one that your package has been sent from, so make sure you follow the instructions the customer support operator gives you.

Refunds are made after the return has been arranged and, if you don’t request it otherwise, it will be sent to your Romwe wallet. This money is then available for any other purchase through the site.

When it comes to the company’s exchange policy, they state that exchanges are still not enabled. If you have any questions, requests, or worries, you can contact their customer support center through their phone number at 626-330-7707.

You can also reach out via email at [email protected], or through their website’s contact page at

Online Reviews/Complaints

When you see how affordable the prices are, you might wonder “is a legit site?” Well, the online reviews are quite good and the website ratings are average or above average.

Many customers report that their purchase through Romwe was quite a pleasant experience, so it may tell you something about their reliability. The positive features of the items, according to satisfied buyers, are their price and trendy style.

On the other hand, there are some reports of poor quality pieces and unresponsiveness of the customer service, so it might make you wonder how safe it is to buy anything from them.

However, majority of negative forum remarks have been answered by the company’s support team, so this should immediately dismiss any doubts regarding their trustworthiness.

Competitors and Alternatives

One of the most prominent competitors is the Zara online store, whose huge plus is its world-famous brand. However, their clothing website doesn’t offer their home and living pieces, so you don’t have everything in one place as you do with Romwe.

More importantly, it is significantly more expensive than Romwe. Another alternative is Sesura, which offers quite fashionable and good-looking items. However, although it is cheaper than Zara, its prices are still quite higher than Romwe’s.

UrbanOG is another competitor to Romwe which, although pricier than Romwe itself, is still the cheapest of the alternatives. Additionally, their offer of shoes of all types and styles is truly tempting.

Where to Buy?

All the items can be ordered online through the Romwe website at


If you are slowly growing tired of your usual clothes shopping sources, the Internet is the next place to explore. It offers a plethora of online fashion retailers and among them, a young but developed and reliable Romwe.

This website is not only great for those who keep up with the latest fashion trends, but it also works great for those who like to go buy cheaper items instead of the mainstream retailers and manufacturers.

The reviews are favorable as well when it comes to the company’s service. All in all, it’s safe to say that the next big retailer of affordable and trendy clothing is here.

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