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As more surgical procedures gain popularity to combat obesity, other developments have also entered the market, offering a less expensive and safer alternative to surgery. RocaLabs a neurticeutical firm, created an ingestible powder formula that mimics the effect of what is accomplished through a gastric bypass. The company’s goal is to provide an alternative to other surgical procedures as well, including lap band, liposuction, gastroplasty, and bariatric surgery.
When mixed with water, this powder formula, composed of Xanthan gum, Beta-Glucan and Guar Gum, transforms into a gel like substance. After ingested, it fills your stomach leaving 20% of its normal capacity for food. This means you will feel fuller sooner and eat less during meals. 
To keep day snacking at bay, continue to drink water throughout the day, this will extend the formula’s effects for up to 12 hours. Because of the decrease in calorie consumption, weight loss occurs almost instantaneously. Users typically average a weight loss of 12-16lbs per month and stomach shrinkage is noticeable approximately 4 months into the regimen.
A four month supply of their product costs $480.00 and is not returnable, nor refundable. There are different packages available that vary in strength. The stronger potency levels equates to quicker weight loss. Inside each package you will receive the fibrous powder formula, the anti-cravings formula and the activator. 
Resources are available on their site for further information regarding diet, exercise, meal planning and so forth. There is also a live chat feature to obtain helpful advice from members of their staff. 
Online reviews were impressively positive; this however may be due to the terms agreed upon when purchasing their products. Anyone who is found posting unfavorable feedback and negative reviews online is open to legal action; lawsuits have been filed by them in order to protect their reputation.
Always consult a physician prior to using this product or any other product to prevent ingesting something that could possibly have negative side effects. Using this product can affect the absorption of prescription medications and essential minerals and vitamins from food that your body needs to stay healthy. 
Some side effects experienced by users included mild dehydration, gas, bloating, diarrhea and stomach cramping.  These can be reduced by drinking a lot of water, avoiding dairy products, and eliminating carbonated beverages. 
Soluble fibers, including the ones listed in this product come with added health benefits. These fibers are known to lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. You can find fiber supplements at your local grocer, pharmacy or health food store. They are most likely to cost substantially less and are typically returnable if you are not satisfied.

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Roca Labs - Don Juravin are Facebook Scammers and Bankrupt

November23, 2017

Anyone who is interested in serious weight loss should consult with a real medical professional and not this person who has zero medical training whatsoever. Google the names Don Juravin, Adi Juravin and Adi Jorbin. You will see that this many has so many names for a reason. He was convicted in Israel for consumer fraud and filed bankruptcy. He changed his name after the conviction when he came to US to start a new scam selling fake weight loss products online. Juravin has now filed for bankruptcy for Roca Labs which will be tossed out as a sham bankruptcy. Do yourself a favour and Google those names and look at all of the bad things that pop up and don’t waste your money.

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Roca Labs saved my life!

December30, 2015

I was Obese Since 8 years old, I am 36 now. I felt so bad, my health, I had migraine, hyperthyroidism, circulatory problems, and so on. Physically, I was very tired, I could not walk, get upstairs, without fatigue. I love my family , I did not want to die early, or be diabetic . I did not want to suffer a stroke. I did not want to miss the childhood of my children for any illness caused by obesity. I had to take action, take control of my life , take control of my body and my future , I needed to do something to change my dark future that awaited me.

I was decided to bypass gastric surgery. I was looking in the internet about reviews of the surgery, all the people that I know, that made surgery, they all have side effects. So, I was looking about this sides effects. Then in a weblog somebody write about one thing that he did in US and works for him.

I google it and found Roca Labs web site. I applied and was approved. I started Roca Labs in September 2013, I used pants 48 and jacket 52 Long.

Now I am 200 pounds 120 pound less from September 2013. My pants are 36. I exercise, I weightlifting. No more migraine, No more headache. I run to get upstairs. I feel so good!. I think God helped me to find Roca Labs. I think surgery is anti-natural, have a lot of risk. My family are very happy, my friends too.

Now, I enjoy to share my Roca Labs experience, to inspire more people to win the fight with obesity. I guess it is my payback, I must write about my experience to tell about Roca Labs to other people.

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