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December 23, 2008
I believe," Robert and I have mutual friends. I would appreciate it, if he would contact me at: [email protected] : Thank you

December 22, 2008
I like Robert Kiyosaki's books. By the way, all those who find his books expensive, go check it out in the public library. Have you ever thought of that? It's free! Look, someone said his books doesn't contain any "meat" or hard facts in it. Well, it does sometimes. In his first book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, it tells the reader to incorporate when starting a business. It is your job to find out what it is to incorporate a business. You see, he does give hard facts. Now I know what's Limited Liability Company means, or a S-Corp, or a C-Corp. It is the reader's job to look up his advices to see what it actually mean.

December 6, 2008
I follow Kiyosokis book closely, he predicted the downfall of the US, gave good tip on personal growth, and bashes money wasters and the ignorant for bad investing. I joined the military and took up the fight against financial illiteracy. I am in Japan now. He said become well rounded. His advice has not let yeilded riches yet, but if I stayed like I was, I would be doomed. Japan is a land of business. I am glad to be here.

December 4, 2008

kiyosaki is a lying fraud.

"cashflow" is what happens to kiyosaki when you buy his crap, not what you get when you pay

$190.00 for a f***ing board game.

no wonder the american economy is evaporating.

besides a policy of endless war,

you people are idiots. scam artists are your teachers, liars and crooks your "leaders". you will believe anything.

and by the way, your "recession" is only just beginning.

December 2, 2008
first let me say i always wanted to be rich but never knew how. i thoght that by people going to school to have a great coreer was the only way or by having a business was another way or sanving money. i was in a job prisoner of my own destiny and didn't know what to do. i was introduced back in 2004 to the first book ever since than i was impact by the way he wrotte his stories. powerful words such as dyversification,leverage and don't work for money. would of never heard if it wasn't for him.i don't care if mr. kiosaki is making money out of us. his job is not to make us rich. our job is to make ourselves rich and that's the mentallity this books create . remember driving a car is risky but driving with your eyes folded is riskier

November 1, 2008

Hey, Uganda guy, you are a sucker.

Hey, Uganda guy, you are a sucker.

And if Kiyosaki is so great a financial teacher and advisor, why does the U.S. (and most of the civilized world) stand on the edge of economic catastrophe?

Surely since he is a bestselling author, the masses have heeded his great financial advice, so why is the world economy tanking?

October 30, 2008
I love Mr. Robert Kiyosaki's work really it brought me from another world of pespective to a new world of understanding, we are waiting for him to visit Uganda and we are eager waiting for the Game boards to buy them we are saving our money, me and my brother Samuel.Robert thank you man, you are changing the world, you make world a better place to live

October 12, 2008
I have read almost all of the rich dad books and have to say that in every single one he emphasizes how important increasing your own financial IQ is the most important thing anyone can do. In fact he talks about not being an average investor. So I would say that he does not give "risky and potentially disastrous people that have little experience investing" He says many times that this is dangerous. All I am sure of is that he has been more successful than I have which means I can learn something from him. His methods are "simple, but not easy"

October 9, 2008

I have to say that Kiyosaki has good points that he slaps the average money wasting and approval seeking joe blow in the face by stating that spending money on toys and doodads, before investing, is a sure way to screw up your financial future. I fully agree with this statement but having said that: it is also a bit too simple and too obvious.

I signed up for Kiyosaki's coaching programm ($4000 US) and can honestly say that I learned nothing new. In addtition his books do not actually have any real solid content, but I would advice one to have a read at least because it will provide you other ways of thinking about money as what we were taught by our parents. Just don't expect any precise investment advice.

October 4, 2008

I just walked out of a $495 alleged Training seminar on the second day when the presenter went into hard sell on "Advanced Courses" Of the 60 people in attendance he became rather irate and frustrated when only 2 couples signed up for the $25,000 programs. The biggest gripe being expressed was that we were sold on the idea of this being a training seminar, and over half was "hard Sell" on more programs. The details were skimmed over and we were left with "Cliff Hangers" that we could get if we signed up for more. The original advertisement read $4995 for the advanced training, but instead today we learned it was $9,995 to $69,995 and we need to pay on the spot.

I have read the books.... but they contain no facts and nothing with "meat" or "nuts and bolts" to succeed in the Real Estate business that he is promoting..... sorry reality is a real bite

August 3, 2008

Robert T. Kiyosaki is a best-selling author,

who got rich telling the American public "how to get rich."

Much of mainstream America has read his books.

He is on many Bestseller lists, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

If Robert T. Kiyosaki's advice and his books and games are so great, then why is America in a financial crisis?

Why is there a major "Mortgage crisis"? Why the need for "Tax Rebates" to help out struggling Americans? Why is there a such thing as a "Staycation" for the average Joe Blow who can't afford a real vacation?

July 13, 2008

i found Kiyosaki's books very much captivating in fact I'm influenced by it with the way i see things right at this very moment. As i was reading his first book rich dad poor dad it serves like mirror for my situation and i really believe in his point of views in business. His books is made for people who are willing to understand the real world. I just want to quote some of the best things i've read from his books. These are not the exact words but same essence.

Let your money works for you. If your money works for you, you can spend more time with your family, you can travel the world with your loved ones, you can give to charity....i adore Mr. Kiyosaki.

I'll follow each steps written in his books for me to achieve my financial freedom.

May 24, 2008
i find it interesting that on a flaming site there is no one flameing him except the person who runs the site...and even that is done're an adult use the information or not the choice ir your' the way i have yet to buy any guru books but looking for some market insight....i think i'll be reading his books tomorrow

May 20, 2008
I joined the program and have been having problems with their misrepresentation, dishonesty and poor customer service. And do not expect a penny back once it is in their hands, no matter how legitimate the reason.

March 21, 2008
I figure the fact that Robert and Donald Trump are buddies, lends just a bit of credibility to his business acumen. Wouldn't you agree?

March 20, 2008
This is business and not personal. Robert Kiyosaki understands the business chasis and is sharing this with people who don't. There is only one way to determine who is right and who is wrong, and that is to take action on the advice. Everything in life is a risk, but having read Rich Dad Poor Dad he mentions that it is calculated and educated risks that return positive results. There are a lot of selfish people out there who will put obsticles in your way to prevent you from success, so it is essential to know who is friend and who is foe when taking advice. Robert Kiyosaki is speaking from experience and people make mistakes and overcome them . All he is doing is keeping it real by not sugar coating the fact that on the road to riches we will make mistakes. He also mentions that he is not actually the best guru in finance, but he knows how to deliver a product to EARN the title "BEST SELLER" which is the point of any business. He gives the example of MacDonalds and that it doesn't offer the best burger in business or anywhere for that matter, but it has the best business system because it focuses on business and not just product. Customers appriciate sevice first and product second and Robert Kiyosaki teaches this formular.

February 17, 2008
First let me say that I'm a Robert Kiyosaki fan. I think the basic elements of his books and programs are dead-on. They have inspired me to start a business and start investing. I now have 1 rental property and a small business that pays me more than the full time job 6-figure job I had 4 years ago. I am finally poised to purchase more investments, including real estate and other small businesses. The fundamentals I have learned from Kiyosaki's teachings have put me on a path to wealth. REALLY! The richest of the rich didn't get that way buy buying Mutual funds. Consider Carnegie, Buffet, Gates, and Trump etc... They don't invest in a 401K. Buffet for example owns a mutual fund. He CREATED the investment and sells it to you and me. If you want to be rich Don't Be Average. The average investor buys diversified mutual funds. The average investor is the same as saying "middle class". Which by definition is NOT rich. Are Kiyosaki's teachings risky? My honest answer is yes AND no. Yes... heavy investing in a diversified mutual fund is safe and long road to what I call upper-middle class. There's nothing wrong with that if that's what you want. But if you want to be rich, you MUST educate yourself on financial manners and know what you are doing there's no way around that one. So I say... it's not risky to educate yourself and make educated decisions like Kiyosaki preaches. But it is risky to quit your job and start a business like I did. Most small businesses fail. But... if you understand a statement of cash-flow. (which is the most important and easiest statement by the way) Understand a balance sheet and an Income Statement. And know how to put them together from your own financial situation you have a good foundation. Because everything you do in the world of the rich investor is based on these fundamental skills.

February 11, 2008
I have found Mr Kiyosakis information to be extremely accurate. Since studying the rich dad program I have bought 3 properties which make me money on a monthly basis. The Tax advice that I have gotten in his books and program I have confirmed with my own accountant. I pay far less in taxes since I started playing by the rules of the rich and not the middle class or poor. However if you want to take the same old advice of save in vest in mutual funds and your 401k that is up to you