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About RinseKit

RinseKit, found online at RinseKit.com, is a portable pressurized water source that people can take with them on the go for all the tasks they do which may require a pressurized water spray. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, RinseKit was designed by someone who was tired of showing up to work still dealing with sand from early morning surfing sessions and who realized that there can be many reasons why people would benefit from a mobile source of pressurized water.

All you have to do is take your RinseKit and attach it to a standard outdoor spigot to fill the tub with two gallons of water. Once the tub is filled, there is no pumping required and no batteries are needed. Simply use the attached hose and sprayer to rinse off, and you will have up to four minutes of a pressurized spray. 

Currently the RinseKit must be filled from an outdoor spigot with a hose attachment in order to provide you with pressurized spray. If the only source of water you have is a still source, the website says that will soon offer a Field Fill Kit which will allow you to fill the kit with still water and pressurize it with a standard bike pump. 

However you can fill the RinseKit at your home and it will retain its pressure for at least one full month before it begins to lose it. This provides people with many options for the mobility they will need. 

Cost/Price Plans

Currently this product is priced at $89.99 through this website, and for a limited time they are offering their customers free shipping. This product is also sold through third party authorized dealers, who may offer slightly different pricing on this product, depending on taxes, promotions, and other influences.      

Refund Policy

Customers who are unhappy with what they have received will be given 10 days in which to return it for a refund. Customers who have purchased this item from a third party dealer must contact them directly for return and refund information.

Customers who purchased this product from their website must contact Customer Service by phone or email before returning the product to receive their Return Authorization number. The RA number must be printed on the outside of the box you ship your product back in, and inside the box they ask that you include a piece of paper with your name, address, daytime telephone number, and reason for the return, as well as a copy of the original sales receipt.            

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact Customer Service with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-613-5764, by email at [email protected], or by submitting them directly to their website through the Contact Us link at the bottom of their webpage. 


Unfortunately there are not very many reviews of this product available at this time, likely because it is still very new. However, of the product reviews that are available, the vast majority of reviews for this product are very positive and enthusiastic. 

Many pet owners wrote that this product was perfect for when the take their dogs out on hikes or other activities and need to be cleaned off before getting into the car, but there were a few complaints regarding the weight and bulkiness of this product.       

Competitors and Alternatives?

The website states that this product is one of a kind, with very little similar to it available on the market today. This may change in the future, but at this time it appears that RinseKit is right, there are not many portable showers on the market. There are portable pressure washers available, but they generally need some source of electricity to operate, depending on the design.  

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