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About Ring Floodlight Cam

The Ring Floodlight Cam, found online at Ring.com, describes themselves as the world’s only motion-activated HD security camera with built-in floodlights, a siren alarm, and two-way talk. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the Ring Floodlight Cam was designed to help customers see, hear, and speak to anyone who is on their property no matter where they themselves are. They do this by giving their customers crystal-clear HD video, two bright LED floodlights, and a 110 decibel siren alarm which is all monitored by the Ring mobile app.

Their website says that their camera has both object and facial detection, as well as the most advanced motion sensors currently available in home security. They have a 270 degree field of view which lets the lights detect motion around corners. 

The Floodlight Cam has two-tier motion detection and infrared sensors which ensures that they are more sensitive to objects moving through your yard. The camera will send instant alerts to your smartphone, tablet, or PC whenever it detects motion, and the camera can be set up to only send alerts when it detects humans.

Mobile Options

The mobile application that partners with this camera is available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10.  

Cost/Price Plans

Currently customers are welcome to purchase a single Floodlight Cam for $249 or they can choose a two pack of floodlights for $448, which is a savings of $50. Their website also says that that customers will need to purchase a Ring Video Recording Plan. For just $30 per year or $3 per month, customers can purchase a Basic Plan for a single camera. You can also pay $100 per year or $10 per month for video service for unlimited cameras.

Refund Policy

Their website does say that their customers have 30 days from the date they receive their device to request a full refund. Customers will be responsible for the cost of return shipping, and after your product is received by the company your purchase price will be refunded. 

Unfortunately this website does not provide any information regarding the returns process and whether or not you will need previous authorization to send your product back. Concerned customers will want to contact their Customer Service team in advance of sending their product back to make sure their refund will be approved.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions, concerns, or complaints they would like to direct to their Customer Service team can contact them by phone at 800-656-1918 or by using their website’s Live Chat feature whenever it is available.


Unfortunately this product appears to have mixed reviews at this time. While the Ring brand security cameras and products tend to be very well-liked and well rated, their newest product has some customers concerned.

In general it seems that most of their customers really see the potential of this product, but believe that this product is still so new that the system is still working out some kinks, making it frustrating for customers to use right now. Most of these customers believe strongly that this is a very promising product that will be an excellent purchase eventually, but is not quite there yet.     

Competitors and Alternatives?

In addition to the Ring Video Doorbell, there are many other brands of smart home security equipment, including outdoor cameras, motion detectors, indoor fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, and many other products depending on the individual home owners’ needs. 

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Ring Floodlight Cam reviews below.

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