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Rhino Security Deposit Insurance
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Rhino Security Deposit Insurance Customer Reviews

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Does nothing to verify why they are claiming you owe them
February 16, 2024
This place is a joke. I gave the apt office my 60 day letter to move out which is required. This place does not even check why they are claiming you owe. They did not check with me to find out I broke lease giving my notice. It would be best for anyone to stay away from this company.

SCAM. Caveat emptor landlords.
January 11, 2024

SCAM. I'm a landlord and seems like a scam. Their portal won't allow me to create a claim. Their support doesn't even respond to the issue, just has automated messages coming back that tell me who the renter is - duh. Their "support" is only chat and it is not a human and you can't get to a human even in chat. The bot is so stupid it can't even understand I have an existing ticket that no one is resolving and no I don't want to open a new ticket. There is no support phone line.

When you dig online to find one 844-844-3188, they have a recording saying they won't take any calls and won't take messages. My old property manager (who I fired for fraud and am bringing a suit against) signed up for these policies and didn't take a security deposit, I'm guessing because they got paid a commission on selling these policies and I'm left holding the bag.

December 16, 2023

Look on their website for a phone #, or an email address, or any contact info. The have a "Chat Bot" with preloaded questions and answers.

The took money from me, I didn't move in, when I tried to get it back the website said "no active policy" even though after paying i rec'd confirmation "you're all set" etc ....

Finally had to go to my landlord to see if they can contact Rhino and now they are refunding only a portion of what i gave them -- on a unit that I never took occupancy. This place has all the elements of a good ol' fashioned online scam.

Fraudulent illegal company that should be shut down
July 19, 2023
This company is fraudulent and illegal!! Stay away! I am not on any lease which means it's illegal (General Obligations Law Section 5-701) and against Rhino's policy for rhino to come after me for money I do not owe and yet they are trying to anyways just because a property manager told them to. Pay your landlord any amount of money as a security deposit to stay away from this company!!! They claimed I owed over $10,000 and then finally agreed with my dispute and let it go but now they are coming after me for another $3,000, which is illegal. And rhino owes me over $4,000 that they've charged on my credit card!!! My credit card company (Shout out to Mastercard) has stopped rhino from charging further payments but I will likely have to go to court over this matter. Stay away!!!!

MarkErhart December 16, 2023

They are absolutely horrible.

Rhino review
April 17, 2023

Rhino is amazing and easy to set up. I was desperate to get into a home with my children and Rhino made it possible and had extra cash left over to buy things for our home! I’m very happy I found them.

Antranette Garcia

Hope they are shut down soon
January 31, 2023

This is not an insurance company, it is a bond that benefits no one but Rhino and the dirty property owners. They do not offer the same services an actual insurance company does. This company needs a class action lawsuit. They have worked through loopholes so far and literally take money for no service rendered.

The company is failing and is doing whatever it needs to grab money. They may get you in the door of an apartment but the 'customer' WILL pay in the end. They are crooks which is why they do not have a phone number, actual paperwork, or a representative to contact. The CEO belongs in prison!

Horrible customer service
November 5, 2021

I have tried emailing an calling several times. Stay on hold the next thing you know the recording is coming on. I feel like I was scammed. When got my apartment the manager stated it was two lease holders.

Would not give keys until my son signed the lease. So the leasing agent even gave them the incorrect amount of my rent. I have called so many times and left messages no one respond. What I don't understand is this company making money off the renter but won't answer the phone.

MarkErhart December 16, 2023

You got a phone number for RHINO? That's better than most.