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Headed back to the department store to return yet another pair of ill-fitting jeans? You shouldn't have to settle for a less-than product. Instead of going back and forth with the traditional stiff, uncomfortable denim options that you’re used to, why not give a new, unique brand a try?

What are Revtown Jeans?

Revtown Jeans was founded by several former Under Armour employees. These guys took everything they knew about workout clothes and performance fabrics and used that knowledge to create a superior brand of jeans.

As a result, this company produces denim products that are comfortable, worn-in in all the right spots, and go with anything in your closet. They’re sold at a reasonable price and offer accurate sizing to boot.

When shopping for Revtown Jeans, you’ll have several choices. The Sharp Denim fit is tight and -you guessed it- sharp. This fit is designed for a night out or a day at the office. The Automatic Denim fit, however, is more relaxed. This pair of jeans is definitely more casual and is perfect for relaxing on the weekend.

Still can’t decide which jeans you want to purchase? Consider buying a Revtown crate. A revtown crate includes four items - two pairs of jeans and two shirts. You also get a bonus shirt free of charge. You get to pick the sizing and style of each of these products, leaving you with the ability to design your own wardrobe.

What do all of these jeans have in common? They are incredibly comfortable and are sized exactly the same. When you’re ready to purchase, you can use the unique sizing tool that takes your shirt and denim measurements and matches them to you based on your weight, height, and body type.

They’re also all made with Decade Denim, an iconic fabric that is making big waves in the clothing world. This unique, proprietary blend combines Italian-milled denim with strong, durable thread and just the right amount of stretch. The company claims that Decade Denim makes their jeans “as tough as work pants, as comfortable as sweatpants, and as stylish as designer jeans.”

These products are also easy to care for, requiring no special dry cleaning or hand washing. You can wash them in cold water cycle and then dry them on low heat. They usually do not shrink unless you try them at a high temperature. Even so, if you happen to accidentally shrink your jeans, they only shrink about a quarter of an inch and return to their original size as you wear them.

Where are Revtown Jeans Made?

These jeans are designed and developed in the United States, with a main headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The denim is milled in Italy and constructed in Guatemala.

All products are 92 percent cotton, two percent stretch, and six percent durable polyester. Shirts are made out of 80 percent combed Pima cotton and 20 percent polyester.

These products are also produced sustainably, which is not something you can say about all denim manufacturers. The company takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability that implements clean environmental practices and manufacturing. They follow the strictest regulations in the denim industry, recycling one hundred percent of their waste into denim yarn or insulation for local housing.

In addition, their fabrics are sustainably dyed. They use materials like orange peels, shrimp shells, and nut shells to provide the perfect color. As a result, their dying process utilizes up to thirty percent less energy, fifty percent less water, and seventy percent less chemicals than traditional drying techniques utilized by other denim manufacturers in the industry.

Cost and Price Plans

Revtown Jeans are designer-style jeans at budget-store prices. Most pairs cost less than $80, and with free shipping and free returns, there’s really no reason not to give them a try. Shirts are even less expensive, with multiple style and design options available.

You can purchase pocket tees, v-necks, airspun henleys, graphic tees, polos, and more. Most cost around $30 and come with the same dynamic fit and sizing options as the jeans. Plus, they can be purchased in a wide variety of colors, including heather, charcoal, and more.

Competitors and Alternatives

Revtown isn’t the only player in the game. There are other premium jeans that you must consider as you are shopping for the perfect fit. Compare Denim Made for Life, Mott & Bow, and Mugsy as you’re doing your research.

Denim Made for Life manufactures comfortable, snug-fitting jeans that are flattering for slimmer body types. They are made out of 98 percent cotton and while they are less expensive than Revtown Jeans, they aren’t quite as stretchy and flexible.

Another option is Mott & Bow. This company manufactures jeans that are 99 percent cotton - again, not quite as stretchy as the pants made by Revtown Jeans - but they are available in several different shades of denim.

When comparing Revtown Jeans vs. Mugsy Jeans, the most crucial thing to know is that  while Mugsy jeans are extremely flexible and shrink-resistant, they do have a tendency to bleed in the first few washes. You therefore need to avoid sitting on light-colored furniture or wearing light-colored clothes until the dye sets in. This can be a major hassle. 

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers rave about Revtown Jeans, proclaiming them to be some of the best-fitting jeans you will find. With the Digital Tailor tool, they’re probably right. This tool goes beyond the typical website sizing charts and tailors each pair of jeans to all of your measurements and specifications. If you’re in a hurry or know exactly what you are looking for, you can also order your standard size by picking an option from the drop-down menu.

One of the biggest complaints about Revtown Jeans? They don’t offer women’s jeans! At least, not yet. The company plans to release a line of products just for women in the fall of 2019.

Customer Service

The company accepts returns for any reason. Requests can be submitted within 30 days but the items must be unwashed, undamaged, and still have original tags intact. Domestic returns are free, but international returns may have associated fees. You can also exchange your jeans for a different size of color.

If you need to get in touch with customer service at Revtown Jeans, all you need to do is shoot them a text at 1-412-888-0020. You can also call that number directly. Alternatively, you can email the customer service team at [email protected] While they don't have an easy-to-find mailing address, you can follow them on any of their active social media outlets, which include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Where to Buy?

Revtown Jeans does not have any brick and mortar retail outlets at this time, meaning you must go online if you want to purchase. However, you can find them on the manufacturers' website along with other popular online retailers like Nordstrom.

Are Revtown Jeans Worth It?

If you’re looking for that perfect pair of jeans and are sick of shelling out hundreds of dollars for designer brands, you’ve got to give Revtown Jeans a try. This denim manufacturer is rapidly becoming a leader in the apparel world, and with free returns and free shipping (along with a notable commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices), what’s not to love about this brand.


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1 Review

Great product, horrible customer service

October 28, 2020

I have made several purchases from revtown over the years, and truly love their jeans. Stylish and comfortable. However, my recent experience has led me to avoid at all costs - I will never buy from them again. I ordered a pair that ended up being slightly too large, and so started the exchange process.

My return package was lost by USPS, and when I pointed this out to revtown, instead of taking my word for it, they continually pushed me to try to locate the package, which entailed me going through several layers of USPS bureaucracy to try to track it down, to no avail. I am currently still working through this process, and have yet to receive the replacement pair.

When a left a slightly negative (again, I love their products, but this is poor service) review on their website, they immediately took it down, which is pretty shady on their part. Done with these guys, and would recommend anyone else avoid them as well.

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1 Review

VERY VERY bad customer service!

July 23, 2020

VERY VERY bad customer service! Avoid doing business with Revtown
They sent my jeans to the wrong address and now refuse to answer me either via text or email. And of course, there is no phone number. No one to talk to or correspond to when there is a problem such as now for me. All the while they have my $79.
There are much better, more reliable, small, and earnest jean makers in this country that do better quality work for less money while having excellent customer service. I suggest seeking them out first before considering doing any business with Revtown, they are simply too big to care much!

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1 Review

Terrible Customer Service

February 21, 2020

I attempted to order a pair of jeans, but they were out of stock for several weeks. I checked the website until what I wanted was available. I placed the order and received no information on shipping, but was charged immediately. After several weeks I sent an email to them and was later informed that the jeans were oversold and out of stock. They didn't seem too concerned about sharing that information with me. They said the order would be shipped in 2-4 weeks. After over a month and multiple unanswered emails, I received a notice that my order had shipped. Trying to track the order was pointless. It showed it bouncing from Indiana to Arkansas about 5 times, then winding up in Texas. No delivery date was provided. I attempted to call Revtown when more emails went unanswered, but the number didn't work. Someday I hope to receive the jeans and hope they are great, but I will not be ordering from this company again.

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1 Review

Worst Company Ever!

February 12, 2020

Beware of this company! I spent $70 for jeans that never showed up! I’ve been asking for a refund for weeks but still nothing. This company is a scam!

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1 Review

Terrible customer service

January 7, 2020

Extremely awful customer service, unanswered/tardy emails and severe lack of support.. This is the first time I’ve ever complained about a company. I have never been one to go out of my way in order to write a bad review. I ordered jeans for my dad and boyfriend and they say the jeans are good quality and comfortable so I can’t say anything negative in that aspect but the customer service has been the worst I’ve ever encountered. I’m having issues right now with getting a refund for some items due to sizing issues. I mailed my items back for a refund a few weeks ago and still have not gotten my money back. I feel as though I have been robbed. It’s ridiculous. I could go on about more issues but that was the primary one. If you are going to order from Revtown, be sure to not make any mistakes in your order or pray that the sizing works out for you or you’ll have to deal with the same baloney that I have been dealing with. The jeans are nice but not worth all of this headache.

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1 Review

Inconsistent sizing

October 24, 2019

Really wanted to like these jeans, but the sizing is way off. Tried 3 times to find a pair that fit, and each time the sizing did not match what was represented. 34X32 had a 34" inseam. 34X30 has a 29" inseam. 32X30 (recommended by the sizer) was way off and in the waist and had a 31" inseam. Finally gave up on ordering online without trying on.

I also wrote a review on their website, which they removed quickly. Hindsight, beware of products that have 5 stars with no negative reviews.

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1 Review

Worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

October 2, 2019

They supposedly had a "meltdown" in their warehouse this causing orders to be delayed. At least that was their excuse. Anyways, several people have tried to call and the number is disconnected, they give pointless responses to text and email. I wouldn't risk a single dollar on this company.

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1 Review

different batches are different lengths

July 15, 2019

My first two orders of Revtown jeans fit perfectly. My third order was a different story. The 32" length is more like 34 or 35" long. I complained and was told to send them back for a replacement. The replacement was too long too. I complained again and they will not acknowledge that something is wrong. They told me to order 30" length instead. I asked them if those measured too long too. They did not respond. I won't be buying from them again.

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