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Revols Earphones
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Don’t fit and no customer service
September 28, 2020
We spent money on these because they sounded like they would be so good if they molded to your ears. However I have tried to do the molding process several times and I cannot figure it out. I contacted revols to ask how to do the molding process two months ago and got a response about three weeks later saying they could get back to me in like six months. In theory it sounds like a great idea but the customer service is absolutely awful and without their help I cannot get these things to work so it is a total waste of money

Won't pair and awful support
July 29, 2020
Supporter on kickstarter, took months to get the earphones, used them for a short while and then they stopped pairing with multiple devices, tried online troubleshooting many times, contacted support and they said they wouldn't be able to get back to me for a few weeks. Beware of buying these.

Poor customer service
December 24, 2018
Good sound and good fit, but very poor customer service. The headphones stopped charging after serveral months. I have contacted the revols support team and was told that they would send a new pair. That was in mid November and I am still waiting. Very poor service considering the price of the headphones.

CarlEranio December 30, 2018

You received something? I don't even get emails from them. Thieves.

Success with Revols!
October 3, 2018

Well, well, did I ever have a surprise this morning.

I had received the Revols package after my Kickstarter optimistic support, but my left ear was too small for the medium and large earbuds they supplied. I ordered, and paid for, extra-small earbud in May, five months ago.

I didn't hear a word from them until I wrote them in August. I was promised (via a support ticket) a fast sending. never happened. I had written twice in the last two weeks, and got no response.

A couple of days ago, after I read the comments on this website, I wrote to them with the history of their non-responsiveness and said it was beginning to sound like a company going bankrupt and scamming current customers to pay off past debt. I asked them to prove me wrong by responding and sending me a trackable package.

I was not optimistic.

I came home this morning to find a UPS package with my XS earbuds! Amazing.


Do Not Give Them Your Money!
September 24, 2018
This is a borderline fraudulent company that took over $2.5 Million in funding and spent two years designing a product that is mediocre at best, and many Pre-orders and Kickstarter backers never received anything. Their support group is a black hole. I have a support ticket that has been open for over a month and they have not touched it at all in that time. Please do not make the same mistake that over 10,000 people have already.

Scam Alert
March 13, 2018
They still have not shipped anyone anything. There are no reviews no remarks they keep taking money. They should be reported to the police. It's a complete ripp off. I don't know why people keep sending them money they have not shipped anything to anyone.

RohithRao March 23, 2018

I got an email from about how India is a country where they cannot ship the product due to government rules and asked for my PayPal account for a refund but after opening an account with PayPal and sending them request for refunds it got rejected 3 times and when I contacted PayPal they said refund can only be done if I had used the same PayPal account to make the purchase.i contacted revols about this with my bank account no. But no reply from them and the PayPal Customer care also asked revols to contact them about company policy

JerryAttrick March 26, 2018

Have them send you a payment not a refund then it will go through.

ChrystianBarrière May 08, 2018

I received them, so don’t worry. Don’t expect to be blown away, The sound is thin.

JamesBalch June 19, 2018

At least you received them. I never got them.