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Revant Optics got its head start in 2010, when the founder of this innovative service, Jason Bolt, had a mountain bike accident which destroyed the lenses of his favorite sunglasses. Holding an emotional bond with the pair, he decided to look for a replacement – hitting a brick wall, as no company offered them.

From that point on, the soon-to-be entrepreneur started his mission of offering replacement lenses straight from a lens manufacturer. He launched his first collection, selling directly to customers online.

While creating a name for the company, Revant Optics eventually moved manufacturing services to the United States -  and that was just the beginning of the next and more exciting chapter.


Revant Optics can offer you lenses for Ray-Ban, Costa, Rudy Project, Oakley and other sunglasses. In fact, there are nearly 106 models available, while 95 of them are Oakley. Typically, you will be able to find at least three color options for lenses, with some having a staggering number of around 31.

How Does It Work?

What makes this service unique is that if you’re located within the United States but need lenses that aren’t on their website, Revant will custom-make them for you. Offered by reservation only, it’s quite charming to find this option for any sunglasses that you hold an attachment for.

Unfortunately, the service isn’t yet available for international customers, but you can never know. In fact, the company is always looking to hear opinions from the customer. There is even a Request Page in which you are able to add your suggestions.

Cost and Price Plans

The best part about the service: most lenses cost between $30 to $40, with some being as low as $25. Of course, there are those lenses (i.e., Oakley) which carry a more premium price of around $50 or more.

Nonetheless, if you consider that replacement lenses from original companies can reach hundreds of dollars, at least, Revant does offer excellent value for money.

Customer Service

When it comes to contacting their customer service, there is an online form that you submit via the website. Along with that, you will easily find an FAQ page, which is surprisingly comprehensive as well.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the product you’ve received, you are able to initiate a return within 60 days of purchase. You may also opt for an exchange, depending on your preferences. It’s essential to note that you will have guaranteed peace of mind anyway, as there is a whopping 365-day manufacturing warranty for all Revant products.

Online Reviews/Complaints

It’s not every day that you find a company so highly praised on social media. While customers seem impressed with the overall quality of the product offered by Revant, one thing is sure: their customer service team is the one that makes the difference.

An increasing number of people are praising the brand for offering a hassle-free experience, sometimes even refunding customers without them having to return an item.

Featuring a wide selection of lenses and colors, the ability to use their intuitive and useful customer service, along with the straightforward process of returning an item, Revant Optics is a service which we expect to keep growing.

Especially since the customers seem over-the-moon with the policies and prices the brand is now renowned for. After all, a happy customer means a repeat customer.

Competitors and Alternatives

Depending on your experiences and choices, you might opt to find an alternative to Revant Optics. One option to consider is Seek Optics, a proud Southern California company based on customer feedback. Similar to Revant, they develop durable and high-quality products that meet the needs of customers – while maintaining a budget-friendly price.

Similarly, PapaViva offers replacement lenses that are made using environmentally-friendly materials. The brand provides different film coatings and colors; thus, options are always available.

A third alternative would be purchasing directly from the Oakley website. There is no denying that the firm is dedicated to producing high-quality sunglasses and lenses. Nonetheless, be prepared to pay premium for this service.

Where to Buy?

Revant’s shopping experience is straightforward and quite simple, especially considering that their products are readily available on the website. You will find anything - from prescription lenses, accessories and sunglasses lenses, to parts.

Your order history will also be available online, once you sign in their website. There, you will be able to track your order, return any item, or make any needed changes.


Whether you are searching for a pair of brand new lenses, or are looking to shake up the look of a beloved pair of sunglasses, Revant Optics is an excellent place to consider. While there are many alternatives available on the market, this online store has over 100 models available - all at a modest price.

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