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About is the online home of ResumeEdge, a company that promises to provide their customers with a professional written resume that will help them be a more marketable and desirable candidate.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, there are many different and important reasons to give your resume an overhaul, including trying to move up the career ladder, trying to get a job in a new area where you don’t know anyone, or trying to break into a new career field. The goal of is to give you a resume written from scratch which has been designed to make you stand out and get the job you want. 

All their resume writers are certified professionals that have personal experience in the industry in which you work or are trying to work. You will work together with your professional via phone and email to create a resume that really showcases your story and your accomplishments in a way that will be appreciated by hiring managers. 

They also offer their customers something called their ResumeEdge Builder. This is a service which allows people to build their own resume from scratch through a step-by-step guided process created by Ivy League resume experts.  

Cost/Price Plans

Currently they offer three different options for their resume writing packages. The first is their Entry Level resume writing, which is intended for students or people with two years or less of work experience and is priced at $119. Their Professional package is priced at $249 and is considered most appropriate for people who work in technical industries, have a military background, or professionals with more than two years in their industry. Finally, they offer an Executive package which is priced at $399 and is appropriate for C-level executives, VPs, and Directors. 

Customers who want to take advantage of their Resume Builder will be able to receive a 7 day trial for $1.95 and then they will be charged $29.95 per month on the 8th day if they do not cancel their enrollment during the trial period. Customers who are interested in using their Builder over time can also choose to simply sign up for month-to-month service for $8.95 per month until they choose to cancel.

Refund Policy

Customers who are dissatisfied with their order will be asked to contact their Customer Service team to have a new writer assigned to your project that will better meet your needs. Unfortunately all refunds are at the sole discretion of the company and will always include a refund fee of 15% of the purchase price, and no refunds or reassignments will be offered after 30 days of the completion date.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-438-2633 or by using the website’s Live Chat service whenever it is available.  


Unfortunately this company doesn’t appear to have the best reviews at this time, generally because they refuse to give their unhappy customers a refund and this type of company policy appears guaranteed to generate some bad reviews online. 

The more concerning aspect of these reviews is that customers complaint that the quality of work they were given was incredibly poor, and it seemed obvious to them that any ethical company should have provided them with a refund or with repeated re-writes until they were happy with what they received, and the company simply wouldn’t comply with this. 

A more concerning review stated that they paid the $199 for the Entry Level resume and received what was obviously a canned format resume where their skills had been filled in without much elaboration or attention to detail, and when they called to complain they were told by customer service that that kind of resume was all that was needed for Entry Level jobs, which begs the question – why are you charging $199? 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Resume writing services have been popular for a very long time. Students who are still enrolled in school will often be able to take advantage of these services on their own campus, and professionals already in the workplace are likely to be able to find a wide variety of alternatives with just a basic internet search. 

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Service shut down

February21, 2017

Today I tried to order resume writing from ResumeEdge and they informed me that they are shutting down their services.
I looked for an alternative and found ResumeYard team created the special page for existing ResumeEdge clients transition.
You can find it at

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