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About is a website that provides clients privacy management, personal branding, anonymity and reputation control. Their company manages, creates and promotes their customers virtual presence and helps them build a reputation they can be proud of.
In a simple internet search there are pages of results to browse through. The general public typically scrolls through only the first couple pages of links. The first page of results starts with the highest ranked content. These include popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs. uses a patented scoring system software to identify customers information centered on personal isolation, sentiment analysis and privacy protection. Not only do they find information that was unknowingly listed but they can also track and gather online reviews.
By building an online presence in a positive light you can generate business and consideration for employment opportunities. Without social media accounts, the information from internet research may populate pages of negative information. While information may be from the past it still has an impact on the reader. Unfortunately, this information, whether true or false, may not reflect the person as they are at present. recommends being proactive and hiring them before it’s too late and you have a huge mess on your hands. The costs of’s services vary upon a number of factors. The first one is whether or not there is any reputation online for them to work with. Next, the level of content ranking and the website holding the content will come into play. Once that has been determined, the customer can decide how many pages of negative content they want hidden and whether or not they purchase monitoring services.  Others may be fine with the results and choose not to hire them at all. 
Complaints online have shown the repercussions faced by some who initiated contact with Reputation’s agents. Coincidentally, if they did not sign up for services at that time, they found an emergence of links to negative information on themselves.
Although is dedicated to helping their customers, online reviews hit on an interesting point. hasn’t applied their theory of maintaining a positive reputation online to what they themselves convey to the world through their own search results. Not only are there many negative reviews but they haven’t moved them off the radar. Consumers see this as a sign that their system does not work. uses their capabilities to rearrange search results, thus manipulating what is displayed initially to internet users. The suppressed data could potentially change someone’s life.
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September21, 2016 did nothing to repair my reputation online. If anything it got worse.

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