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An online marketing platform, called, can be used to generate leads for your business and increase sales. This is an alternative to more expensive marketing tactics; it is most beneficial to companies that need to speak with customers about the product or service they provide. Industries such as real estate, insurance, car sales, and home improvement services are those who may be more apt to use this sort of system for their business.

With’s database of leads, you can target specific customers based on your preferences and control the type of leads you get. A light click is a lead that is generally interested in a service but has not provided their contact information. These leads are sent to all of the businesses who provide the service or product they were interested in. An enhanced click is a lead that provides their contact information and each of these leads are sent to only one business for follow up.

Since is an auction based platform, the higher the price you bid for a lead equates to a better chance of winning the lead. By setting your own monetary value on a specific type of lead as well as a set number of leads per month, it is possible to get better control of your budget making it more manageable.

Leads don’t always come through, sellers and publishers assist in the process by providing leads from their own advertising or by searching through other sites. Sellers can earn money through each lead they provide and can increase their earning potential by turning Raw Clicks into Enhanced Clicks using Widgets or Direct Posts.

Customers mainly encountered issues with their credit card charges. Although Reply! offers 30 days of free leads, customers were charged for those leads, and paid a lot for them. In addition, they were also charged for more leads than they requested.

The value of each lead was not worth much because most of them did not pan out to a sale. Most of the leads that were sent to buyers were unreachable, had fake phone numbers or weren’t interested in buying or selling anything. Reply! does not issue refunds for phony leads. Real Estate professionals had the most problems using Reply! Marketplace because sellers provided leads that were primarily found through other websites.

If you inquire about buying leads through this website, don’t let the sales representatives push you into joining if you are uncertain about the decision. They have a strong sales pitch and are persistent. Should you agree to buy leads from their marketplace, specify the number of leads you will commit to each month and get a written/typed confirmation from the sales representative. To determine if the site is helping your business, calculate the ROI (Return on Investment); if a negative pattern emerges, it might be time to take your business elsewhere.

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