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As a child, did your mother always nag you to stand up straight? Do you hate the way you look in pictures because you are always slouching?

If so, you may want to consider taking steps to fix your posture.

Bad posture doesn’t just look bad - it can also lead to a variety of health problems, including body aches, back pain, muscle fatigue, headache, poor focus, and more.

There are all kinds of posture brace devices out there that claim to serve as posture correctors. You don’t have to do anything at all - except where one of these braces.

But do they work? The Renuback is a device that claims to correct posture by keeping your back aligned in a straight position.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Does it Work?

The Renuback is a posture brace that is meant to keep your back aligned in a straight position while you are wearing it. It pulls your muscles into a natural position. Over time, your body will learn to hold its proper position.

Wearing the Renuback does take some getting used to, but you only have to wear it for a few hours a day to see results. It comes with adjustable straps so that you can get a snug, secure fit. It can be worn under your clothes so you don’t have to worry about drawing attention to it when you’re at work or running errands.

According to the manufacturer, the Renuback is safe and will keep your posture in place so your muscles can improve their posture. It is sold in a one-size-fits-all sizing with fully adjustable straps.

That’s where the information about Renoback comes to a screeching halt. There is no information on this product anywhere else on the Internet - except for occasional websites promoting the product with very little extra information except for gimmicky ads and links to the company’s website to buy.

Plus, there is not a lot of science to back the effectiveness of this device, either. Although most doctors do believe that posture correctors can make a difference in improving your posture, it’s important that a good posture corrector has a design that is based on science and that it supports the areas of posture that are most important, like the lower back, neck, and cervical thoracic junction.

There is absolutely no information proving whether the Renuback meets those standards - or even whether it has been tested to meet various health and safety guidelines.

Cost and Price Plans

Of the information that makes us a bit skeptical of the Renuback, one of the most concerning features of this company’s website is its payment structure.

Theoretically, if a device works well, you should only need one of it, right? After all, you only have one back.

However, the product is sold in bulk. Although you can buy just one single posture brace for $39.99, when you visit the ordering portal the company prompts you to buy two-, three-, or even four-packs of the braces.

Sure, you’ll get substantial discounts. When you buy two, you’ll get 45% off for $73.99 total, buy three and you’ll get 50% off for $99.99 total, and buy four and you will get 52% off for $127.99 total.

But if this brace works so well, why do you need so many? Plus, the order page is loaded with all kinds of ads and “special discount offers” pushing you to buy immediately or risk losing out on special savings.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are a few alternatives to this that you will want to consider. The Markym Posture Corrector is recommended by professionals and is made out of lightweight neoprene, so many people find it more comfortable to wear than the Renuback.

Another option is the Selbite Posture Corrector. This corrector is designed specifically for exercise, helping you improve your posture while you are working. It is affordable and latex-free, great if you have allergies to latex.

If you’re suffering from back pain related to your bad posture, you might want to consider a device that is meant specifically to alleviate back pain and correct your spinal alignment. The Flexguard Support Back Brace Posture Corrector is a good choice, as it services as both a posture corrector and a back brace all in one. It’s a bit bulkier than the other alternatives, but offers the best sizing and support.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Although you’ll find plenty of praise for the Renuback online - customers say things like, “I wear this every day. My posture has definitely corrected itself, but I still like the support it gives me especially when I’m on my feet all day” - but you can’t find information anywhere else online, positive or negative.

Customer Service

Renuback is sold by Strong Current Enterprises Limited, a company that manufacturers a wide array of other products and sells them in an online-only format. The company is based out of Hong Kong. You can email [email protected] with questions or call +1 (609) 414-7087.

Where to Buy?

Another feature of Renuback that makes us skeptical is the fact that you can only buy this device directly from the manufacturer. It’s not available for sale with any other online or brick-and-mortar retailer.

Is It Worth It?

In our opinion, the Renuback is not a device that’s worth spending your money on. There are plenty of other good posture correcting devices out there that are backed by solid medical research and have positive reviews from third-party sources. Consider one of the alternatives instead.

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