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About Remington College

Remington College, found online at, promises to give their students educational programs that focus on career specific training and technical skills, either on campus or online.

Remington College also offers a free GED Prep course for students that don’t currently have a high school diploma. This GED Prep course includes classes, two practice exams, workbooks for you to study from, and Remington will pay for your first GED attempt.

In order to qualify for the free Remington College GED Prep program you must not be currently enrolled in any high school or college classes, you must pass both practice exams before they will pay for your GED exam, and you must be willing to take the first available GED exam after you have completed the course.

If you already have your diploma or equivalency, you can choose from Remington’s 20 different campuses throughout the US, in major cities across the country from Cleveland all the way to Honolulu.

Or you can choose to enroll in one of the Remington College’s online courses, which include Associate’s Degrees in Criminal Justice and Paralegal, as well as online Bachelor’s Degrees for General Business, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Criminal Justice, and Organizational Management.

Tuition at Remington is considered “all inclusive” which means that they have a flat rate tuition that includes all books, equipment, supplies, parking fees, cap and gown, and post-graduate placement assistance.

Finally, Remington College says that their campuses are accredited by two different accreditation centers that are listed by the US Department of Education as a nationally recognized agency. However, whenever enrolling in a college program it is important to make sure that no only your school but your specific program has been certified.

If you have any experience with this school or their programs, please leave your Remington College reviews below.

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Broken Promises, Broken Dreams

February26, 2013

Don't go to Remington College. Don't be fooled by the promises they give you. Don't go to Remington College. Don't trust them. Don't go to Remington College. Don't be victim of shylock counselors who promise you things they can't deliver or not willing to deliver. Don't go to Remington College. Don't fall for the instructor's BS about how you'll get an easy "A" because they'll work you relentlessly until you want to just give up. Don't go to Remington College. Don't give them the time of day because they like to sugar-coat things.


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Tired of the Entitlement
October 18, 2013

You will never get an easy A and you're an idiot if that's why you're going to college. The counselers there tell you what's offered and the help youll receive if you help yourself and do the work and ask for help. If you don't seek the help, it's not going to just be handed to you.

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