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Relationship Rewind, found online at, is a product that claims to help people who have relationship problems but don't know how to fix them as well as those who can't get over an ex and would do whatever it takes to get them back.

This product is promoted by spokesman Ryan Rivers, who says that he created this system over the course of twenty years of research, and that this system goes against the advice of what “relationship experts” say.

Instead, he describes this system is based on “cutting edge psychology” and common sense. He also promises his potential customers that if you and your partner ever loved each other, it is possible to get that love back.

Relationship Rewind says that there are three simple steps that anyone must take in order to fix their relationship. And while the website focuses on their ability to return ex-loves to you, “even if things are so bad you are no longer speaking,” they also say that they can help people fix relationships that are currently in progress, including marriages and impending divorces.

Once you have purchased and downloaded their program, you will be able to login and reach Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 of the program at your own pace, as you are going through the process.

The initial download will cost $39.95 and will include two bonus programs. One of these programs is a 30 day subscription to the Ex-Files Care-Coaching system. This initial subscription is free, but just on a trial basis.

Customers who keep this coaching system beyond the initial 30 days will be required to pay $69.95 per month, but can cancel at any time with no obligation to maintain this membership.

The website also promises a 60 day money back guarantee. They say that if you are unhappy with their product, you can request a full refund of your purchase price.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Relationship Rewind reviews below.

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NOT as bad as they mske it sound!

November23, 2014

I recently bought the product for the initial $39.95. I have to admit, im sceptical, but curious enough to risk 40 bucks.
I did read the terms before purchasing and it does warn you about the subscription fee for what they call "the Ex-Files" unless you cancel it before the end of 30 days.
I also notice that contrary to what you have said above, as soon as I logged onto the main page, I was reminded both in the written text, and in the 10 minute intro video, that you need to cancel that subscription within 30 days.
I have done this already, and to be safe, also notified my bank ahead of time.
So... having less than 2 weeks experience with the site, I can say that so far, well, its like paying $40 for a self help e-book.
But I have to disagree with the scathing review above, as it unfortunately appears that you didn't do your basic diligence as a consumer, and now you're blaming the company.
Anytime you purchase any type of "guaranteed self help" program online, I think it should always be done with some skepticism & comes with responsibility to protect yourself financially!
Ryan Rivers is s convincing salesman, but c'mon... you had to know at some level it wasn't going to deliver ALL of those promises!
It does make for an interesting read, and overall, I think that even if it doesn't reunite me with my ex, it DOES contain some good relationship advice.

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December 23, 2014

Has anything positive come from Relationship Rewind with your ex? Anything positive come about yet?

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May14, 2014

I bought this last month and I was in love with it . It gives great tips but today I went on my bank account and they took out $70.00 !!!! I did not purchase anything . I am going to the bank and filing fraud charges tomorrow ! I am now negative in my account because they decided that they wanted to randomly take money out.

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Fraudsters, Scammers, Buyer STRONGLY Beware!!!!

March17, 2014

Buyer Beware! They go by a number of different names and claim to offer a number of "products" (Relationship Rewind, Vin DiCarlo, Pandora's Box, Altare Publishing, etc), but they are all one and the same scammers. Even if against all common sense and hope you actually think these ridiculous products will work and you fall victim to your own insecurities/desperation/false hope, what you don’t know and what they don’t want you to know is that when you give these vultures your credit card information, they will keep charging your card FOREVER! You'd never think you had to cancel anything since you thought you were just buying a one-time product. But apparently you were buying a subscription which happens to be double or triple the cost of the initial cost of the "product" you thought you were buying. They even deceptively show that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee! Oh suuuure they do. Yes, you're thinking of course, they offer a money back guarantee on the original product price, right? What you don’t see is that they will forever charge your account UNLESS you cancel a subscription you never thought you were signing up for! These companies are scammers and fraudsters and will hide behind their fine print agreement but be warned, they will scam you and the small original cost of what you thought you ordered will keep charging you almost $100 a month after that, and into infinity! Before I noticed charges on my credit card (again, I wasn't looking for it since I didn’t order a subscription, or so I thought) AND stupidly I actually thought the charges were from another legitimate vendor I work with, so I didn’t look closely enough until many, many months later. In that time, those pieces of sh** charged my card for over $1000 and I had no recourse but to pay. I may have been duped, but don’t make the same mistake I did. As for getting a refund from these pricks? Good luck. These sociopathic, parasitic pieces of scum will do anything NOT to admit they scam people and will never take the blame because hey, the agreement is online! Lol. Except they don’t actually care that their agreement is a misleading, hidden and buried lie that is completely unethical (at the least),intentionally deceptive and predatory, because they get to scam thousands of unsuspecting consumers and they keep getting away with it. They are FRAUDSTERS and SCAM artists. You've been warned.

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June 16, 2014

Hi, I was just recently billed that random $70 for the first time and have contacted them for a refund. With that said, were you able to cancel the "subscription" and not have them charge you again? If so, how?? I would very much like to stop them from charging me more like they did with you. Thank you for any help.

July 01, 2014

Hi, it's very unfortunate that this happened to you and thanks for the review and for the warning. I, however, have a question regarding the purchase. Did you actually still receive a product and, if so, was is useful?

August 12, 2014

how were you able to cancel your subscription?!

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